Perfect Lies

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Nathan Maxwell is an adolescent who roamed the streets at midnight. He would do this to find a good hiding place. He did research on his dear childhood friend to see how his life was in the riches. Days later, he is kidnapped and framed for killing his childhood friend. He is on the run looking for evidence. Can Nathan find sufficient evidence to remain his life at a low profile? Read the novel and find out.

Mystery / Humor
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Chapter 1: Safe and Sound Ventilation

"Now time to make my move," Nathan said confidently. Nathan sprinted to the other side of the road. He glanced at the dumpster in front of the bundle of magazines. He dragged the dumpster roughly 3 feet away from this usual position. Nathan assumed he wasn't being since he could only hear his movements. Then, he found his hiding spot. A vent with an accurate size that would permit Nathan to enter it efficiently. He unscrewed the vent and shoved himself inside. The laptop managed to fit in. Suddenly, Nathan heard people discussing some scheme. "Rob! Stop messing around, idiot!" said a man below him. Nathan understood. This was an underground base. "Alright, alright," Rob said. "We need to find someone, at least that's was Boss said." Chris reminded. "But who would be out in the middle of the night? You're joking, Chris." Rob answered back. Nathan heard a car drive off. Oh no! "Hey did you hear that, Chris?" Rob questioned. "Yeah, I did," Chris replied. "I got an idea! Let's download that All you can eat app and wait until our order comes 'cause I'm hungry." Rob said. "We're trying to find someone. Not finding food, genius. And the car drove off" Chris said. They both exited the base. Nathan wondered what they were up to. He heard their footsteps pass by. When he didn't hear them anymore, he exited the ventilation. Nathan was ready to stop these guys. "Hey, that's an Uber! Let's rob the car and possibly find the destination it's headed to!" Chris yelled. "But what are we going to do?" Rob asked. Nathan hid behind the dumpster. Chris stared at the dumpster. "Wait here." Chris said with a grin on face.

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