Soulless - immortal

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New World part 1

I grew up in a small town named Forks. I have always loved Forks it’s cool, chill and simple so here we are at me going to school I am going to wear red, black and white a white top red boots and black pants and of course my curly brown hair my ethnicity is Biracial, I am a Biracial teen so you should at least expect what I go through in my life of being in both mixed race but I don’t care, my mom, Olivia Thorns is African American and my Father Soul Thorns is white, but it does not matter because I love them both, they have always been so supportive of me growing up. And you are probably may be wondering why mom has the same last name as my Father well it is because although they have broken up and do not live in the same houses anymore they have failed to divorce I always found that strange but says what it is not my life to live its there life.

I have been friends with Nana Edward and Liam for 3 years I trust them both, Nana is 19, and Liam Corpse is 21 years old. Nana has very long blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes her ethnicity is white and Liam has blue hair and beautiful black eyes and his ethnicity is Hispanic, a very handsome boy I wonder why I never tried to hit off? I care more about my friendship with these two than some relationship that can possibly ruin everything if it Fails, as I go by Love is a drug that can fuck you up if it fails *smiles* now unto to putting on my lip gloss, yes I know I said I feel soulless and soulless people don’t normally do this to themself but I am not emo either. I just always felt as tho something is missing or hidden from me I am a very good observer but I just don’t know where to start so I always said maybe I am a bipolar little teenager people in college always say that I am insatiable by the way the college I go-to name is Serenity college fancy name isn’t it, annoying but back to what I was saying I am not insatiable as they say unquenchable, greedy, voracious, ravenous I am non of that its just everyone fails to understand me most students hate me because of my race but I. Just wish everyone can unite into one and stop judging others based on the skin tone but although iv been judged. I don’t hate them because I know for sure deep down they are good people. I judge people on how they cooperate with the significant other friends, family, and the public but I do not fuck with racism.

Here I am at Serenity College and yes in every school it has the

( jocks, tomboys, cheerleaders, mean girls, foreigners, gamers, hipsters, hippies, troublemakers, peacemakers, class clowns, “cool kids”, arty intellectuals, theater kids, gangsters, gangsters, “ghetto kids”, stoners/slackers, girly girls, scenesters, scene kids, ...

Well, I am neither and so is Nana and Liam we are like the lone wolfs *laughs* as I said, in the beginning, don’t be in the mix and that is what we do we do not be in the mix. Normally we drive to school or sometimes walk nothing is wrong with a little fresh air... I realized I do have a very good nose haha because I can smell things before anyone has weird, isn’t it?

WHILE AT SCHOOL I NOTICED SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT a new girl? Trust me this girl is dressed in all black everything her ethnicity she is Indian speaks slightly both Hindi and English .... tried talking to her and she is so mean but don’t underestimate me sweet face to go on with my day now school is over my friends and I are going home now but then I suddenly see dad at my car in school... I am totally confused he has dressed in black pants back jersey, and with a brown shade, on he has given me a new phone .. the new girl passes by and watches me slightly awkward; apparently, my dad realized and told me to stay away from her so I said ″dad why do I have to stay away from her she is new we do not know her..′ my dad replied saying ″ because she can be either gay and I do not want u falling in that trap″ I said ″why do u say that? my dad said″ did u see the way she looked at u?″ afterward I did not even bother to question him because I believed he maybe just wanted the best for me.

Things got even weirder when reached home mom and dad under the same roof? what can possibly be the panic mom and dad kept saying honey I have something to tell you .. you are not normal at first I felt very hurt when mom and dad said that because. I overthought they were making fun of my emotions suddenly these words came out both of their mouths Paris you are immortal I did not know that one word would turn my whole world upside down from that day forward.. also had to transfer schools I was so confused we moved into a new house I also had to think this through so immortal means I am not really human but human am I dangerous what can I do is there any danger coming my way. But why did both my parents lie to me in the first place I question why are u two are not divorced is it because of the immortal they both said yes.

Now I have to start over into a new life a new school a new house a school where I do not even know half the people and my parents won’t even give me a valid reason for anything so I go to this new school where everyone is weird dresses different but they somehow know a lot about me.. wow fascinating. Suddenly two days after Liam and Nana are transferred to the same school as what the Fuck is going on both their parents aint given them a valid reason either so now this is a mystery on its own to figure out.

Two years have passed and everything seems pretty normal iv also figured out that I’m half vampire half human my dad is a vampire and my mom is human so it means my dad is like the head in everything it was very easy to figure out because 2 years in a school after my mom and dad told me I’m immortal so it is obvious they transferred me to a school with teenagers just like me to keep me safe also I questioned around a lot and my parents managed to tell me the truth at first I was very pissed but I got into the mix of it and I finally felt peace turns out Liam and Nana are immortal as well no wonder we always got along we are all vampires except I do not need blood to survive I can survive from both blood and human food but Nana and Liam parents would always give them this red juice and force them to eat food but it was to keep them safe but now we all totally understand everything that red juice was blood the food in their system kept their thirst level for blood under controle.

At my new school, we made new friends although I still was never in the mix to part drink neither smoke nor do drugs never I do still dress the same I never changed my style but maybe blue hair would look good on me my friend told me, no Paris stay yourself you are perfect just the way you are.

This is where stuff got twisted with Olivia Thorns and Soul thorns.

While Soul and Olivia were at the house they got an envelope stating that they are to leave for 6 months to learn all of the secrets of the world they live in which has good and bad during the meeting which took place at home while Paris was busy they were told that Paris maybe is in the danger by one of their kind one who knows but does not know about the secrets that the Vampire holds and also Paris mom Is pregnant by Soul Thorns again. The meeting consist of Paris Grandfather and Grandmother who Oliva had told Paris that they died 5 years ago because of a deadly disease, Olivia had to tell Paris that because she wanted Paris to live a normal human life because if she had known her grandparents were alive she would of freak out because it is so obvious that her grandpa and grandma had not aged a bit they look the said they looked at age 20, immediately after the meeting Soul and Olivia Left Forks.

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