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It is About a girl who had a name but her parents won't of told her It because of the troubles it would have caused things aren't like what they seem to be. A college student has great friends but yet feels nothing...

Mystery / Fantasy
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New World

Have you ever wondered how it would have been to have a soul? and celebrate life at the same time it is like I have all of these wonderful people around me who care about me and everything but how can they have a soul? is something wrong with me I feel totally fine. By the way, my name is Paris, Paris Thorns my Mom Olivia Thorns, two Friends Nana Edward and Liam Corpse.

I have both parents as it goes in every teenage story but sadly they have separated nothing new It happens to most families when growing up.

Iv got used to it, and oh I forgot to say that I am currently 19 years old. I have often felt as tho animals are better than human beings.. neither can they talk but I am sure if they could of they would have so much to say.

Here is where it starts college life has always been so fine rule 1: stick to yourself keep your circle small you will be fine don’t get in the mix but please live your life teenage years aren’t forever but keep it safe of course every college teenager it is always about drugs, money, sex the girl’s popularity nothing changes it is the same as High School again nothing new I still do not know why I feel so soulless I don’t think it is my friend’s fault.

Maybe it’s my fault?

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