Soulless - immortal

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A Tattoo?

What does this tattoo symbolize more to uncover?

MOM! as I shouted I DONT FEEL WELL! WHAT ARE THESE TATTOOS ON MY SLEAVE? MOM! she rushed into my room and saw them and then called my dad and showed my dad look whose this guy what are these red stuff whose that girl? I’m confused please I did not go take a tattoo it randomly appeared on my skin! a girl looking as tho she is going to kiss a guy I’m freaking out ... then my dad told me to calm down and said we all need to talk, my dad explained and told me that everyone who is our kind gets that and it is often a picture of our soulmate the one who we imprint on so I said dad I thought only wolfs can imprint? he said well no the story is different here then I said wait WOLVES EXIST? my dad said yes, I was in complete shock afterward .. so I don’t get to choose who I wanna be with it’s already chosen for me really I do not find that fair I then left the house after getting dressed to go on a normal life but with this other half of me in I was crying I felt weak I said to myself while crying how many more secrets to uncover when will this all be over me this really my life now I don’t have a choice every day something is new

I wonder if Liam and Nana got one we are going through so much right now. I immediately ran to both of the houses they have gotten theirs.

We all spoke and said how much pain and fear everything is putting us in we can’t even choose who we want to date if it’s not the right person expect it to not work out then we will all be hurt supposing we have crossed part once with who we will imprint on?

At school, I called Dawn I told Dawn to get a transfer to my school because it will be better for her and a better environment where she will feel at home it has some wonderful people everyone is the same and they will like her she said to hold up and laughed I know the Paris half of that school are my friends I shall go talk to my mom right away. Four days after Dawn is transferred to the school it seemed like her parents had a long talking with the principal now all four of us walked the hallway like some badasses we all started back going out smoking weed and partying and also drinking a few months then passed is where I realized my very nice curly hair had grown reaching my shoulders but like 6 inches past my shoulders, I felt at peace all of us did.

One day while walking to school I came across this guy he was tall had brown hair his race was white but you can see had like 30% black in him,he had curly hair just like mines he wore a black outfit his skin tone he was lightskinned had the most beautiful smile and his eyes would change colours from the first time I looked at him I felt connected, the guy came up to me and asked me my name, I told him my name was Paris Thorns, and he introduced himself as Daniel he told me he that he was going to school and I asked him to show me and guess what it was my school we both got out and walked in together talking about ourselves and getting to know each other class started it seemed we was both in the same classes like every class except P.E we already had each other number so we would text every night one day I told him I go to party with a 3 friends of mines he said thats not a very good life to live well partyinh is fine but smoking is not good then Daniel said that he is coming over when he reached i introduced him to my mom and dad and Daniel and I went up to my room he held me by the shoulders and said Paris look at yourself is this you? the person iv been talking to I can see that you were never like this I looked into the mirror and said softly maybe you are right.

Suddenly I asked Daniel ″What are you? he told me that he is a vampire but was adopted by two genie parents when he was 8 years old so I was like genies? like the grant your wishes genie? he said yea I said what! then Daniel told me I can see that you are new to this then I summoned a bird to come to my room with my powers and said to it’s tell my dad he has a lot of explaining to do″ then the bird left, Daniel managed to stay the night the next day at school as soon as we reached there was confusion Dawn and I got into an argument Dawn said ″Paris why haven’t you picked up my calls you have caused war miss lady serious fucking war″ I told Dawn ″ what war Dawn what the fuck are you talking about?″ Dawn said″ This dude who you are hanging around don’t like you he is just using you to keep you far away from me″ Paris told Dawn ″MAYBE YOUR LIFE IS NOT MY LIFE I AM DOING WHATS RIGHT BY ME I AM NOT OBLIGATED TO ANYONE ″ Liam and Nana backed me up and told Dawn to lay off Dawn then said ″NOW YOU HAVE IMPRINT WTF IS WRONG WITH U EVERYONE WILL COME DOWN HEAVY ON YOU WATCH AND SEE ″ then my dad walked in the school hall and grabbed me by my arm and pulled me out of the school the higher power wants to see you″ we went to this far place I can’t even remember how we reached it was a dim place and three other people I do not remember their names very well one touched me.

I passed out all I could’ve heard someone said SOULLESS! when I woke up we were all in this very strange living room where I saw Daniel and the two other male and female and my dad I then said Daniel? in a soft voice what happened? Daniel told me that we imprinted and did not even know because it has never happened to us before that is why we clicked the first time we met his parents said yes Soulless I then said whose Soulless? thy said to my dad wait you haven’t told her? Dad walked up to me Honey I am sorry I hid this from you your actual name is Soulless and not Paris I only called you Paris because I wanted to keep you protected from what was about to come Dawn the world everyone pleas forgive me I then got up as soon as I got up Daniel kissed me on the lips and I then kissed him back suddenly Liam and Nana appeared and said WHAT! by the way, Dawn is gone she just disappeared my dad said hopefully she doesn’t come back that girl meant any good. Afterward, my mom appeared from in a room with a beautiful Baby boy who she named Cullen but mom how? your stomach wasn’t as big Olivia said he came early due to everything around us the Drama everything but he is fine do not worry. Then Daniel told me his last name is Daniel Corpse it took me a bit to figured out maybe he is Linked to Liam?

Daniel looked at my pear earrings and said even your earing says imprint now is our time. BUT where can Dawn go?

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