Whisper of the Key

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Emily Marie Johnson is a spirited young teen who enjoys riding her horse, playing soccer and winning the heart of her crush. She is a tough little thing who doesn't appreciate being bossed around by her two older sisters. Trying to adjust to a life without a father is difficult and Emily doesn't know if she's up for it. One thing she does know is that her father did not die of a heart attack and she will not stop until she proves that to the world, even if it puts her own life at risk.

Mystery / Drama
JJ Bennett
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Chapter 1

I could feel the cold crisp air on my cheeks as I rode through the tall green fields. My heart aching with pain with the thoughts of my father. It had been almost 2 years since his passing, but to me, it felt like yesterday.

I could feel the pain of guilt and vexation rising in my chest. I hated the feeling of it but it's was hard to restrain my emotions without him to help. The feeling of the Preacher's gallop beneath my body was like the racing heart of a lion. I knew I would eventually have to turn back and face the repercussions of my actions. Taking a deep breath, I turned Preacher around and rode back to the barn.
All the punishment she could pick fluttered my brain as I brushed Preacher down. I dreaded this part of having a sister as a guardian, but I guess it's better than not having anyone at all. My thoughts were interrupted with my older sister Jessica clearing her throat.

"She's up at the house waiting for you." she said, with dread in her voice.

"Alright, can you finish with Preacher?" I asked, walking towards her. She took the brush as I passed to head towards the house.
My body tensed with timidity as I went up the steps to the screen door. Walking through I saw my prestigious oldest sister Jennifer or Jen for short, sitting at the end of the dining room table. Without saying anything I sat down two seats from her. I could feel her wrath of disappointment spewing into the room.

"You better start explaining yourself, fast." She said, in a mellow, but stern tone.

"Alright, it went down like this, Crystal dared some of us girls to break the stupid new school dress code. She said that the best outfit out of all of us would get 100 bucks."

"So you decided a bikini would be the best choice?" she spoke, sharply. I swallowed the chuckle that was advancing in my throat with pace, but couldn’t resist the proud smile forming around my dipoles.

"Hey, I wasn't the only one, Jordan wore one too and besides, we had to get our point across to Mr. Wilson.

"You think this is funny. You got suspended because you refused to go change. You are three days away from tryouts, what if this had happened during the season?" she asked in seeing my grin.

"That's why we did it this week." I laughed, not able to control the urge this time.

"You are unbelievable. You're so lucky dad’s not here to hear this." My cocky attitude rapidly faded as she spoke those last words.

"Don't you dare bring dad into this." I said as I stood up with pace.

"It's true! He would be mortified that you did something so stupid and immature."

“We were having fun!" I yelled across the table.

"Yes, well that fun, has gotten you into some serious trouble!" She spoke, roughly standing up as well. I shook my head and bit into my bottom lip as I kicked the chair in front of me.

"Now you are going to spend your day off tomorrow, cleaning and organizing the barn supply room and fixing the north side fencing," she said, more calmly.

"Oh come on! That is so unfair!" I said, precipitously.

"Argue and your grounded on top of it." I took a breath and clenched my teeth together in disbelief at her words. I didn't say anything though, knowing I would only get myself in more trouble. Jen’s threats were always to be taken seriously and you never wanted to push her passions.

Walking up to my room and laying on my bed, I thought about what dad would've have said if he were truly here. He was a very conservative type of guy and probably would have lost his mind in hearing about this. As the time started to add and the shades of the sky became caliginous, I could smell dinner simmering on the stove. "Emily dinner." called my little sister Sarah. I walked down the creaky old stairs and sat at the dining room table next to Jessica or Jess for short. It was grueling sitting at a table that seemed full a life but really was missing the heart and soul of it.

I felt enervated without dad around and it was difficult for me to share what I was really feeling inside. Don't get me wrong, I loved my sister's dearly, but it was hard to talk about dad and the things surrounding his death. I knew it was crazy, but deep down I felt he didn't die of a heart attack as the coroner said. I knew it was something else, something more complex maybe. But it didn't matter, I was the only one that felt that way. My suspicious thoughts were ceased with the jagging sound of a chair being pushed away from the table.

"I need to go feed and water the horses." said Jen, placing her napkin on her empty plate. Knowing I would have to get up early to start my extra chores, I arose from my chair to go shower.

The feeling of the hot water on my skin began to relax my already weary body. As I stepped out of the steamy shower and dried off I could hear footsteps nearing the door.

"Emily, are you almost done? It's my turn!" yelled Jess, banging on the door. I opened the door with force and stepped forward.

"All yours." I said, bumping into her as I passed to go up the stairs. The weight of the blankets made me feel safe and secure. Closing my eyes I began my journey into the night alone.
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