Weeping Willow (Short Story)

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Mysteriously thrilling short story from yours truly.

Mystery / Thriller
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Weeping Willow

Streaks of white and blue tainted the lilac sky. The upper canopy of trees waltzed to the tunes of the cool breeze. The lake laid almost still. The birds chirped, frogs croaked and bees buzzed along to nature's melody. Everything and anything evergreen joined in on the trees' dance, almost in synchronization.

The weeping willow caressed the nape of her pulsated neck. Her chest rose and fell and her hands clasped onto her mouth, in fear of giving away her momentary haven. The crunching sound of boots to grass sparked her senses. Soon enough, tears cascaded down her cheeks, lubricating the spot between her hands and her mouth, releasing an involuntary whimper through her fingers.

Beads of sweat stuck strands of her greying hair to her forehead, as her nerves ignited and her knees shook. The grass under her buttocks and bare feet started to itch, but in all honesty, it was heaven compared to what was out there.

"Josie!", a small, high-pitched voice yelled.

She pulled herself even tighter into a ball. In the open, a blade glistened in the rays of the setting sun. It sliced through the air, with every step that the child took.

"Grandma!" the child call once more.

Another whimper left the cushion of her lips. The steps outside quickened into a run and soon enough, the willow's curtain was abruptly parted.

"Found you..."

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