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Life: An illusion

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Life is an illusion. Just enjoy the vision. Life is a friend whose words never end. Sometimes it fights, sometimes it holds you tight. Sometimes it is a riddle (solve it) don't get stuck in middle. Max is a gentle boy with innocent heart. He fell in love 4 times after his parents died but he was left alone and deceived. From that time he never allowed himself to live like a free bird and started living in darkness of crimes. On the other hand, there is a girl Ruby, who is hung between life and death. She is philosoper who spread the message of actual life. Things start changing when these two opposites site of heart meets. Can they come together? Can Max come out of dark without being haunted by bitter truth? This book contains moral lessons, Romance, poetries and fairs and wars of life.

Mystery / Thriller
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Ch-1 An unexpected disaster

'An end is a new beginning'
‘everyone comes naked
And dies being baked.
One day, we all will die saying a last goodbye.
On your end,
you can't go with your friends.
Life is homework given by god,
Complete your duties, don't be odd.
Your homework will get checked,
Once you left for heaven or hell.
Don't cry for someone you lost,
One day, you too will become a toast.
Erase a memory that keeps you sad,
You didn't get a looser tag.
Wear a tag of being kind,
Because nobody asks someone who is blind.
You gonna be alone, the wind is singing a song.
So leave and move on.
A new life begins after your loving one starts Disappearing.

Max P.O.V
"Hey...Max, are you not going to pick up your mom and dad? They must be waiting. They told you to pick them at 2:30 pm from the office. You are so careless, you don't care that too much. " Clair scowled at me.
Clair is my girlfriend and my first love. She is a beautiful and great woman with blonde wavy hair, sharp and wide blue eyes, and red rossy lips.
She is always scolding me for being careless just like my mom. After all, girls are girls.
"I know but it's only 2:15 and look at you, starting shouting already, set your alarm, clock tower" I smirked, joking a little.
Her eyes widened with anger.
She gonna reply to the insult.
"Yes, So what if I am a clock tower. Behind every man's success, there is too an alarm clock. According to traffic jam, if you start driving from here now onwards at the speed of 20km/hr, Ummm, then you gonna reach there at 2:40 pm. Fool, see, why physics is so important." she exclaimed again.
"ok google, whatever you say, I will do and I don't think, I need to learn physics if I am having a walking calculator with me."
I laughed lightly and drove the car towards the way to the office. As I turned left to the double lane, there was a car beeping noise 'P... P... P....P' Ohhh, she was right, I mean google was right. I drove the car, slowly as the front car moved.
"ok google, now tell me why here is so much jam," I asked her.
"Max, I don't know everything, if you are serious, then shut up!" she scolded angrily.
Looks, like I did irritate her too much.
So to avoid her anger, I think I should turn the radio on.
The radio spoke interrupting a song,
"Sorry for interrupting, there is shocking news about a blast in the building of ITC company...."
"What?!!!! No!!!!!!!!! that cannot happen!!!" I shouted in grief.
"no, no... No... ..... No!! Clair cried.
"It is found that many people have been injured, nobody is found alive having a chance to live again. A bomb was planted by a terrorist... The terrorist has been found dead. "
"What!!! No... Shutup that cannot happen, who did?!!!! " I shouted
"Clair, what are you looking at? !! Try to call my parents, hurry up!! " I scolded in anger.
I rushed the car backward and drove fast through the shortcuts of a one-lane road.
Clair quickly tried to attempt a call but it didn't connect. My heart skipped a beat.
"No!!!" My heart was racing.
Are my parents safe?.
I reached there and the front door was opened, letting out smoke The fire brigade team was helping everyone to come out and was cooling down the fire through windows that were opened. So many burned bodies were being taken to medical camps and some were being taken to hospital. The dead bodies scared me and I burst into tears. God, what you did, where are my mom and dad. ...oh Jesus have some mercy on me!!
I rushed and stood outside the yellow line.
Clair with me tried to peek inside and looked for my mom and dad. I called for them. "Mom.!!!! Daddy!!! I am Max, where are you?" I shouted peeking inside the windows. The siren of cops was buzzing. And the scene was deadly for me, the noise of the siren of cops and ambulance, the smoke, the screams, the water reminded me of a death scene of a movie. The cops caught me trying to go inside, they grabbed me and I tried to punch them but failed and they cuffed me.
"What?!!! I am here to save two important lives, MY PARENTS!!!!!"
Clair was nowhere to be seen No!!!!
"you listen, old boy, we are trying to see where are your parents. Most of the people are in medi camp, go check there for them, rather of being burning here. Trust us!! "
"I warn you old man, if they would not be there, I will_-_"
"hold your tongue boy!".
They dragged me outside the medi camp.
They let me go as I stopped struggling.
There were many camps. I peeked inside the camp which was in front of me.
I am just 18 and I don't want to lose my parents. What if my parents were not found alive. I hope they would be there. Not only hope, they should be there...
Then suddenly, as I entered medicamp, I found a known person...

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