Soulless - immortal

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This Forest was cold and very frosty it had very tiny pixies in this forest so then I start thinking how has no one discovered this forest? So I asked my dad he said that they can see the forest just not what is in it only we can, everyone who evolves around us who is our kind can see this forest Ambery told me that she is going to grant me protection to wear of the evil spirit of Dawn because it seems Dawn has me attached I said no she does not I can make choices of my own I know how to do so I told Dawn everything she said she found us cool and her parents also told her to stay away my father looked at me with a confusing a face Ambery said ″oh I see″ but yet she still granted me with it and also to us all Liam and Nana as well afterward my mother came into the forest I said mom wait do you see it? my mom said yes then dad explained to me it is because of how she is pregnant again and mated with him when Ambery heard Olivia was pregnant again she looked scared as tho it is not supposed to happen she called my dad in her home to talk and told us to leave the forest so we all left with a confusing thought and all started overthinking when I reached home I told mom to go to bed and gave her some tea so she won’t stress herself out.

When dad reached home, and an hour later after Liam and Nana left to go home I waited patiently for him... I told dad so when were you planning on telling me about pixies and fairies am sure if I had not met dawn you would have never told me to shit why wait until now you had a right to tell me everything I am old enough you don’t hide stuff like that from a teenager its all a big shock to me now I’ve been getting panic attacks every night I haven’t told anyone about them not even my friends and now I am being forced to stay away from Dawn? wow, dad unbelievable and how are Liam and Nana suppose to feel knowing their parents both kept this shit from them I shouted and stormed into my room up the stairs, around 3 am I was awakened by Ambery she said she had told me that I have nothing to worry about and maybe being around Dawn was the best Idea for my friends and me to figure myself out and that how it will be great for Olivia as well and also she had given me a gift it was a pair of earrings very Exquisite blue earrings that are like pearls but Ambery did not tell me what it was for all I saw on it were the words inside the tiny pearls saying (Impresión ), but I do not know what it means is it something I’m to figure out myself? It glowing brightly only when I touch it afterward I slowly lay back and fell asleep.

As soon as I woke up the other morning, took a bath brushed my teeth changed my clothes, and off to school is where I saw Liam, Liam came up to me and told me that my dad is in the principal office then all of a sudden 5 seconds in my name was paged to the office ″Paris Thorns please come to the gym″ x 2 so I went apparently my dad told the principal Ms. Thissles that if Dawn asks to get a transfer to this school that how to don’t allow the transfer to go through I instantly told my dad on the phone how can you do that? she is one of us why are u separating our kinds my dad said honey she is not our kind and he ended the call.My principal who is Korean said it is for the best we will do anything to keep our students safe I rolled my eyes and walk away in anger. Then Ambery appeared and told me to fix it to make Dawn transfer to this school.

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