Sheets of Fog

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The fog renders the trees almost shapeless. Will he make it?

Mystery / Other
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Grey sheets of fog covered almost everything. “A gleam of light…“ he said to himself. “They must be somewhere out there tonight.“

He continued further into the maze of trees which had surrounded him for hours now. Their faint shapes appeared blurred as if erased by hand. Twigs cracked under his weight. Leaves rattled as he tread them.

“It must be really late by now,“ he thought. “Just a little bit further though, I want to see them tonight.“ He remembered their smells, their smiles and their shapes. “I have to move on they are back there somewhere.“ His legs dragged on. The ghostly figures around him seemed to close in. He felt their touches moving past them. The stale smell that has been with him for hours intensified with every step.

“I better return now.“ He had never endeavored so deeply into this part of the forest. Turning around he noticed and two microscopic lights piercing the fog in the distance. Their faint light raised his spirits at once. “I might be close,” he thought. “They are there, they must be there…”


“What a mess this evening. I can’t see anything“ she thought. Those headlights just don’t pierce this mess.“ She slowed down even more. I might just park here and walk. She continued carefully. The 18 tons of steel behind here followed her every move like a metal snake. Suddenly…


He moved faster towards the lights, the sounds from under his boots increasing in frequency. He brushed past the trees, branches slapping his arms. He went faster and faster and seemed to lift off ever so slightly from the ground. The sound from under his feet stopped. The lights, now stronger and ever increasing in size, almost blinded him. He was very close now. He felt very light as he shook to a sudden loud noise...

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