Whitesummer murder

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At the anual White House family Halloween party they host every year something goes wrong

Mystery / Scifi
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It was the 23rd of October 2012, and the summer/WhiteHouse family were getting ready for the big Halloween Party that they held every year. They changed locations every time they saw it as a ‘changing of scenery’ but they all new it was because they loved to hide in different places to scare each other. Take last year for example, Jamie-lee summers, the daughter of Molly and Carl summers, went to the toilet and Derek Morgan ( a family friend) creeped up after her and scared her causing her to nearly fall dow the stairs. However, this year they couldn’t find any place to rent for the night. “Were are we going to have the pasty?” Tonie (the youngest of the summers and one of the triplets) asked while speaking to Larry and Lilly WhiteHouse (the grandparents) “We’re going to have it at the same place this year.” Larry said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. “But Larry it’s like tradition to have it in different places we have every time for 10 years !!” Lilly exclaimed. Just then, as if in que, Derek walked in. Yes, people might think it’s weird but they have known him for years and he was like family. “I have found the perfect place to have the party.” Everyone looked at him with excitement but he decided to keep it a secret until they had the rest of the families to arrive. John and Veronica (two of the whitehouse children) went with the rest of the summers to collect the Halloween food. About 5 minutes later, the rest of the family walked in and James (the final whitehouse) came downstairs from his pit of a bed room and Derek told them. “Ok do there is this manor called HockWold Hall and it’s in the middle of literally nowhere so if we hear and strange noise it makes the trip even better!” Everyone looked at each other and back at Derek. Then the two other summer triplets (Matthew and Fraser) “That will be awesome!!” Matthew was louder then Fraser nearly making it so it sounded like he didn’t speak. Everyone was now looking forward for the party next week.
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