Life: An illusion

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Ch-5 Don't ask

She says, it is game,
Challenging me to know her name.
She says me to don't ask,
After creating question for my task.
So hard to know,
The person who is not close.
Apart is my true love who is lost.
Unknowingly, I have became a toast.
Between her and my vows,
It's so difficult to owe.
A stranger owe me love,
As well as annoys me alot.
Where as you are always gone,
When I need you the most.
Then I need to look up for thee,
Like for flower, looks the bee.

Max's P.O.V
"Ohh Max Jaggers, you still didn't recognize me." She laughed mischievously.

I still can't get it. How Do I know her?
Who ever this lady is, she is insane.

"I am sorry, How do I know you?It's whether you tell me your name or tell me what you want?" I said telling her that was a lame joke.

"Why you are so in hurry gentlemen?" She asked Playfully.

I immediately uttered, "Because Time is money and I don't have much of it."

"But weren't you wasting your time before?" She spoke surprising me.
What? Ohh well yes I was.

"Excuse me, what you mean? Hey miss, whatever I do, It's none of your business at all."

She laughed again. Her chuqquls were like she knew me. This irritated me.
I won't hesitate mentioning that she's teasing me.
And I hate being treated like a kid.

Her voice filled in my ears again,"Ohh, you turned out to be in anger. Well, It's truth. Let me clear this, ..-" She paused and sighed. I was curious to know who she is.

"yes, I am listening." I spoke in calm voice.

"Yes, so it is. It"

"Yes, Yes yes, Just tell me what it is?"

"It is That you won't get it"

"what! "
she laughed at me again.

I continued, "Hey, For the sake of god. Could you please tell your name, Ma'am"

"Now what is in name?" she stated being like dumb own her own.

"My everything is in name, peace, heaven, whole world is in name, the mystery is in name. A whole treasure is in name. Please favor me telling your name." I shouted as being annoyed.
She was silenced now. A little soft sound came.
"are you seriously shouting on me?
Well I won't tell you my name because deep down you know my name but you didn't recognize. You know how it hurts when someone you tried to find for so long can't even remember you." Her voice was serious this time.
Do I actually know her?.
"Hey, Don't cry. I am sorry. I am going through bad emotions as today was my mumma's funeral and I Haven't ate enything since my mom died. I have truly gone out of my mind." My voice shivered as I felt chills in my spine.
"Even I have a girlfriend but still I am alone." I felt more pain. Absence of Clair causes me more pain when I need her the most.
I looked at the phone if I could see her why she didn't reply but forgot how can I? A tear fell down my cheek. Why I am so lonely.
"ohh no... It's not your fault. I am sorry. I didn't knew it. I am sorry cuz.. I was just trying to share your time and I didn't knew you have a girlfriend. I am sorry." Her voice became broken.
What she meant by saying sorry for not knowing about my girlfriend?
I don't know why She is so strange.

She continued again, "Look Max, You don't need to be alone. I know you want someone at this time. I can help you with this." She stated calmly. Her voice was healing me more than it annoyed.
I can't deny her because I am helpless and I need help.
"How you gonna help me?" I asked her.
"shh! Don't ask anything. Just send me your address and I have a answer to your one question."

Ohh, yes.. Tell me who you are!.
I hoped she will tell me something I am curious to know.
"Yes.. What?"

"That you can trust me" she stated.
I don't know what made her so serious, or caring. Even I don't know her.

"why you think that I can trust you" I asked her.

"Because you are the only one I trust."
She spoke with confidence and the sentence she uttered, I don't know why it touched my heart! Ohh, is she now flirting me?

"But Miss who you are?" I stated.

"Shh! I said don't ask anything and don't call me by miss. It sounds rude to me." She sounded as being cute.
What? Yes she was being cute. She was being cute.

"So what should I call you by-_"
Before she could even answer, she hung up the call. I don't think she had heard me. Well she warned me not to ask anything.

I thought couple of minutes more before sending her my address.
Can I trust her? Can I?
Okay so Just give your fate one more chance. I better leave this on god. To handle her. No, to handle me.

I checked up my phone and sent her my address after checking on Clair.
I don't know why clair didn't reply even the clock has turned showing out 11:01am.

I called Clair. The phone was still switched off. I decided to leave a message to that unknown lady.

Me- Hey, I want to know a single thing. Not your name but about how should I call you by if you don't want me to call you as 'Miss'? [11:09Am]

As I just sent her the message the door bell rung. I think she's here.

As I opened the door, nobody was out there except a beautiful box. It was wrapped with white colour gift wrapper tied with red ribbons. A card of heart shape hung on the knot of ribbon.
I picked up the box and moved inside my house. I read the card as I kept the box on dinning table.

A goodness for a good health and mood. A good meal to start a good day to make you feel good. Just a good feel, don't be a rude. So be a good and enjoy your food. ;)
- The one you didn't recognize

A smile was left on my lips by the words of poem wrote by her.
I dropped the card and opened the box. The box itself revealed three bottles of juice of orange, apple and guava ; a bottle of wine with another card ; Muffins, a small pie and grilled sandwiches.
I read the another card.

Life has it's own face, which changes every day. The time you have must be praised.
Who knows when it will be delay.
The life changes it's figure every time, sometimes its dark but sometimes it's bright.
So cheer it up with wine, who knows when it won't be here right.
The one who wants you with true heart, is not so easy to find.
Is there any one? If there is then it is the most happiest award. Grab it and hold it's palm. Who knows that one heart won't be their tomorrow.
The one who brings shine in your eyes, when ever she comes in your mind. The much you control this crazy heart, it keeps trying. So cheer her with your crazy heart who knows what will be there for you next.

I found myself lost in those words with deep meaning. I was completely lost.

I shook my head and found myself concious. I took out the sandwiches and nibbled them. They were tasty.
Slowly I grabbed one of those chocolate muffins and ate them. I stared at the wine for couple of minutes and then placed it inside the pocket of my coat.

Clair still didn't replied my message. Is she mad for some reason or did she dumped.. No! She can't.
My phone buzzed and I picked it up seeing seeing that unknown number again which I had saved as now 'Strange lady'

I tried not to smile.
"hey.. " her soft voice came in my ear.
Her voice was calm, sweet and had low pitch.

"I wanna ask, how were the muffins and sandwiches?"

"Thankee. They were great, well more over I liked the poem on cards. It really helped me to heal but how you come up with my number. May I ask your name please? I think that will help me to recognize you."
She chuckled at my sentence which wasn't so funny.
"That's flattering me little.. Aha.. Well and about my name, it is just a word. Well do you need any other help. Where's your girlfriend?"
"Oh no..I almost forgot about my girlfriend."

She started laughing so loud. Oh shit.. Why the words slipped off my tongue.

"hey, there's nothing to laugh upon." I laughed upon myself interrupting my own speech. "wait.. It's serious, I had texted her at about 10 and I haven't got any reply till then. I am in worry b'cuz at first her phone was declined and then it was switched off."

She listened me carefully and then came up with idea. Probably a solution.

"Hmm.. You don't need to worry at all. Just go check at her house. Did you tried?"

"Ohh well... Ahh.." I was looking whether to tell her or not about clair parents hatered towards me. Well we are not even Friends..

"Come on.. Max.. Don't hesitate to tell me. I am your friend and how can I help you if you won't tell me the truth."

"well thanks, I don't think, I can check at her house cuz, her parents probably hate me so much that they would lock me in there house if they cought me there."

She chuckled again.
"Omg.. Haha! But why are you so scared that much. Let me help you in this. You do what I say. I will call you soon. Just get ready."

"oh yes but, what should I call you by?"

Without giving brief information she hunged up the call. Not again!

More over, she didn't answer my question that how she got my number and why she don't tell her name. Ohh, and who left the box here, if she left the box then why she didn't met me and if it was someone else, then why it didn't show up in front of me. Well, the curiosity inside me was eating me and she keeps playing with me.

2:38 P.M
At Clair's House

Clair P.O.V

No tab, no phone, no one is at home and I am locked since morning in this cruel room by my mom.

I had taken nap after thinking alot about What Max would be doing. He doesn't even know what is happening with me and doesn't even I can tell him.

At last I remember my mom shutting the door and since then I have been staring at the ceiling while playing with my ping pong ball then after I think I had probably fell into sleep.
After I woke up, seeing I had only passed 6 hours out of my seven days. I have been messed up.
I felt knots in my tummy.

My mom and dad are at the work and they don't even care how hungry I am. This is a cruel hell.

Well, how can I get out of here. I peeked outside the window then thought to break it.
No.. Clair, you will rot in hell.

I went to my bathroom and turned on water. Then laid down inside the bathtub after undressing myself.
I fell into sleep again enjoying warm water.

Suddenly I started suffocating as I felt my breath on hold. I opened my eyes then felt somebody's hand covering my mouth..
"hey..... Uhhmm" I screamed then bited the hand but as it letted me go, I shouted, "who is this! ". As I moved up to see the face behind, I felt hard metal striking my back of the head and then everything went into black and numb sensation.
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