Chapter 1

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Tony learns that a Killer in a mask has broken out. When Tony becomes The Killers next target he begins to realize that the killer may very well be one of his friends.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Beep Beep Beep

Ugh, it’s Monday again. I sit up on the edge of my bed and put my face into my hands. I rub my eyes and just sit here until I cannot take that stupid annoying beeping noise any longer. I get up and hit a button on my alarm clock. The clock reads 5:30am. It’s still pretty dark outside. I walk to the bathroom and turn the light on. The light blinds me for a few seconds and I rub my eyes again.

I look at myself in the mirror and just stare. God I look like crap. I really need to stop watch one episode after another of my TV shows on the computer. I turn the sink on and wash my face. I wet my hair and then dry it so it will look good. I get out of my super comfy batman pajamas and put on some nice looking clothes, like my red and blue strapped shirt and blue jeans. I got to look good for school.

I have nothing against school at all. I honestly love it. School has always been easy for me. It gets me out of my house. It’s where all of my friends come from. It’s helpful in finding what you want to be when you grow up so you don’t end up working at burger king in your late thirties. So yeah, I like school.

I finish getting ready for school and look at myself in the mirror just one more time. I look at myself carefully it’s a habit I have I’m that type who wants to look at least semi-nice all the time. I look at my brown hair. It’s long, but just long enough that it needs to be brushed, so it’s not super long like girl hair. I look at my bearded that I am starting to get. Which I am very proud of by the way. “Tony my man you are looking good” I tell myself and smile.

I walk out of the bathroom and my dog, Lucina who is a German shepherd, runs up the hallway and jumps into my arms. I put her down and open the back door so she can go and use the bathroom. She’s not a big dog quiet yet. She’s still pretty much a puppy, but a big puppy. I call her and she runs on inside. I feed her, pet her, and talk to her a little. After she is happy I walk outside and walk down the street. I start to walk up to my buddy Jesse.

Jesse is a cool guy. He is taller than me, but skinny and wears glasses. He has short black hair. Jesse is a good friend you could tell him anything in the world and know that he would not say anything to anyone. He gives the best advice in any subject ever. We have been pretty closest friends since about three years ago. I walk up beside him and he takes his ear plugs out when he sees me.

“Hey Jesse what’s up.?” I ask him

“Nothing much man, just had to study for that English test last night.”

“Oh yeah the English test.”

He smiles “You didn’t study for it did you?”

I smile. I’m a very lucky and smart student. I don’t ever have to study or anything and I completely ace all of my test. So I just smile at him.

“Of course I did man.” I smile as I say.

“Righttt...I believe you.”

“That’s good. So Jesse do you want to come over this weekend and hang out and do so stuff?”

“Sure sounds great to me.”

“Yeah it sure does. Also my parents are not home all week so you know what that means?”

“Oh you don’t mean!” He looks at me very seriously.

“Oh I mean!” I return the stare at him



We both high-five each other and crack up. This how a normal conversation with Jesse would go. It’s why I love the guy. The bus pulls up and we get on. It’s very quiet on the bus I noticed. Strange I thought. I mean I don’t ever talk on the bus for the simple fact I sit by none of my friends, but I mean no one was talking. The bus driver was not taking to the dude in the first seat. The girls were not talking about who said what about who. The sports people are not talking about the big game they won last night. It was really strange, but I dismissed it.

The bus soon pulls up to the high school and lets us off the bus. I walk in front of the school house and just stand there waiting for some of my friends. It’s only like 7:40am, so I got twenty minutes to blow. Finally Blake arrives and we hug each other in a manly manner.

Blake is great. He’s about as tall as me. He’s tough and funny, but also smart. He’s got blonde hair. He’s a good friend too. We have been pretty tight for the past couple of years with everything changing and us starting high school a few weeks back we are still great friends. We stand here and talk about new movies coming out within the next two years or so. After while one of my best friends, Rachel walks up to us.

Rachel is a great person. She’s a redhead with long hair. She’s a few inches taller than me. She’s also a very trustworthy person. She’s that person that you should be able to trust no matter what the case is. We talk quite a bit now days. We started talking over the summer and become great friends after that. She probably knows more about me than anyone else does because I completely trust her to that point.

“Hey Rachel.” I say

“What’s up Tony?”

“Nothing new really.”

“Well that’s cool.”

I smile that pretty much sums us up. We have talked about just about everything to the point that we run out of things to talk about. I look across the school yard and see Grace walking toward the school. I sigh. Rachel looks and me smiles and laughs. She’s the only one who I have told, but it was a late night conversation and at night I tend to say more than I should when I’m sleepy. It’s alright though I trusted Rachel from the beginning.

She looks at me “Aww come on dude when are you going to tell her you like her a lot?” She asks me as she shakes me a little.

I smile “Come on Rachel we have been through this it’s just not that simple.”

“Sure it is.”

“Alright if you say so. I will see you later I have a friend to catch.” I wave goodbye to Rachel and run beside Grace. Grace is only the best person ever. Funny, smart, wise and she’s got long brown hair that flows down her back and beautiful brown eyes. She’s just wonderful. I open the door for her and hold it.

“After you.” I tell her

She smiles “Thank You. So how you been?”

I smile she said ‘thank you’. YES! That’s wonderful. That’s definitely means I get some brownie points. That makes me feel so great. I just know I’m smiling my head off, but I just can’t help it…..wait a second did she just ask me a question. What was it…… well I can’t just stand here like a moron. I come up with the first answer in my mind.

“Yes.” I tell her.

She laughs. I don’t know what was funny. It must have been a stupid response and she thought I was joking. We start to walk to her classroom. As we are walking I start shaking my brain for something to talk about with her. I need something cool and not to childish. Think of something Tony come on. Get a hold of yourself.

We walk up the stairs. Then take a right turn to the English hallway. The way out school is set up is that the math and social studies are on the left hallway while the English is on the right hallway. Then in between the two hallways is the science hall. We start to walk to her class. Before you go into a hall there are two double doors.

We Keep walking and I keeping thinking for us to talk about. I finally come up with something cool. We can talk about……


Ouch dammit!! I just walked into the closed door of the set of double doors. One was open and I walk straight into the closed one beside it. That’s how you do it Tony. That’s how you impresses people. With your skills of walking into closed doors.

“Oh my Gosh are you ok?” Grace asks me trying not to crack up.

I smile like an idiot. “That was your fault you know.”

She smiles “I know” she says and grabs my head and looks it over “Well let’s see. You don’t have a bloody nose. You don’t look like you have any broken bones. No signs of brain damage...oh wait I forgot you got to have a brain First.” she laughs as messes up my hair.

“Oh shut up!” I say as I laugh.

Then we go into this thing we do sometimes where we just stare at each other in silence. Oh this could be a chance to tell her how I feel. No wait not now. Now’s not a good time or wait...could it be. I should do it. No I should wait. Well perhaps-

“So anything you want to tell me before I go?” she asks

“No not that I can think of.” I reply. Smooth move. I screw that one up fast.

“Alright well I will see you later dude.”

“Yup I will see you to.”

I watch until she gets to her classroom door and turns to me and waves. I wave back of course. I turn around and speed walk my way through the hallways until I get to first period. I rush in and sit next to my best friend, Alex.

Alex and I have been best friends since the day we met, which was about four years back. He’s got short brownish, black hair and wears glasses. He looks like a person who loves computers and math and stuff, but he’s a really cool guy.

“Hey there Alex how’s it been?” I ask

“DUDE did you hear about that girl who was murdered last night?”

”NO!!!” This kind of information shocks me. Things like this never happen around here. We live in a good safe place.

He tells me the story “Well there was this junior girl who was going to a late night movie with a few of her friends while her parents were out. Well she was ready to go when an anonymous caller called her. She answers it anyway. The guy on the other end had a deep and creepy voice and he started threatening her. So she freaks out, hangs up on him, calls her friend and runs outside to her car and locks it, but the guy was in there he cuts her up and puts her in four big black trash bags. The man dropped three of the bags at the police station with a note that says ‘Get ready’. What happened to the fourth bag no one knows.”

I was not sure how exactly to respond to this. “Dude that’s horrible. Did they catch the guy?”

“No man that’s the worst part they never found him. The rumors on social media say that the man wore a mask when he killed her and that he’s not done either.”

“WHAT why would he kill more people?!”

“Killing to a Masked Killer is like you watching your favorite show you can never stop with one episode you got to keep going.”

“Oh god, let’s not talk about this.” I say to him as I begin to feel sick.

After while school lets out and I head for the bus. Everyone has heard about a Masked Killer on the loose. No one knows what the Mask looks like though. I get on the bus and slide into my seat.

Who would be sick enough to kill an innocent girl while wearing a mask? Who is sick enough to kill someone and cut them up and put them in trash bags? Why? It’s people like this that make me what to be a police officer and take down these sick fucks.

After a nice twenty minute ride on an overcrowded and loud bus I get home. Me and Jesse walk until we get to my house I wave good bye to Jesse and walk up my driveway, which is on the side of my house. I walk up the steps thinking of that sick Masked Killer and that poor girl. I put my hand on the door knob and almost have a heart attack.

It was unlocked and cracked open.

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