Manipulatory Love

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An age gap story Hunger is dangerous whether it's of power or food. It can let you kill or get you killed , same is in my case after living all these years in this world I came to an understanding that if you want to rise high the other must fall.....and that's what am gonna do with him , he doesn't know what's coming. Because most people think I am a fool cause of my age but they don't know my age and my cunning Ness are my benefits in this game. I am Noaan and I am a Manipulator.

Mystery / Romance
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My first story here I have been working on it for a long time I really hope you all cope with me as I will upload first chapter here on Monday and so on.
Please support no negative comments.
If any scene or place or anything similar to living people is all a coincidence so spare me ladies and gentlemens.
Notice any typo or mistake please comment.
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Your Zo__Rk
It has age gap , tomboy heroine , cocky hero , and twisted people.
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