Life: An illusion

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Ch-6 Planning!

Didn't realized how much you cared,
Only on the way I kept stared.
Giving attention to the vain,
I forgot to fly like a plain.
Whilst Bothering myself for the lose,
Things which were left got lost.
The all I had left was thee,
Don't know why you left me.
Lost! Lost! Lost!
My heart got lost, Destiny is lost,
I am now like a toast.
Stuck within lose and pain,
Now are crying my veins.
You are where?,
I am finding you here and there,
Just like a bee wondering in atmosphere.

Max's P.O.V
"What is all this?" I murmured to myself. Getting a shock, I cried looking for Clair. I looked all over the house. Clair was nowhere to be seen. At first the main door was opened and then the whole house is empty. Where she gone?
Flash back
"So what should I do Miss?" I asked that lady in the phone.
"what are you having with yourself?" She asked me.
I was packing nothing but held a bag in my hand. We were making a plan to find my Clair.
Although, I haven't seen this lady. Whoever she is, I am taking a risk of believing a stranger.
Over more, I don't have any idea of anything. I have just got blanked after the disaster.
Now this, Where is my Clair? It's true I don't take her seriously but I do care of her because she cares about me. After all, she risked her life and gave her shoulder to me while I needed her the most. But this time she is lost. So I have to find out if she's at her house or not but still I don't have the idea how to sneek in her house.
"First tell me what should I have?" I replied her question.
"Oh my god Max, This time is not to be so innocent or blank. You are going to sneek at your girlfriend house. Stop being that innocent who never did this before." She exclaimed.
"Yes, but I never did it. I never ever went to her house. I never ever ended with her at bed. I never ever had bad intentions with her. Even I never ever Kissed her. I am pure. Touch wood. I swear." I replied like I was being interrogated.
"What? Are you serious? Wait.. From how long you guys are dating?"
"Ahh... From 5 years ago... I met her when I was 13 years old. Slowly we became friends and then we are like this now."
"That's so long, and you didn't even kissed her. Did she kissed you? Who proposed first?" she asked making me feel blush.
Warmth started rising over my cheeks because of that word 'Kiss'.
"Nobody proposed first. She started being a really close friend of mine and then she started caring alot about my work. She was always up whenever I needed her the most. I entertained her when she was mad or sad. So we both started feeling that closeness. Then our parents started thinking that we are being like couples. Our habits of late night texts and calls were like the habits of couples. I started Being addicted to her. So their regular questions made us accept the truth and it's going like this. Love is not Expressed in words, It is automatically recognized when it is present." I gave her my brief Private information while she listened with her whole interest like one gives while watching it's favorite show.
After my love introduction, all I could hear was 'ohhhhhhhhhh'.
I bet, her mouth would have been left open watering out.
"What-a-great chemistry, Max. You are so innocent and gentle men. I can't believe, there are true guys who are mentally attracted not physically. You deserve this lady and she's the luckiest one who got you."
"ohh really, This is flattering me you know. I think you are falling for me. Haha! Well let's end this story telling occasion. Move on to work."
"Ohh, I completely forgot sorry. Can I come over there?" She asked.
"Wait, Why? Are you going to kidnap me?"

"What?? Nooo! Ok so, I won't force you and I won't come there until you say.. Bye!" She hung up the call in anger.

"Oooops!" I drop the phone on table.
I picked up the phone and thought to call Clair's Mom. My hands trembled.

I wish I could switch my voice into female so I could prank her being Clair's bestie.

Wait!! Why I didn't think of this before?
I texted 'The strange lady' to meet me.
Me- Hey I am sorry. I was just kidding. I have got a great plan. I hope it will work out. But I need your help. Would you meet me at the John park. It is close to the Clair's house.[5:30pm]

After few minutes of waiting, I got her reply.
Lady- Where are you? I am in the park.[5:36Pm]
Seeing the message, I slapped my forehead.
This lady is insane. She should have texted me to let me know that she's gonna come.
Me- how could I be there, if I am waiting for ya reply at home.[5:37Pm]
Lady- I am already here for an half hour.. So It means you need to come here not me.[5:37Pm]
Me- ohh.. My bad choice.[5:37Pm]
Oops! I deleted the last message.
Lady- what did you say? I read it![5:38Pm]
Me- oops! [5:38pm]
Lady-Haha! Are you coming or not?
Me-I was the one to ask you. So it's obvious, I am coming. -_- [5:39pm]

I drop the phone inside the pocket of my coat. Then I picked up the car keys and hurried towards outside. Opening the Car door, I Sat inside and reversed back onto the road. While Heading towards the park, I peeked at Clair's house which came into my view. The door was left open. Why so..?
As after I approached inside the park. I started looking for that lady. I could see many Children taking slides and playing on sea saw. Some people were on a walk with their dogs. Some people were jogging while some were doing exercise. Some children were playing cricket on the other side of park while some were running here and there.
I Immediately texted her.
In Inside, I was agog to see her. I don't know why, this lady makes me to do what She wants.
Me- I am here. Where are you? What are you wearing? How do you look like? [5:49pm]
Lady- Omg.. So many questions! [5:50Pm]
Lady- ok..I am sitting on a bench on the other side of park. I am wearing Green T-shirt and Black jeggings.[5:51pm]
I looked for a lady in green Tshirt and black jeggings.
Ohh.. There she is.
I moved towards the other side of park and saw that lady waiting for me. She was Having Brown open wavy hair, Archery Eyebrows, fair skin tone, pink lips, wide-round brown eyes and sharp jawline.
She waved a hand towards me. I reached for her and then uttered, "Hey, I am Max..and you?"
"I am the one you didn't recognize." She said immediately.
Oh no!! She was supposed to tell her name.
She continued, "What's the plan?"
"First, Won't you ask me to have a seat? Manners?"
"Ohh.. Have a seat Please. Mr. Jaggers"
"Ohh, Thanks Miss.. Ahh?" I moved a hand towards her asking for her name again.

"ohh, No problem." She putted her hand on my palm while her eyes shined with her lips smirking . This gesture made me chuckle.
"I am asking for your name Miss. Haha.."
By this, She pulled me by my hand and made me sit beside her.
Smart girl!
"and I asked you to sit."
"and I asked you for your name miss!"
"and I asked you what's in name."
"And I told everything is in name."
"and I didn't questioned further. Did I? Its only you with many doubts"
"What? It's my single question! Everyone ought to introduce themselves when they start a conversation. Looks like you don't have manners, do you?"
"Look! You said you have a single question and now from where this question arise?"
"Omg! I am sorry! Jesus.. This lady is insane! I gave up!" By this sentence, I ended our long argument claiming her as a winner and her reply was more surprising.
"It's okay. I am not that cruel who doesn't forgive people."
Yup! Because you are something beyond far imagination.
"Okay, so let's move to our plan Agent..?" Again I started playing trick to make her tell her name but this lady was unbeatable.
"Just tell the plan you brain eater!" She uttered beside my ear while I Was Pointing my finger towards sky, just like a professor giving lecture.
"Excuse-_" while I was going to continue my sentence as a professional she interrupted in between.
"What excuse? Now you are having an excuse. Shame! It looks like I have to use my brain."
I rolled my eyes and faced towards her showing my dreadful expression.
"You speak alot huh? Would you stop interrupting?" I said in a wispering tone.
I moved my face closer to her and wispered between her lips. "shhhhh, Stop playing with me. I know... How to play good."
Her smile disappeared as she got some goosebumps. Her lips started shivering as my lips were inch closer to her. Our breath intwined and her hands started shaking.
I looked up towards her eyes while she looked down towards her hands.
Seeing her face full of sweat, I breaked from her after some seconds.
"So lets move onto the plan."
No reply.
She sat without speaking anything further and she was still looking down in that position.
Okay! I know. My bad. I scared her too much.
"Miss.." I patted her shoulder. She suddenly grabbed me from my color of my shirt. She pulled my face closer to her.
"What-....are... You doin.. " I murmured.
She leaned her forehead on mine while her nose tip touched mine.
She shouted in a low tone between my lips,"DON'T YOU EVER TRY TO DO THESE THINGS WITH ME OTHERWISE-I-WILL-KILL-YOU."

"OKAAAY, SORRRY! but just leave me!"

"Fine! Now tell what's the plan"
I inhaled a deep breath and uttered, "So that's what I was telling before. The plan is just so simple. You have to pretend to be one of Clair's friend and you have to call her mom asking for Clair."
"So it is just so simple. Okay, what's her phone number."
I searched her number in my contacts and told her. She dialed the number and did what she was told.
Clair's Mom is bit too rude so I don't know how she will React.
"Hello?" Clair's Mom voice came out from the speaker of the phone.

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