Life: An illusion

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ch-4 A strange lady.

'I shall die,
But would never live with thee.
You will kill me alive,
This is what my heart believe.
Oh Women you made me mad,
I Won't marry as you can see.
Your venomous tongue is so bad,
Taunts the way it shouldn't be.'
'you do not listen my heart,
You never light the way.
So why you troll me for nothing but to play.
Stop taunting, stop ruining the art,
Its not so easy to pay.
The wicked policy you play,
Not gonna worth but ruin my day.
The heart made of glass,
Can't battle with your mind of stone.
The sound is of my heart not of broken vase,
As it already fell down in love and is drown.
Before you kill me, just cross the path,
Get On the way you should be'

Max's P.O.V
Ohh god.. Save me.. I am still stuck.
"I could help you and stay with you.. But you hate will get fed up from me and I don't want that. "
"Ohh Aunt, please don't cry.. Its not that what you think."
Yes it is right what you think.
Omg, My devil part keeps interrupting in between.

I continued-"Aunt polly, I could take this kind of help but you will probably get fed up of all work of house.. I do eat so much which causes the dishes to be washed up and I don't clean my bedroom. My house also have many rats. spider web are common to be found inside there. The roof has problem of rain water leakage... "
Her eyes got widen because of my lies....and she interrupted in between,"okay, I got it..."
She losted in her thoughts.

Well everything I said was lie because I know aunt polly doesn't really care about me and she doesn't even like to work at all. As she makes uncle Charles to do all household work. So why she would really worry for me..
Her lips were ready to flutter,"So why don't you marry....."
Wait what!? Does she knows about my girlfriend or she is thinking something else.. I am not gonna marry with her choice and nor with her relative!! Something is fishy in her mind! God save me from this women..
"No aunt Polly, I can't."
"Yes you have to.. I know a beautiful lady."

But I have a girlfriend... And clair parents won't let me to marry her daughter and also they will kill me If I broke her heart.
I can't marry at all.. Whoever the girl is..

"Can we talk about this later."

I showed her the time and told her I am going to eat breakfast.
"What? You are hungry..can't you wait.?"
She shouted.

Like I said, she don't worry about me..

"Auntie, whoever the lady is..I am not gonna marry..And I can handle myself." I cried.
She furrowed her eyebrows and scowled.
"As your wish, huh! Today's children are so stubborn.. They don't even listen to adults." she taunt me again..

Why I am thinking I already have a mother in law and I am her daughter inlaw?

"Auntie, Please give me some time to think. I will probably tell you about my decision later." I cried spreading out my arms.

"Look boy, Nobody is asking you to decide."

What!? You are treating me like what? I am not kid. I wish I could utter these words.

"Wait.. Auntie, I will be back in seconds.. I just need to pee." I danced in front of her and acted.
"ahh! Get lost! Fast! This is not a question to ask!" she scowled and closed her eyes in embarrassment."
I rushed and sat inside car while she closed her eyes. I started the engine and drove fast as I could. While I just started, I heard a voice behind. "Hey...! Where are you going? You fool! Come back here you lier! "
"Sorry auntie, This was the only way to get free from you. " I shouted back.
Yes, Finally, I dumped her.
I reached for my house and parked the car outside. Suddenly, The flash back of my memories of my parents hit my brain. I felt sick. I was not ready to be in my house all alone. All I need is Clair!
Atleast she can help me out with this and Aunt Polly.
I took out my phone and texted her.
Me- Hey dumbo? Where are you? Call me if you can. [9:56 Am]
I sat on my dinning table and waited for her reply.
5 minutes past. (No response)
Why she didn't reply? Oh noo.. She would be eating breakfast or she would be in bathroom..or what she would be doing?.
Stop it Max! Don't think more...
Bad Mind..
I chuckled.. The voice that sounded in my ear was Clair's voice scolding me..
I decided to make something for my breakfast on behalf of waiting for reply.
I entered kitchen. Dirty Dishes were still inside sink. Who called me like.. 'come wash me up..'
"hello dishes! Are You missing my mom too? Now I am here to wash you up But will do later after adding more friends in your group." I admitted and felt little sad.
I searched for utensils and placed a pan on stove.
But I don't know how to cook.
I scratched my head. What can I do except that.
'Hey boy.. We can help you." I saw a book on cupboard. It called me.. I suddenly thought, "Hey friend, You are a life saver."
It was the book where my mom did write her own food recipe.
I read one of those..
Grilled Sandwich for breakfast.
I dropped the book on shelf in defeat.
I checked for Clair by calling her but at first it was declined and then it was switched off.
"Clair.. Clair... Clair.." I closed my eyes.
Wait...Don't think I have superpowers that I can find out what she's doing but I wish I could have at this moment.
Suddenly, My phone started buzzing.
I picked up the call. It was unknown.
"Hello?" A lady with sweet voice on call spoke.
"ohh... Ahh.. Hi.. Its Max...Max Jaggers.. How can I help you Miss?" I spoke hesitating.
"I am sorry Do you know me or Do I know you?" The lady spoke mischievously.
"Wait what?"
She started laughing and said, "Ohh.. Max Jaggers, didn't You still recognize who I am?"

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