The Gothic Mansion

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Rohit meets Thor who is a consulting detective. The first of many.

Mystery / Thriller
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The Consulting Detective

I had asked uncle Deep to inform me if he found someone willing to share a house. Well, my house. Okay so before going into the details let's give a backstory of how I met Thor. My name is Rohit Chatterjee and I am a writer. I was a literature teacher but I left school since teaching wasn't really my passion. Writing detective stories and thrillers and publishing 'em had always been my goal in life. But unfortunately I have a huge house with no one except me,my dog and aquariums. So I told uncle Deep to inform me if he found someone looking for a room. So one day Uncle came and said that a guy wanted to come and I agreed. So thats the little backstory.

23/11/2016 I met my room/housemate. I saw a guy 5 feet 11 atleast if not 6ft in height. Deep blue eyes, messy black hair, extremely fair wearing a black blazer, a black jeans and a white shirt. I was completely surprised.

"Hello. I am Thor Lawrence, nice to meet you"

I am Roh-

"I know you are Rohit Chatterjee. Mr.Ghosh told me"

Oh I see. Do have a seat.

So you do know what the rent is right?

"15000 Rs?"

Precisely! So have you come from England? Cause you have quite a British accent.

"My grandfather lived in Britain, he came to Calcutta in 1927. He was one of the few British people who opposed the inhuman rule in India and that's why he stayed back with his family even after independence. My father was a lawyer. He wanted me to be one but it wasn't meant for me. Then my dad recently passed away and my uncles from nowhere came and kicked me out of the house. So I ended up here."
So what do you do?

"Well I'm a consulting detective."

"Sherlock Holmes?"

"I mean I am a man of the same job. "

Have you seen the Sherlock series?

"Yes i have"

"Accha if you are a detective tell something about me."

"Sure. You were a teacher. But you left the job. You are left handed and have been writing a lot but not really liking 'em. And lastly you love to eat but all you could manage today morning was some bread and butter"

"How on Earth did you know all that?"

"On your study table there are various copies of The Merchant Venice and The Tempest which are currently part of the ICSE syllabus, but those are the ones which are lowest in the stack which means you don't really use them anymore which means you left the job. You're mug, you're pen stand, you're tv remote all are on the left side of the table so you're left handed.You are trash can is filled with crumbled paper and refills which prove that you are writing but you are not liking them. You have two massive fridges which means you have a lot of stuff so you love to eat. And there are breadcrumbs and small cubes of sugar on your shirt which show what you ate for breakfast."
I was literally gonna explode. I had just met real life Sherlock Holmes. How could I not be excited?!

"Okay so let me show you your room."
I showed him, he loved it, and yeah that's how I met Thor.
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