The Magic Within

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Celia Breton, the descendent of Leonora, princess and future queen to the Throne. Senior year was supposed to be perfect in the books of Celia but it all goes to dust when her ex bestfriend returns and a werewolve spy is in town. There are secrets celia has told no one, not even her best friend but whats spewing inside will come out. What will happen when they learn about the romance happening between her and the forbidden Royal brother? What will happen when she learns secrets her mother tried to protect her from? The clues her mother left? On her journey Celia will uncover secrets her mother worked so hard to protect her from, war within the Magi, and betrayal is just on the way.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

I walk down the hall of my school towards my locker. I am feeling really happy today, it’s the first day of school. Well, I’m not happy about school but about seeing my friends. I see Jayden leaning against my locker laughing with Alex.

“Hey Alex,” I say ignoring Jayden

“Hey, Lia,” Alex says smiling. He looks at me and then at Jayden. ”Are you two fighting?” Like it’s impossible. Maybe it is.

When I don’t respond Jayden says “She’s angry because she had no company during the two-month vacation.”

“Seriously, I had a better company,” I say folding my arms.

Alex sighs “Well, how did that happen.”

“I’ll tell you.” I look at Jayden “He calls the next day you’re off to California to tell me that he’s leaving to spend the bloody two-month vacation with his aunt. Leaving me to rot here.”

“You just said you were better off without me.” When I don’t respond, Jayden rolls his eyes “Hey I’m sorry but the good news is I don’t have to do that anymore because they’re here.”

“Okay” but then I look at him. “What?”

“Surprise!!!!” a chirpy voice says behind me. Lauren. Jayden’s cousin and one of my least favorite people.

“Hey, Lauren,” I say pasting a fake smile on my face.

“Hey, Lia. You lost weight.” she comes and hugs me (Excuse me, I never gained weight.) and Alex- who’s still in shock. “I missed you guys so much.”

“Well, we’ve missed you too,” Alex says shyly. Can he be more obvious?

Lauren smiles her very big smile. “That’s so sweet, Alex.”

Jayden turns towards his cousin “Come on, we’re going to the office so we can get your schedule.” He takes her hand and drags her away. I stare at Alex.

He looks at me “What?”

“Stop this innocent act. I know you have a crush on her.” Alex suddenly gets all red in the face.

“Well, she’s not too bad. She’s so……”

“Beautiful.” I finish his sentence. “Well, you can spend the day daydreaming about her, and in the meantime, I’m going to class. Don’t want to be late for history on the first day.” I walk, not caring if he follows me or not.

“This year was supposed to be fun and she just ruined it,” I say

Riley sits next to me shaking her head “Hey, I know you hate Lauren but she’s not that bad.”

“Everyone keeps saying that. How do you know?”

“Because she’s my cousin.” I roll my eyes at her. Mr. Sen enters the class as we all stand up to greet him.

“Same old boring students.” He doesn’t even bother to show fake enthusiasm. “This year we’re going to try to make this class more interesting.” He looks around the class looking at every single face. Maybe he’s memorizing it. His eagle gaze stops at my face, smiling. “Right Miss Breton?”

I don’t answer him but I don’t break the eye contact either. Suddenly someone clears their throat. Mr. Sen turns his attention to Lauren who looks most scared. “We have a new student who will be joining us on this year’s journey. Lauren.” He doesn’t call her for the introduction. No one wants to hear Lauren babble about herself anyway.

After Mr. Sen has told us his plans for this year in quite a detail, he starts with an interesting topic. “We’ll start with a legend, the legend of Leonora, the legend of the most beautiful and deadliest women in history. Some people say this is a myth but some do believe in this story. Leonora was very beautiful. They say that the reason behind her beauty was to kill. She killed werewolves, vampires, and evil witches, and killing them increased her beauty. Historians say that God had sent her here to erase those who weren’t supposed to live here on earth but she could die with a werewolf bite. She did die but…” I lean closer in my seat. This is the first time I’m interested in Mr. Sen’s history lecture. Maybe because I already know about it and can complete my assignment without the need for research. “But after she died her spirit was still on earth, presentin something, an object. That piece carries her soul and goes to he person who she chooses, who would become her next descendent and would carry out her job. According to the legend she still does this and that the piece is handed down from one to another.”

He smiles for a second and then picks up a sheet of paper from his desk “Note down today’s assignment. You people have to prepare research on this topic. Today I told you the summary of this legend but I want you to give me…”

“Details!” everyone groans before Mr. Sen finishes his sentence, he loves details.

“Very well.” He says as the bell rings for the next period. “The assignment is due next Monday.” I turn to Riley and realize she’s sleeping. I shake her. “Riley “

She opens her eyes and yawns “Period’s over?”

“Yeah.” We both walk out of the classroom only to have Lauren on our backs.

“Guys, you have to believe that history teacher is creepy.” She says shuddering

“Yeah, well.” I say “I have to go, see you guys in the cafeteria later.” I walk towards my class leaving Riley with Lauren. I walk to my locker and see Maya my friend. Maya is another one of my friends and I met her first at Paulin, a restraint I and Jayden work at. She came to this town 2 years ago. She the only one who understands my hatred towards Lauren even though she hasn’t met her.

“hey.” She smiles. Maya had always seemed familiar to me and I know why but I let her keep it a secret. She’ll tell me when she wants to. Everyone has secrets.

“hi. How was your first class?”

“ugh!don’t ask. Math on Mondays sucks. Why do they even teach us Math.” I chuckle.

“Well, I Mr. Sen’s class was interesting for once.” We talk while I take my books out of my locker and then we walk separate ways.

Next stop, chemistry and I am sure it’s going to be a lot less interesting but turns out I’m wrong. As soon as I enter the class there’s just one seat empty which is beside Alex. In front of us are Jayden and Lauren. So much for avoiding her. Everyone takes out their books as Ms. Irina enters the class. The class goes normally but can something go smoothly with Lauren in class? No.

“Hey, did you know there’s a party tonight at Shiva’s house?” she says turning around. I look up from my notebook “So?”

“So, are we going?” she asks

“Oh sure, Jayden can take you,” I say staring at him from the back. He turns around and looks at me and then Lauren.

“No way, I’m not going anywhere. I have a job.” I raise an eyebrow and he shrugs. “So do you. It’s Monday, remember.” Yeah, I do remember. On Monday and Thursday, Jayden and I have the same shift at Paulin.

“Okay, so this means it’ll be just me and Alex,” Lauren says. I stare at Alex and he looks at me “What? She asked I agreed.”

I shake my head “Unbelievable Alex.”

“Jayden and Celia, detention after school.” Ms. Irvin’s voice comes from the front. “Alex and the new girl, I’m giving you a warning.”

“Great, detention on the first day,” Jayden murmurs turning around. He stares at me and I shrug. Only Ms. Irvin would give detention on the first day. Without warning. Hate her.


“It’s not my fault we got detention,” I say as we sit down in the class. Thank god I didn’t have more classes with Lauren except for gym. She wanted to try out for cheer and I hope Maria doesn’t approve.

“I know.” Jayden says “So, you’re not going?”

“Is that even a question? Not to hurt your feelings but…. I hate Lauren and I’m not going to become the third wheel at the party tonight. Also if you do remember correctly we have work to do.”

“Third wheel? Are Ale…….”

“No. Alex has been crushing on her since freshman year.”

“Huh. He never told me.”

“Does he ever.” I laugh. Alex has never been the sharing type. People may look different from the outside but from the inside, they are someone else entirely. Even though I am a cheerleader, I‘ve never been interested in going to parties and neither has Jayden. I’ve had the same friends forever. Jayden, Riley, and Lauren lived across the street. We met Alex in third grade though. Believe it or not but I and Lauren were best friends but after that night I never could be friends with Lauren again and then junior year Lauren and her family moved to Australia. Life was just perfect for me, I didn’t have to see hers or her brother’s face every day until the following year I lost my parents and my sister in a car accident. I survived. There I days when I wonder if I could have died instead of them…

“Hey.” Jayden shakes my shoulders pulling me out of the problems in depressing life. “I told you not to think about it. It is the past and you can’t change what happened, especially when it wasn’t even your fault.” He says softly removing the tears which I didn’t know were trailing down my cheeks. “You are still taking those counseling sessions, right?”

“Yeah” I lie. He changes the subject which is a relief but he knows as well as I that no matter what I was never going to forget or forgive myself what happened on 16 September 2014.

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