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Eurus is pronounced Euros

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 0: Characters

What is an elite?:
An elite is a criminal wanted by the police and / or the army with at least 50 murders to his credit. You must also have been contacted by an army officer and have made a pact with the government:
An elite has the right to kill whoever they want to be an innocent or a criminal if in return they take care of killing other criminals that the army cannot catch.
This one does not really have a choice, they must pass the pact if they do not want to be suffocated by the elites...

William: the leader of the team and its founder, a serious boy and protective towards his team and especially with his butlers Curtis to whom he owes everything.
He had a difficult past because of his parents who were violent with him. He decided to become an elite because of the murder of them that he himself committed and his did not displease him...18 years old.

Bhaal: team doctor. A very calm elite with always cold blood, he leaves the mansion very little for fear of becoming violent if he has to fight and he hates it. He is the second to join the team. He was a war doctor before a big injury that prevented him from continuing so he decided to enter the world of crime to help his friends if they needed it. 21 years old.

Louis: third member of the team and not the least. He speaks little and when he does it is never for nothing. He's the one who takes care of scouting for his comrades who are not discreet enough for that. He decided to join the elites because he doesn't like ... other human !? When he leaves his friends he finds it difficult to bear the presence of other people and to decide to kill all those he sees fit to kill. 19 years old.

Biakhov: a Russian in an elite French team is not common. This boy, not very normal to decide to leave his country because the Russian elites are not "violent" enough. Yes, he decided to join the black French team recognized for its violence against all kinds of people whether they are innocent or criminal. He kills because he likes it. He is also the comic of the group. 19 years old.

Curtis: Butlers on the team he takes care of anything the guys don't want to do but he doesn't mind. Faithful friend of William from an early age, he is used to all this work. It's hard to believe but if he is there it is because he too is an elite and believe it or not he has killed people too. With more than sixty murders to his name, he has helped his teacher and friend eliminate his former oppressors. 18 years old.

Lérage: London gentleman and great name of the red team, he is the son of a great Baron who was part of the team that murdered the parents of Eurus. He is not proud of what happened and intends to break the rules to do so to forgive Eurus and his team. At his age, this young man is already a mathematics professor at a major university. 19 years old.

Perth: Biakhov's darling and smartest, he spends most of his time in his office out of sight. He always has an eye on the cameras placed by Louis throughout the city and in certain bases of other teams. He is quite discreet but when you start to know him, he's a real gem. He also spends a lot of time with his brother with whom he is very close. 16 years old.

Nomad: Perth's twin brother, he was never able to speak because of an event that made him mute. He is always there to help his brother who understands him better than anyone. He is also very close to William and always takes care of the team that made him feel so welcome.
He and his brother are basically black London elites but their office is located in Durham. They got in touch with the black French elites following what they heard about the other English teams. Since then they have cooperated together to destroy the other teams from within. 16 years old.

Heath: the messenger of the black London team. It was he who took care of the first contact between the two black teams. Perfect gentleman, he is also very discreet and gets along very well with his friends Perth and Nomad whom he has known since he was little. 19 years old.

Necroa triplets: nobody really knows their take on, at least they don't know who is who. These three guys are not elites, just merchants who often supply elites with items whether weapons, materials, or even animals. They are known to everyone and everywhere and intend to remain so for a long time. 21 years old.

Kleef: great leader of the red team and always thirsty for blood, he is one of the most feared elites because of his extreme violence. He is an international elite, he travels a lot but no one knows where he is really going or why. He is one of the people who absolutely wants to take down shadow carriers like Eurus or Nomad. Age: unknown.

Arthur: The youngest elite ever. This young man is a white elite so he has the right to join the team of his choice. We don't see him often because he spends his time roaming around the world, but black elites are always happy to see him. 12-13 years old (age which was given by Bhaal so no one really know ...)

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