The Gothic Mansion

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Chaurasia Mansion

Thor had started getting cases from within a week from when he moved in but they were all simple and did not really bother him. But one sunday suddenly inspector Choudhary showed up.
"Hello Rohit and Thor. Well as you can see it's about a case. It's a very unusual one and I would like you and Thor to come and have a look"
You mean me- Rohit to come?
"Yes why not? You might get interesting plots while having a look"
"Choudhary tell me what's unusual?"
"We have thought of all possible ways how the victim had been shot. But none of them seem to be the right one. There are no footprints anywhere nor have we detected any fingerprints.
"Who's the guy murdered?"
"Tushar Chaurasia- Owner of Chaurasia and co."
"The wood making company right?"
"Come on Rohit..let's go and see. Maybe you can be my Martin Freeman" Thor winked.

Chaurasia mansion was one of the oldest houses in Kolkata. It had been built by the victim's great grandfather who was a renowned hunter. It's a 3 storied house with a considerable backyard, decorated with flowers of different kinds. The outside of the house was made out of basalt and from a distance it would almost look like an abandoned castle. Inspector Chaudhary was waiting for us and met us at the gate when we were paying the cab.
"I assume the body was lying on this cobblestone path?" asked Thor.
"Yes, there was the body here." said the Inspector.
He then took the next 15 minutes minutely examining the path and the blood stains.
"What does post-mortem say?" asked Thor.
"Shot" remarked the inspector.
"Who are the inhabitants here?"
"This guy did not marry. His parents passed away in recent years. The only inhabitant is his cook. An old man who has been here from Tushar's father's time. His name is Soumen."
I was completely surprised to see the interior of the house. It looked like a castle and was a castle. It was a VERY gothic house. The architecture was very gothic and the whole house was filled with skulls and other supernatural stuff.
The only two "normal" rooms were the kitchen and the cook's room. It was really astounding to see such a remarkable piece of Gothic architecture in India. Thor had taken a very keen interest in this interior and was examining the skulls with utmost interest.
"Call the cook" stated Thor.
The cook Soumen Das was a man of 70. His face was worn out and was evidently tired from the repeated enquiries by the police.
"Sorry to bother you Mr. Das. I promise this will be the last wave which you have to suffer and then you can rest. You have been here since?"
"I have been here since I was 35. Mr. Rajat had employed me in his household after his last cook decided to retire."
"What kind of a man was Tushar?"
"He wasn't a bad man but was very ill-tempered unlike his father."
"He had any enemies?"
"People with a sharp tongue like him have many enemies."
"Where were you at the time of the incident?"
"Dadababu used to come back late and it was his order that I should keep his food on the dining table, eat my food and retire to my chamber. Yesterday was no different. I was sleeping when I woke up to a crackling sound at around 12o'clock. When I rushed out I saw Dadababu lying on the floor and then I called the police."
"Does the front door always remain open?"
"Yes the front door remains open throughout the day untill Dadababu locks it when he comes back."
"Thank you so much Mr.Das you can go and rest now. I'd like to go to Chaurasia and co. and then have a look at the body. But before that I'd like to have a look at the living room."
The living room of Choudhary Mansion was almost as big as the ground floor of my house. It was lavishly decorated with portraits of people of great fame. The architecture itself was something to marvel at. The sofas were as old as the house but astonishingly they were still really comfortable. While Thor was surveying the whole room, I and inspector Choudhary had taken a seat. After 20 odd minutes Thor decided that it was time for us to leave.
"Choudhary drop us back at our house. We will meet you at Chaurasia and Co. in the evening around 7."said Thor
"Sure." answered Choudhary.
Choudhary dropped us at my house in Bowbazar and I asked Ranjan to prepare lunch.
"So what do you make of this case Rohit?" asked Thor.
"Well, I am confused. But one thing confuses me the most. From where has been Tushar shot? I think he was shot from the back. The person was hiding in the front bushes" I said.
"Well that is a probable theory. But to me it seems that the person was in the house and he shot Tushar from inside the house" said Thor.
"You say Mr.Das-"
"No I don't. Remember Mr.Das told us that the front door remains open all the day. It is very probable that the killer sneaked in without Mr.Das noticing as the kitchen is at the very end of the first floor. Plus the man has to be atleast 5feet 7."
"Why?!" I asked.
"You have seen the topmost rack in the living room which has the vases right?"
"Yes I have."
"Well if you look closely, you will see that the corner most vase has been recently handled. As the body of the vase is free from dust. No other vase or decor was dust free. In order to get to the rack one has to be 5ft 7 to get his hands on the vase. He probably hid behind one of the sofas but I still can't get it how he shot Mr.Chaurasia. Anyways for now lets focus on lunch."
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