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Life: An illusion

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Ch 3 The Funeral.

'everything is available,
Just waiting for your funeral
Fire to burn you With woods and oil,
Or you could be covered with soil.
God has prepared a proper set up,
You need to just get up.'
The soft figure and a face,
Which my eyes used to gaze,
Is nowhere but in pain.
A image got erased from vision,
Just think that was an illusion.
I wish I could erase your part,
From my mind and heart.
B'cuz it leaves me sad, that I have to accept the fact.
That you have disappeared into thin air,
Just as smoke fits in atmosphere.'

Max's P.O.V
As I woke up... I saw my mom sleeping. I glanced at my watch...
It was dinner time... I glanced at Clair, who was sleeping like a baby...I mean her mouth was opened and watering..
It looks like the baby had enjoyed hectic day very far...
"Mom??" I shook my mom a little....
No response..
"Mom?? Mumma.. " I shook her again..
I checked her breath and pulse...No sensation was there.
I fell back on stool and covered my eyes with my hands.
"she's gone"
Mom.. What is this... This is not fair.
Why with me.. Why!? I murmured to myself.. I stared at her for couple of minutes. Tear drop fell from my eyes.
I looked at Clair again..
'What would be Clair thinking about me... Now I am an orphan. Nobody to look over me?'
I shook clair.. "Clair, wake up!! Clair!!"
She opened her eyes and glanced at me.
"What happened..?" she yawned..
She spoke suddenly,"wait why are you_-?"
"Mom...Mom.. " I pointed towards my mom. I noticed my tears later..
Clair stood up and hugged me tightly. Her hands were digged in my hair. I felt numb and blank. I couldn't get myself back at that moment.
Next day..
7:00 Am
At graveyard.
"They both were great but They left you, a burden on earth.. Now we have to look over you.." Aunt Polly scowled at me..she always disliked me because I can't be like my mum-dad and come up earning money. Although, she always demotivated me for what I can do.
While My Mum was being buried, Aunt polly was scowling and taunting me. Her chums enjoyed and participated in same. She is always annoying to me all the time.
I wish, God had chosen her not my mom.
On the other hand, uncle Charles was here to spot me. He did always had became my friend. As We both were harrashed by Aunt polly so we were a separate team.
Clair had returned back to her home. Probably her parents hadn't allowed her to be with me after knowing she was in office with me messing up between fire and all.
I saw my mum being covered with flowers and then she disappeared in soil.
"How this all happened?" Uncle Charles placed his hand on my shoulder. I remained in silence for a while. I felt my lips shivered before speaking. My eyes filled with water again.
"I don't know, A sudden disaster took place in their office...." I wiped my eyes. I told him how I received the news and how I found my mum. How she was first talking actively and then fell into deep sleep.
"This everything happened is not good." He took out handkerchief From his pocket and wiped his eyes.
My father dead body was still not found.
I was now going back to home and one important thing, I did almost forgot is the everything my parents left for me. I know the property my mom dad owned probably will be passed to me.
The home where I born, the home where I did spent all my voices of sorrow, laugh, joy, and work is now abandoned.
My house is usually covered with grass as my mom loved planting.. It has 5 rooms and now they won't worth. I sat inside the car.
"Wait.. Max.. Come here."
Aunt Polly called for me.. Her words were polite.
I suddenly noticed a wicked smile on aunt polly's face.
Now what she wants?. She looks so strange while smiling.. She is always good when she needs some favour.

I rushed back towards her.
I did hated her too much that inside my brain the words that sound were like what the hell you want from me now! But I had controlled my tongue for the sake of peace.
"Yes aunt.. How can I help you?" I spoke gently.
"ohh sorry, I don't need help. The one who need is you!" she sang in sing song tone. Her hands danced in air as she sang the words that were insulting.
Like I learnt, never trust a women who speaks in sing song tone.
She continued as same-"You gonna live alone but You need someone to take care of your home, to care for your money and care for you and look after you. To cook food and to help you."

Wait what?! When did you started caring for me.. Ha! I will appoint a loyal servant and will keep my money in bank..! For me? I will better get admitted to hospital instead of listening to your advice.
"Yes aunt, I will be better If I appoint a loyal servant. You don't need to worry for me. "
Her smile disappeared for milisecond and her lips opened again. "No....Max..Don't be a fool.. In today's generation, Nobody is loyal to anyone. I thought if I could help you by staying with you but you hate me.. " Her eyes got closed and a tear fell down.
What an epic drama! I need to applause you for crocodile tears. Look she don't even need glycerin. I Don't want to listen those taunts forever just like Cinderella.
Ohh no... What should I say..

Clair P.O.V
"Clair! You need to understand. You can't hangout with him on somebody's funeral." My mom shouted.
As yesterday night, My parents found out why I was late , they kept giving me lecture for an hour.
So Today as I asked her if I can go to funeral, The lecture started again.
"I just need to find out How is max and I wanted to accompany him so he won't feel lonely." I admitted.
"No... I can't trust you more. If you spoke again then you will be grounded for week"
I felt a hard pain in my head.
"Mom, Its my love life... I can't ruin it by just not getting there when he needs me the most! I was there in office because he needed to find his parents and loosing parents is not a normal thing.."

"Clair, Don't argur with me. You are grounded for week and you don't gonna meet Max till then. Mark my words." she shouted and shut the door hardly.
Before I could think she came inside again and locked the windows. "Don't try to run away"
I remained in silence while she took my cell phone and tab away..
Cruel mom!

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