The Things That Happened Then

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All she did was moved in the wrong town, the one that she thought was the right one. Instead, she finds people lurking in the shadows waiting to kill her. When her and her friends all get the same invitation to a party everyone's secrets are not secrets anymore. Note: This is for entertainment only please do not copy this, I really worked hard..

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Beginnings, Beginnings

Hi! My name is Ashunti but, my friends and family call me, Ash. This all started about 6-10 months after I moved here. I was actually happy that we were moving somewhere more peaceful in so which I thought. I was carrying a huge box, but me being stupid trip over my headphones getting tangled up in my legs.

“Are you alright?” I heard a voice call from the sidewalk. He started to walk over.

I looked up and my eyes lit up like the moon. In my mind, I was thinking how could someone look so good. He stood at about 6'0 and had attractive hazel eyes with dark hair. He gave me his hand so that he could help me up. They were smoother than a baby's bottom.

“Yeah... I... I’m alright. Well, now I’m anyway.” I said I was so mad that I couldn’t even get one word out in front of him. How embarrassing is that?

"I recommend you use wireless headphones. You'll be safer that way. Hi, my name is Jace.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“My name is Ashunti, but everyone calls me Ash.” I said confidently.

“Okay “Ash you must be new?” He asked. You know that is like the first thing that comes to mind when you see me moving boxes and tripping over things. I mean, of course, I’m new, but you know everyone has to have a fake smile.

“Yeah, I am actually. I moved here with my parents and my sister. But I should probably keep...Um... you know helping.” I said and started heading for the door.

“Hey! Ash let me help you with that.” He said and took the box away from me. I was struggling anyway so I just let it happen.

We headed upstairs to where my room was he sat the boxes down on my bed.

“Wow! This is nice. You know out of this whole time I lived next door I only came in here once.” He said while still looking around.

“Well do you know who lived here before us? Like were they your friends or some grumpy old man that threw screwdrivers at you when he catches you on his lawn.” I said curiously. He started looking everywhere else but at me for some reason.

“Well, there was a family that lived here and a boy named Charles he was like my best friend. Until one night he didn’t come back home after a party we had just thrown no one was suppose to be there. It was actually private property and us being stupid teenager’s went there. There were loads of people there and I was one of them. I went home early but Charles decided to stay a little longer because he was getting close to a girl that he had liked for so long. I was just being very supportive so I left. The next day was Saturday and all the football players decided to have some milkshakes, and talk about what happened at the party. I gave Charles a call but, his phone went straight to voicemail. I was thinking that maybe he had gotten close to that girl that he liked so bad. Then Monday came and he wasn’t even in any of his classes I got worried so I dropped by his house after school. His parents let me in for questioning. They asked me when was the last time I saw him and where is the most likely place he would be at that time. I gave them all the information I could about everything. I even gave them a timeline so that it could be easier. They later called the police and set out a search. Then later discovered that there was no sign of a body, but there was blood. They took the blood into their lab it was a match to Charles's blood. After that, no one knew where he went. I was so devastated because I know that he didn’t deserve what happened to him. All I know is that I wanted to get revenge, but soon after I had to let go I had to move on from my past and focus on my future. The weird part is that I never knew his crush it’s like no one did.” He explained and ended with a sigh.

Before, I could say anything my mom walked in. “Oh. Ash. Who’s this young man?” She asked.

At this point, you know what happens next. If you don’t let, me tell you. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that my parents get to meet him first just in case we start dating. The bad thing is that my parents are the ones to start jumping to conclusions now and questions later. Anyway back to the story...

“He’s our neighbor Jace. He was just helping me with a huge box.” I said.

“Aw. Cute name and just know that you are welcomed anytime to have a playdate with Ash.” She said I was so embarrassed I gave her the leave now and stop humiliating me look and she left. Yeah for like ten seconds and came back with my dad.

“Oh lord.” I whispered under my breath.

My dad started asking him questions. “What are your intentions with my daughter? Where do you see yourself in five years? How old are you? Where did you guys meet? Do you have both parents in your life?” My dad really didn’t even give him a chance to speak but he answered anyway.

“Well, I really have no intentions with your daughter because I have a girlfriend and one thing that I am is a loyal man. I see myself traveling the world and buying up land to start real-estate in the next five years. I am 17 years old, and will be 18 soon. Yes I do have both parents very good parents actually.” He said in a very professional way.

I was actually surprised that he just survived my dad out of all people. I started laughing and went outside and sat on the porch to think.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see that it was Jace. I was still on the fact that he had a girlfriend I wanted him first. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Okay. Now that is your second time asking me that today. Of course, I’m alright I’m always alright.” I said smiling waiting on his answer.

“Well everyone is not always alright even when they say it, they sometimes don’t mean it.” Those words he said really had meaning to them.

“Yeah, you’re right but know that I am alright. I’m saying it because I mean it.” I said.

“Well I should be on my way now I’ll see you around Ash or Ashunti.” He said but then he turned back around. He looked deeply into my eyes. "Could I have your number?" He asked. "Oh, sure." I said. He handed me his phone and I placed my number in.

“Just give me a call when you want a ride or tour. Also please don’t throw screwdrivers at me because I’m on your lawn.” He said and I laughed and waved him goodbye. I’m just glad I get to see his face every day.

About three days later my sister and I were sent to school. Since we moved to a town where everyone was quite wealthy we the schools were more secure.

I guess that they didn’t want me under bad influence which was understandable. I was kinda worried though because of what Jace told me about his friend Charles. I was thinking that it was still a mystery who killed him. He couldn’t have gone far that day unless someone lead him out there. I just had to stop worrying.

I finally got found my class. Lunch soon came and I didn’t have anywhere to sit. I looked around and then I saw Jace he waved me over to his table. I was actually happy to sit at his table.

“Guys this is Ash the one I have been telling you about. Ash this is Zoe, Ryder, Christian, James, and my girlfriend Melonie.” He said. You should have seen my face when he said, girlfriend.

“Hi everyone.″ I said because I didn’t know what else to say I was lost for words. I hated when all the attention was on me. They all said hi back I was a bit creeped out, but I just went on. I kept noticing that Christian was staring at me sometimes, I don’t really like it when people stare because of past experiences.

“Okay... Guys, what are you guys wearing to the Halloween Party on Friday?” Zoe asked. "I'm going to dress up as a cheerleader." Melonie said. "I'll just dress up as a cool dude." Christian said. "So you're just going to dress up as yourself?" I asked.

“Yeah. We’ll be needing her around for a while.” Christian said. I looked around then saw that Melonie was looking at me as if she was about to murder me to death or something. I hurried and looked away. Lunch ended and Jace walked me to my class because we had the same 6th period.

“Ash. Could I drive you to the party?” He asked.

“Yeah, but what about your girlfriend. Don’t you have to drive her?” I asked.

“No. I don’t because it’s her party at her house.” He said I also felt a sudden relief that everything was now ok and I wouldn’t have to ride in the car with Melonie. I could just see that she hates me.

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