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5 friends play among us until they hear strange noises... Are they alone or do they have a uninvited guest..? Mia (1st friend) 14 has brown luscious long locks and beautiful icy eyes ... Steven (2nd friend) has dirty blonde hair and green eyes.. Brooklyn (3rd friend) 14 loves horror movies and thriller books kinda popular has pink hair with black highlights and brown eyes.. Deran (4th friend aka owner of house) 14 has brown golden hair and got 20 swimming badges... Caleb (5th friend) 14 has brown hair like deran likes brooklyn and 5ft 3.....

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1... The get together..

Hello im Brooklyn and i live with my big brother I got invited to a get together, slash game night with my best friends. As i get into my big brothers car and lean on the leather seats I listen to music the music blasts in my ears and i stay very calm and we zoom down the highway as we do I see a little girl poking her head out the window with long beautiful locks. We go to my friends house and i fall asleep during the process. We soon arrive at the house with a brown wooden roof, And my friend pokes his head out.. "Welcome brooklyn! " He says while flashing a warming smile. I go inside and meet the rest of my friends, We go to play a game we play until the stars twinkle and shine the night sky is black and heartwarming the clock is ticking quietly. I take my leather jacket off... My other friend has a beautiful purple crop top and i have a warm sweater. We order pizza for dinner while Deran's parents are out of town. I go to the luxurious bathroom in the night skies I see a beautiful bath tub with brown skinning and i take the soft tissues. I wash my hands with the amazing soap and the journey begins.
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