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"I couldn't remember a thing, I couldn't even remember my name.  All I could see was fire."

Mystery / Romance
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I couldn't remember a thing, I couldn't even remember my name.

All I could see was fire.

"Hey don't worry, I am here. As long as you do all things I ask you to do, you'll be fine. Just keep in mind that you can't tell anyone about me, got it?"

There was this young man who always sit beside the bed where I was laying on. He was always eating an apple while playing with my long messy hair.

I asked his name several times but he wouldn't tell me. He just kept on repeating "Do what I ask you to do."

Every night he came in my room, when no one else was around. He told me a lot of stories, stories that I found rather interesting.

I didn't know who this young man was, I didn't know anything of what he was blabbering about. But one thing was certain in my head, I should not do what he wants me to do.

Several months have passed when he first appeared in front of me while I was on bed, he did the same thing; He visits me every night, tells a story, then immidiately flees when he senses someone else's presence.

I couldn't speak back to him, there was this gut feeling telling me not to.

I believed his stories but I couldn't trust him and I was right not trusting him, that man does not deserve my loyalty.

Because all thanks to his interesting stories, I remembered who he is, he was a part of my past, and it seemed like it was really his plan to let me remember him through his stories by myself.

Good thing, I now know who he is and I'm offering a double edge sword.

My memories might have been blurred, I couldn't remember a thing, but I now know what to do. I shouldn't let him control me, I should not do the deeds of a monster.

So I did not, at first.

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