Life: An illusion

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Ch - 7 My valuable unknown friend.

Clair's P.O.V
Dark!! Dusky Small room??
Where am I?? Why I am feeling a strange headache?? Ahh. It hurts!
I was struggling to breathe because of the dusty air.
After Gaining my all senses, I opened my eyes and observed myself cuffed with ropes. My feet were tied together so as my hands. A cloth was tied between my two jaws in my mouth. I felt myself not being able to move and shout. My hands were cuffed behind my back and I was in a laying position facing the door of the room.
God save me!! Where I am? It's so dark.
Tears escaped my eyes and I started struggling to speak.
"ahh... Umm! Ah!" Oh no!! The piece of cloth didn't let me speak.
Then, suddenly The door burst open with a loud noise!
Who's it!! Hell!! No!
A dark figure stood on the doorstep. The image got blurred due to the dust rising from piles of sand on the floor.
Ouch!! It hurts! The dust entered my eyes. "Ahh!" I closed my eyes and opened them again but the irritation went on.
"Oh dear, look at you. May I clean your eyes?"
It was a female voice!! 'Who it is?'
No! No please no!
"Ummm..!! "
I opened my eyes and she was still standing in the dark. The light streaming from behind her outlined her figure.
Suddenly, she started coming towards me and I could probably reminisce her face. It was familiar. She untied the cloth in my mouth letting me speak. I inhaled properly and uttered, "You?? How can you...??"

Max P.O.V
"Hello?" Clair's Mom's voice came out of the speaker of the phone.
The lady looked at me and winked. I replied to her gesture with a smirk. Her elbow rested on the arm of the bench while the hand of her other arm held the phone below her chin. My eyes got distracted by her legs which were crossed with each other. I observed her facial expression while she started to speak. Her eyes were pointing up the sky full of clouds and her lips fluttered.
"Good evening Mrs.. -_" she stopped and asked for a hint while I replied already.
"Lidmey" I whispered in her ear and she continued her sentence, "-_Lidmey, Sorry to disturb you. I am one of Clair's old friends. I wanna ask you about Clair. I tried to call her but there is no response. Can you please help me out by giving me the address of where she is now? I shall owe you many thanks." She spoke not showing any concerned look and said the words in full enthusiasm with a sweet tranquil tone.
For me, it was the first time there was no waggish smile on her face.
Is she so good at pretending? Is she just doing this for my sake? Or she isn't pretending and is someone special from my past?
Do I am familiar with her but can't recognize her. Do I have forgotten her? Had I lost my memories? If not, then who is this stranger? Why she is helping me? Why she doesn't seem to be pretending? Why?
All the time I observed her speaking. I lost my focus on reality and kept staring at her.
Now, I could find a concerned look on her face by seeing her eyebrows furrowing down. A small tension was left while the sun was hiding behind clouds. The crows and their voice completed the sunset scene.
I was scared of Clair's Mom. She hates me so much that she can even lay traps for me. Last time, I remember which was the first and last time I visited Clair's house when she was having anger on the tip of her nose. So amazingly she taunted and irritated me in many ways. Although, I am not appreciating her by saying 'amazingly'.
Suddenly, I felt a pat on my shoulder and my eyes went to open wide letting a scream escaping from my mouth, "No!".
Was that all dream??? I completely felt partially relieved when I found that lady in front of my eyes and found us in the same place, 'Park'. Her hands were resting on my shoulders and she faced me with a concerned look on her face. I pulled myself together while she kept repeating words, "Relax... Relax.. Max.. Relax..".
"Where you were lost? Don't worry! I think you were lost in your thoughts while I talked with that venomous snake. All clear. You don't need to panic while I am here."
Did Clair's Mom have given a bad impression on her?
Speaking of which, where is my Clair??
"Oh... I was lost. I Don't know where but... What does Clair's Mom reply? Where is my Clair? How she is? What happened?"
"Relax! Stop! Omg. So many questions Again. Max..?" she looked at me with a concerned look and pulled me in her arms. Her hands were dug in my hair.
Suddenly I could feel her tensed and sad.
Huh? Whatmore?
She dug herself in my arms as her hands locked my chest and her head rested on my torso.
"Max... What has does happened with you? You have changed. you don't need to panic. I am here. Clair is at her home. She is alone. We will go visit her after you calm down properly and I will get you some food. I Didn't want to meet you in this situation after so many years. How can I see you like this?.." by this I could feel her crying as she looked down dropping tears from her eyes.
My heart got melted. I can sense more trouble ahead.
Is this the right time to ask who she is? I can't recall her face and neither her name.
I gasped and marked up my points.
"Look, whoever you are, whatever is your name. I am feeling quite strange that I have never been so extroverted with a stranger. I don't know why I am having trust in you. I just know, that there is something special that you are helping me in my worst situation. I don't mind if you won't tell me your name. But still, it leaves me confused. I am becoming needy for help. My fortune has changed, within one day. All I know, that God has sent you after taking away my parents." I pulled myself away from her and wiped my eyes.
I used to give cold shoulders to strangers but what is with this girl?
It's true, I do need help. I can't play alone. I think I am not alone.
Am I? If she is my past friend, then why she is not telling me her name.
Speaking of which, what did Clair's Mom reply to her?
We both looked in the eyes of each other. She pulled herself away and looked away stealing glances from me.
"What?" She asked with a red face.
Omg, look at her face. It has become red as her eyes. Is she shy of me now After locking me in her arms?
"What is what?" I started again.
"Don't look me with that look in your eye. Stop staring at me." She cried Little again being cute.
"Stop pretending to be like you are innocuous. After all, you were enjoying my hug."
"Are you insulting me by saying that I enjoyed it?"
"No. I am just saying that you are not an innocent silly girl."
"Awww. See who is speaking. The one who harassed me sexually trying to kiss me."
There she is, back!
"Oh yes, you were entirely lost in my breath. Weren't you?"
"Yuck! Your breath is stinky as a decaying matter." She spoke out making weird expressions.
"Yeah, and you enjoyed it still."
What?? Am I losing control? No. I can't fall for her. She is just new to me. How can I?
She noticed my facial expression and changed the topic.
"BTW, you missed the fun. I mean, that Clair's mom is stubborn. She wasn't ready to tell about Clair. So I told her something but there was a problem."
She made a guilty face.
Please don't tell me you created trouble.
"You told what? And what is the problem?" I asked slowly.
Suddenly, My phone rang out showing Clair's mom's name on the top.
I looked at that girl with my mouth open.
"Now what this has to do with me?"

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