Before the Dark Awake Me

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After the accident that makes her an orphan, Amanda Carlson gets flustered by the dark world that’s been happening in her new life. She terrifies by something sinister that tries to take over her body. She only wakes up, surprised, this living thing has been using her identity for a year. Gifted with a great psychokinesis, this dark creature wants to gets a vengeance toward the scientists who once have tortured it in a secret lab facility. The scientists still insist to create a bioweapon by experimenting this special symbiote creature. That’s when Amanda begins to find the strength to control the power within.

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At some point in my life, I just wanted to give up.

Giving up on this very darkβ€”and suffocated life of mine.

Why couldn’t I just live normal like everyone else?

Sometimes I thought deeply of that.

I was just this miserable kid who didn’t have a future.

I had no idea if I could have a future anyway.

Oftentimes, I snuggled myself in the corner of my room, crying out quietly.

I kept on thinking how my life turned so upside down like this.

I was not the same person as I was yesterday.

My life was completely different since then.

It was like a tornado came to make a giant mess.

That one accidentβ€”truly changed my whole life.

But never crossed my mind, I would truly live in the darkness.

And that one dark worldβ€”was much scarier than I would ever think of.

Because that thing was real.

Well, at least inside my head.

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