Demon Host

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Doe to some personal reasons i won’t be posting anymore updates here on Inkitt, but i promise you that is not the end of this story. So, if you love “Demon Host” just as much as i do, and you are curious to know the rest of what happens to Dianna, then it’s simple. All you have to do is look me up on GoodNovel as @Jessiesummers.

Reasons why you should keep reading this novel on my GoodNovel website, #SPOILER ALERT.

*Dianna meets a man that might just capture her heart within seconds with just a single touch.

* Damon faces an emotional battle between love, pain, and the loss of a childhood dream.

*Lilith (the demon) might just be gaining full control of her embodied host with the ticking clock of Dianna’s emotions.

*A few loose ends tie up and Dianna might just become a prime suspect in multiple murder cases.

*Damien has to choose between friendship that could be described more as family and love.

*Faye struggles between the secrets of friendship and her newly fond feelings with someone she should not be attracted to.

*There might be more to Damien than just the pulling connection of two opposite forces but even something deeper that you would never expect.

*A huntress risen from the caves of a thousand miles on a quest to seek revenge might be the biggest threat they might have to encounter.

*Do messengers of the angels truly exist? or are they just a fictional tale?

Want to know all the details behind the listed pointers above? Login to GoodNovel and Search for “Demon Host” or my penname “Jessie Summers” to keep reading my works.

The good news? It’s that this novel has already been completed and is also available on Bravonovel, MoboReader and Popink. Same title and user name. Catch up with me wherever is most convenient for you.

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