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Life: An illusion

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Ch-2 The last goodbye.

'Oh my dear,
This is not fair.
Leaving alone without me,
Is this a way to be free?
Without you, I will die,
Why are you saying the last goodbye?
You are having no time,
So let's drink plenty of wine.
Not to celebrate death,
Just to enjoy the last breath.
God is calling,
And in sleep, you are falling.
Spill out everything to say,
Soon, you will be on your last way.
Your flappy feathers are singing-
Why they were not before fluttering.
The mistake is realized late,
Now you can't wait.
Goodbye...The last goodbye,
We'll soon meet in heaven saying hi.'
Max's P. O. V
When I entered Medicamp, there was a known person....
A woman with messy golden hair burned face and a bandage on her head was in front of me. Her round golden eyes and her face messed with few burns made my tears stream down my face. She was badly injured laying on the bed. Four more ladies joined her company. One of them, I noticed was Clair sitting on a stool next to her bed.
When did Clair came here, wasn't she with me?
"Momma.... " I cried. Clair was holding my mum's hand. She stood up and gave me the seat.
I rushed towards her..and held her hand and took the seat.
Her eyes met mine.
"Max... "she whispered.
Her eyes were speaking everything but still, she smiled.
"Mom...what happened, How, Why... ???"
Tears streamed down and my nose started coming out.
I can't see her like that... Oh, Mom please speak something, you can't leave me.
"Max, stop crying.-_"
"Mom, but How, I can't suppress my emotions. This is not fair... How can I be happy if I am like going to lose you.....I had died, If you were not found... And still, I am dying-_"
"But I am okay, see I can speak... I am very happy, I am not going anywhere... Stop crying... I am always with you... See! smile... Be positive. These injuries are nothing...I promise I am not going anywhere-_" she set her position and faced me. She was looking happy. A smile was spread on her face as usual.
where is dad?. I looked around.
"Where is dad?.... Mom...?."
Mom bent her head down...
"He's no more.. "
"What??!! Nooooo... Why... Daddy... No...noo..." I sobbed on her chest. She hugged me. The silence remained for a while.
Dad was one who always supported me and joined my company for specialising in my work. Who will be there for me like he did to be?
"Look, Max, he's there seeing us.." she pointed towards the clouds.."He is watching you, whenever you remember him, just notice the clouds... Someday I gonna join his compa-_"
"Don't say that... You just have given a promise. It looks like you gonna break it." I cried
How can she leave me... I will not let her go..... Never...
"I know Max, but life is not in our hands... Your dad will call me someday .." She spoke in a whispering tone. "Lookie there Max, he is waving hand... Saying hi... He looks so happy-" This time, her smile disappeared.
Her eyes filled with water. Her eyes were fixed on clouds.
I noticed the clouds through the window of camp... Where dad is... I can't see him.
I remained silent.
She kept thinking. I can't make an accurate guess. What she is thinking about? Me? Dad? Or something else. Suddenly, she began to speak.
"Max, you remember ...we have spent lots of time together... Remember, when we both surprised you on Halloween... And you peed in your pants seeing us in creepy costumes. "
"Yes, because that time I was a 5-year-old boy." I laughed little and cried little. Her voice was not normal. It was heavy.
"and you know, your eyes are mine and your face reminds me of your dad..."
"and remember, when you played chess with your dad. You kept playing till you won after losing many times. Your dad felt so proud that you tried but never cried........... Promise me you will listen to me without interrupting."
I remained silent and nodded my head.
"life is not in our hands, Everyone comes and leaves... Just live the moment and stop crying... Stop crying for what you will lose or what you don't have. I know you are crying because this is a very big shock to you. But you have to swallow this bitter pill that your dad is no more. Don't think about him, just live the moment. Erase memories that keep you sad. You have to live life happily. your dad is happy. Wherever he is, he is happy and fine. I know you gonna miss him... But promise me you will never cry. "
I nodded my head.
"Max... Will you bring some food, I am hungry. Let's have lunch." Before I could speak, she started speaking again.
She was behaving normally now. That was a good thing for me.. Because... I had lost my dad and for the god sake, she is alive...I don't want to lose her.
"listen first... Promise me you will be dependent on yourself... You will never cry for anything You lose... Just be happy..and stop bothering yourself.."
"I promise." I nodded my head...
I can't disagree at this moment with her... After all, she is right... she is here with me.......... but... Dadd?
"Max! What are you thinking about....? Go and get me some snacks... Go.! " she murmured a little loud.
"yes, mom." I looked at Clair. "Clair, stay here with my mom." this was the first sentence I spoke to Clair since the time I am here.
"Okay, I am not going anywhere.." Clair replied.
I looked at them again before leaving.
But I don't want to leave my mom, not even for seconds cuz I can't trust my fate, what to do.? I wish I could have sent Clair to get snacks but she can disappear again.
I have no choice.
I looked around and left no stone unturned. I moved and looked in all areas that were allowed to be visited. The fire is nowhere to be seen. The office is now looking like an abandoned building.
Where canteen is?
I moved across the entry point to the backside of the building. A board came in to view which showed arrow marks pointing canteen and backyard. They both were in one direction. The canteen was so far. Idiotic people built it at the end of the yard which was about 200m long.
Who makes canteen at this type of location?
I mean so far away from the building.
Although it was surrounded by blocks of two buildings of the same office they had no entrance or exit to this point.
I started moving towards the canteen. Few people were there who were dressed in black. They probably would be the police.
The rock slabs were made on the floor which led towards canteen and turns left way before reaching to the canteen. The backyard deserved to be called a playground of 400m² area. It is a guess, after all.
Although, I don't know why this ground was made.
Once, I was in front of a maid in charge of the canteen, I noticed everything available in snacks. Hotdogs, muffins, doughnuts, Pizza, chips, fried potatoes, steak, burger, wrap, and salad.
What should I choose for my mum? I have to go... My mum is waiting.. Fast fast.
"How can I help you, sir." The lady asked.
I need some healthy food... Yes, salad, potatoes, and steak.
"fried potatoes, steak, and salad."
"do you need anything in drink sir? " she asked again.
"yes, an apple juice"
She packed all stuff and handed me.
The tables of canteen were issued by some cops.
I rushed to the camp again.
This time, I was in quick.
Clair's P. O. V
I kept holding her hand. Max is taking so long.
I can't handle this shock. Everything was fine and this everything happened in seconds is not easy to believe.
My heart is still racing and Mrs. Estella Jaggers (Max's Mom) is becoming emotional and she repeats a single thing to handle and care for Max after her.
And I know what it means, this is not good.
"Max is so emotional, I am worried about him, how he is handling the pain of losing dad? " she sighed.
"Everything was going normal and this unexpected disaster ruined everything. after hearing this shocking news on the radio, we didn't even take a rest till we found you fine. Max loves you. He is so a good and caring boy. He was so scared of losing you both. I don't know how he would be feeling but can guess, he would be lost." I replied. I have to keep talking with her. I don't know, how I can bring things back to laughter again. Can I?
I am worrying about Mrs. Estella. If she died, then Max's heart will shatter into pieces. They both are only his family.. I mean she is only now..
"I know....I am so glad.. That I am his mom.." She admitted.
"I am back.. "Max's voice came in my ear.
I found myself smiling. "so let's eat." I managed to make both smiles. Nothing can be better at this moment.
"By the way, what you have brought." I asked.
He showed me the package and smirked mischievously. "Hold your hunger, Glutton."
OMG, how dare he called me that..
But it's okay to me, I want more to hear.
I heard Mrs. Estella chuckles.
He placed the steak, fried potatoes and salad, and apple juice on the bed table.
We all ate that quietly. Mrs. Estella didn't eat normally... She was behaving like she is not hungry. She nibbled on steak and potatoes. I observed her and felt that something is not right.
"what are you thinking about, Clair. You look lost... Why so??" she asked suddenly.
"Nothing... " I replied quickly. After we were done with food. We all had little gossips.
Max slept as he was tired.
He kept holding Estella's hand and they both enjoyed sleeping.
I too closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
"Wake up!! Clair!! See what happened?"
I felt Max shaking me as I opened my eyes.. He was crying..
Oh no..
"what happened? Why are you -_"
"Mom....Mom.. " he pointed towards Estella....

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