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Imagine meeting a guy who still in a pass relationship like this 18 years olds fresh out of high school & im already emotionally attached to a guy whose emotional attached to someone else . I'm listening being a friend console him ! All that hurt & pain from that last relationship projected onto me ! I accepted whatever came with him the back and forth the up and downs I ACCEPTED IT ! Now we've moved passed the old relationship and me being me I expected for me to be next ? So I tried to stay down I ran 1000 different females away just so I could be number 1 ? But was I wrong for wanted to be chosen ? I wasn't only your consular I was the women who was everything your last women wasn't you played with my heart multiple times ! I couldn't let go & give up so easy . So as females came alone while we're supposed to be in process of growing I dead every situation why because I was once the person you ran too so as the new women I couldn't let you continue with something your last accepted . BOOM! I'm pregnant now you hate me , you want this gone but I'm just so attached so now I provoke you to show me you don't want this baby ! Not only did you cheat but you cheated with somebody around ? Then you didn't give af I caught multiple times with this women but I still couldn't see myself giving up ! The worse of all that was getting news on my appointment date that the buddle of joy!

Mystery / Drama
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It's only the beginning

My buddle of joy is gone & never coming back at a time I need my man , babyfather the most you were somewhere laid up with a chick Consoling her ! But what about me ? Now I'm Otw home from being released 3 days in the hospital having a dead baby and coming home to depression. Looking and searching for a shoulder to cry because once again your gone . That's hurt ! I cried for weeks I hated myself most because I felt like this was my fault I don't know I was stressing because I'm so worried about what the farther of my child is doing that I can't focus on myself & my child that was fuck up number one ! I knew before all this that you the father of my child didn't want this baby we took a trip to the abortion clinic but yes NO! I couldn't do it they told me my baby had a heartbeat gave me entire ultrasound photo of a baby that was grown no flutters a human so I backed out and anything I accepted after that was my fault because I should've just got rid of my baby from the beginning & ended our relationship because from that day forward when you decided to want to force me to have this abortion I should've accepted that and been gone out your life and we wouldn't be stuck with the problems and situations that are yet to occur . Baby gone , I'm home & I still can't get you to act right so at this point I feel I'm done I'm ready to leave all this walk away from 3 years at this point . Until your sorry you ready to come home you wanna make it but can I really trust you ? How do I regain back a ounce a trust I had back to someone's who gave me ever reason not trust you . I'm hurt I need you most and you wasn't there that still kills me ! But fuck it let's move on if your willing to do right by me I'm willing to try to trust you again but I need assurance , acknowledgment , honesty & consistency because without how can we work ? I don't know but I'm trying again I just hope I don't get hurt !
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