The Missing Piece

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Marco Garcia is a not so shabby detective in search for the missing piece. #KiddingMe Contest Entry. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2020 COMPLETED.

Mystery / Humor
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nothing left but crumbs | #kiddingme

Marco's eyes twitch as he awakens from his slumber, due to the loud shouting coming from another room. He scratches his nude chest before rubbing his eyes sluggishly. Climbing out of his cozy bed he stumbles on a sock that had fallen from his overfilled laundry basket; boy does Marco know how to procrastinate when it comes to laundry. Some would say it's his profession. He pokes his head around the corner, seeing his three roommates arguing, probably about something childish as usual.

"Whats going on?" Marco questions in a drowsy manner, one yawn after another.

Felix runs his deep colored hand over his shaved head, huffing in frustration. "Someone ate my last piece of pie." He says glumly, with a sad frown among his face.

"So what? It's just a stupid piece of pie." Enrico groans, rolling his eyes in the process. Obviously irritated over this whole dispute.

Felix tenses at Enrico's words, pointing sternly in his direction. "Its not stupid. Pie is one of the best creations all of mankind has to offer. My mom makes the best freaking pies ever. Don't disrespect her wicked cooking skills. Besides, it was MY pie!" He seethes out, crossing his arms firmly over his chest.

"Yeah Enrico, don't disrespect his mother like that." Scott grins gleefully as the two bicker over the last piece of pie being eaten.

Enrico leans against the counter, propping himself up. "What makes you think I ate it, huh?"

"You're super sus bro." Felix glares, squinting his dark eyes at him.

"Scott probably ate it. He eats everything." Enrico points fingers.

"Just because I ate your burrito that one time, doesn't mean I ate his pie."

Their eyes bounce towards Marco, knowing full well that he's a detective, and a not to shabby one at that. Felix paces towards him, pleading for his help but Marco refuses. "It's just pie Felix. Your mom would gladly make you a new one."

"That's not the point Marco. She only makes this kind of pie once a year."

He huffs, blowing the hair away from his hazel eyes. "Fine. But you owe me for this." Felix nods in agreement, thanking him for his help.

They all stand around and watch Marco do his job, searching for pie crumbs. Just as Marco leans in a little closer towards Felix, he's notices boysenberry remnants along the collar of his shirt.

"Is that boysenberry on your shirt?" He inquires, staring at the purple stain.

Felix glances down and stares at the stain in remembrance. "Oh.. yeah." He grins sheepishly as his cheeks fade rosey. "I ate the last piece and went into a food coma. Sorry guys."
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