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Eloise Silver is a hard-working student, Her life takes a big turn when she learns some dark secrets about her family. The only option she is left with is to investigate further into the matter leading her to no one but Elonzo Hernandez. . . . What if you were told that what you know is all a lie? Your name your identity everything is nothing but part of an evil trick. . . Something weird happened with Eloise Silver, just a day ago she was enjoying her vacation with her friends in Barcelona. On her first day in Spain, she manages to run into a man who identifies her as someone else, someone she has never heard of Alazne. . . . Elonzo Hernandez is a multimillionaire. He is famous for two things his wealth and his impolite nature. But he wasn’t always a stubborn, ruthless businessman. He has a past that even he is afraid of. . What will happen when Elonzo’s past would stand in front of him? Who is Alazne and how is Eloise connected with her?

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3 years ago
There was dead silence outside the small cottage. Not a single man moved from his position all anxiously waiting for the signal from their commander. One of the men raised his hand signalling the others to follow. Within a second the door was flung open and a small troop of five men entered through the cottage door only to find the room empty. “Search the cottage”, commanded the man who initiated the operation.

A light muffled noise could be heard. On further investigation, a young boy was found. the condition of the boy seemed worse so he was immediately sent into an ambulance.

“Sir, we couldn’t find any of the kidnappers. It looks like they left several hours ago.” informed one of the uniformed men.

“what about the young woman, any signs of her?” questioned the commander.

“Sir, no signs of her being held captive” responded the man.

“Maybe they took her along with them leaving no traces behind,” said one of the Detectives.

“I want you to take a troop with you and search the area” ordered the commander addressing the uniformed officer.

“Detective, I want the forensic team over and examine the cottage. Leave no stone unturned.“ordered the commander.

“Already done Sir, the team will arrive shortly. I have also asked Detective Brown to examine the surveillance cameras around the block” responded the Detective.

The commander seemed to be in a lot of stress as he kept tapping his toe.

“We have to find the woman as quickly as we can, there is a lot of pressure from the commissioner.” the commander stated.

“Who exactly is she?” the detective questions inquisitively.

"Elonzo Hernandez's fiance" replied the commander.


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Indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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