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Hailey, a girl who heard just moved into another house with her dad, met a strange gorgeous guy in the middle of the road. And more so, the guy disappeared without her knowledge in just a blink of an eye, something that left her mind puzzled. Their second encounter was at a masquerade ball however, Hailey didn't really recognise his face because of the mask that covered part of it. There, he saved her from a drunkard asshole and asked for a dance with her, which she agreed to with hesitation. However, during the dance, she got to know that his name was Harry Stroud. Unlike the other encounters, their third encounter was no coincidence. Harry heard requested her to be his personal assistant through a note he gave to her through a waiter. But Hailey had no intentions of quiting her job just to be an assistant of a stranger, so she didn't really put his request in consideration. But for some reason, it was like he had predicted the future and the following morning, Hailey was jobless. More so, she was homeless too after being thrown out of the house they had just moved into, increasing her need for money. And all that, forced her to agree to Harry's offer. On reaching at the address on the note, she saw Harry's face fully this time round and she was traumatized to realise that he was the strange guy she met on the road. Please read the novel to know more.

Mystery / Romance
Maris Ariel
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An unexpected visitor.

"Hailey, Hailey!!! Wake up sweetheart." Hailey's dad called out as he entered his daughter's room.

He rarely woke his daughter up because she usually woke up before him, but that was only if she didn't get nightmares.

"Mmm, good morning, dad." Hailey finally greeted lazily as she sat on her bed. "Good morning sweetheart, did you get nightmares again?" her dad asked with concern as he sat next to her, knowing that she sometimes got nighmares.

Hailey fell silent as she looked at her dad. Lying to him was something she had never done in her life, but telling him the truth would make him worry.

She thought on how her dad would react after knowing of the time she reached home and more so, how he would react after knowing that the secret he kept from her for twenty years was revealed to her last night.

Hailey was about to make twenty years young but he still felt she was too young to know of it; to know that she was just adopted.

Her dad waited for her response but then, he lost his calm and decided to speak first.

"It's fine if you don't wanna talk about it. But if you want to ask or tell me anything, am here for you." He uttered as he stood up to leave and Hailey let out a sigh of relief. Atleast she won't have to lie to him!

She watched her dad approach her room exist door but in the next second, he halted. He turned and faced her again as he spoke.

"You can ask me anything excluding the issues concerning your mum," and after saying that, he waited for her reaction.

Hailey always asked him about her mum, his wife, but he always avoided answering and he was worried she would ask again about her. Gladly, she was calm and sighed before she spoke.

"Dad, this is not the right time to talk about that. And don't worry, I won't ask anything concerning her. Anyways, it's getting late. I need to have a shower and leave. I don't wanna be late for work."

She said as she entered the bathroom, trying to avoid his next statement. She closed the bathroom door behind her as she stood in silence, trying to hear him leave.


Back in her room, her dad stood motionlessly, feeling guilty for hiding some things from her as he wondered what the hell just happened.

He felt a bit confused too. Hailey never stopped questioning him about her mum even when he told her to stop. She never lost hope and he was worried she would start investigating on her own in order to find the truth about her mum herself.

But that wasn't the issue today. In fact, she seemed not interested in knowing anymore.

And on that thought, he felt his heart panic. Does she know the truth already? But how? It can't be that she already knows!

But he felt a bit relieved as his conscience reasoned that if she knew, she would atleast react.

He loved Hailey most among all his children because she was his only daughter, the most understanding and kindest child of all his children despite her being the youngest and his only adopted one.

But as he stood there motionlessly, lost in his mind, he heard someone call out for him.

"Mr. Harvey! Are you in here?" A lady called out.

"Yah... Why, is there any problem?" He responded as he finally opened the door.

A lady who seemed to be in her 50s greeted him the moment he stood in front of her before she answered his question.

"No sir, there's no problem. I just wanted to tell you that you have a visitor." the lady uttered and Harvey fell silent for a moment.

Honestly, he felt somewhat curious and shocked. Not because of the lady standing in front of him, but because of her last statement.

They had just moved in last evening and none of them had told anyone of where they were shifting to yet. And now, this lady was saying he had a visitor! Who could it possibly be?

"Did he tell you what his name is?" he questioned as he started walking towards the staircase.

"No sir, he simply said it's urgent," the lady answered as she followed behind him. And what she said increased his curiosity. Who could it possibly be? He wondered as he started descending the stairs.

"Okay. So you are....?" he asked the lady.

"Adria Wu Kang," — she continued as she followed him — "am Chinese but born and grew up from here in U.S.A." She added with a smile as they reached the end of the staircase.

On seeing the man who was waiting patiently for Harvey in the sofa, Adria decided to leave the two of them to talk.

"Aah, I guess I should go and get both of you some snacks." She suggested as she walked away on seeing him nod.

Harvey then walked towards the man sitting in the sofa, patiently waiting for him.

"Good morning, Harvey." The man greeted with a deep voice on noticing Harvey's presence, making Harvey even more curious to know who he was 'cause his voice sounded familiar to him.

But he ignored his suspicions and decided to wait for him to face him completely.

And in the next second, the man stood up — "I can see your progress, seems like your having a good life" — as he looked around the house, still not facing him.

"Who are you and why are you here?" Harvey questioned, ignoring his last statement.

But the man instead let out a loud throaty chuckle. "So you mean you don't recognize me?" He asked as he rested his hands on his waist. But Harvey didn't answer and he decided to continue.

"You let me suffer, as you and your family were here having a great time. Huh!" He ranted and suddnely faced him.

"So you still don't recognize this face?" he pointed a figure at his face.

Harvey was at loss of words for this man right in front of him was his elder brother. His heartless brother who loved only himself. He was the main reason why he moved into this house, why he accepted this luxurious house his son bought using his daughter-in-laws money.

Where did he even get the nerves to approach him again when he even once tried to kill him?

He even killed their late parents [Henry and Eva Holden] and that was the main reason why he was sentenced to life imprisonment. But, here he was, infront of him again and he was not behind bars.

He looked very free like he had never been sentenced to any life punishment and questions started to pop up in Harvey's mind.

"So what are you doing here?" Harvey suddenly asked, feeling a little frustrated for he knew what his brother was capable of.

"What am I doing here! Is that the right question to ask your almost forgotten..." He paused on seeing Hailey standing next to the stairs as she stared at them.

And on seeing his sudden reaction, Harvey followed the direction of his gaze and his eyes landed on his daughter.

Hailey, on the other hand, was shocked to see her uncle and regretted why she even got out of her room.

"Good morning sir," she greeted with her voice lowered and speed walked towards the exist, hoping to just disappear without him altering a word.

Her heart raced faster and she felt her blood freeze as she moved closer to the exist. She feared her uncle so much ever since he kidnapped her when she was just ten years young.

She felt so fortunate to have worn a hoodie which covered her face half way, hiding her identity and she knew he could have not recognised her since he last saw her when she was just 11. Unless if he saw her face fully.

She opened the door cheerfully. She was about to hit her target [disappear without him saying a word] and she was close to it.

But then, she stopped, no, infact she froze. She heard someone say halt, making her freeze cause it came from a mouth she was avoiding.

"Harvey, who is this girl? Is she your daughter Hailey?" her uncle questioned as he pointed at her.

He moved closer to her and stretched his hand to remove the hood off her head as she stood stiff. She closed her eyes and waited for him to remove the hood off her.

But, he didn't, his hand didn't even touch her. She was shocked and happy for herself at the same time as she opened her eyes to see why he suddenly stopped.

To her surprise, her dad was there, holding her his wrist.

"Rue," — he called out as he clenched his fists — "don't you ever disrespect anyone in this house, not even a maid like her." He warned him as he dashed his hand away and secretly signalled Hailey to leave.

Hailey immediately walked away the moment she saw her dad's signal. She couldn't wait for her uncle to make a move that would reveal her identity to him.

She didn't even seem to hear her dad's last statement 'cause all she was aiming at right now was to get into her car and get her body figure out of their sight.

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