Her traitorous disguise

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you kicked ass

6 years later.

27 March 2017

The sunlight peaked right down at my peaceful state, and my eyes which were once calm instantly turned lethal, desperately wanting to diminish whatever had the audacity to ruin my beauty sleep.

I let out a slow groan as I tucked my head under the pillow, hoping that would end my misery and allow me to have a couple more moments in the warmth of my blankets before another exhausting day.

It was a regular hot day in Melbourne; the sun baked the streets, the buildings and everything in its way.

Forcing my eyes shut, I tried to fall back into the peaceful slumber that had once consumed me but it seemed almost effortless since the alarm rang just moments after.

Unbothered yet extremely frustrated, I stretched my arm out and threw my fist onto the side table, the sound of several bones cracking echoed through the room as my fist collided with its surface; over and over until I located the alarm clock, once I found it, I grabbed it anxiously and threw it across the room causing the rings that once rang loud and disturbing to fade, allowing me to proceed with my slumber.

I felt at peace knowing that Rania took a day off today, so there wouldn't be further interruptions. Mom never bothered waking me up anymore, she stopped the day of my little outburst incident.

Okay maybe more than just a little.

My happiness was short lived when my phone began to ring, breaking me out of my daze.

I wined as I sat up on the bed, sliding the phone off the table next to the bed and watched it vibrate in my hand.

Not sure if I should pick it up.

The phone stilled for a moment, so did the tune fade away. However, just as I was about to dance in victory, the siren and the vibrations resumed.

Knowing I had no other option, I slid my finger on the screen to the right, placing my thumb on the finger scanner instead of writing the password. I always found that unbelievably challenging.

My finger mistakenly pressed 'answer', and that's when I realised I was toast.

"Where the fuck are you?", she sounded pissed.

"I can't come. I'm sorry", I tried my best sounding apologetic; trying to recall where exactly I was supposed to go in the first place.

"And why exactly can't you?", it seemed as if she knew exactly what I was playing at.

"Because- because I have a cold and a severe cough", trailing off with a shit excuse of a cough, I reasoned.

"Malaika Fucking Willaims. I am not taking any of your shit right now. We've been talking about this party for a week, you willingly agreed so now I'll be at your front door in less then fifteen minutes and if you're not dressed, oh god help me, I will drag you down the stairs, out the front door and into the car. Your time starts now.", Sage threatened, I would have laughed my ass off if it came from someone else, but knowing my best friend, I would be stupid to assume she's all bark and no bite.

I pulled myself out of bed, cursing at my pathetic self for not waking up earlier. Rushing towards the bathroom, I turned on the water in hope to have a soothing warm bath when I was blessed with icy cold water instead. Why does no one in this house turn the water warmer on when I need it.

Trying to overlook my conscious which was constantly preventing me for making any such move as to stand below the shower, I daringly steeped under it, fighting the water sprinkles as that came my way as if I was playing a quick round of ninja turtles.

My struggles to walk out became more desperate by every passing moment, yet I kept still, knowing I had no time for my petty princess rituals.

The shower barely lasted eight minutes so I guess it's safe to say that it was the shortest yet the deadliest bath I had taken so far.

Wrapping a towel securely around my petite body, I walked up to the sink, grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste from the shelves beside it and began brushing, trying to ignore the fact that I had barely seven minutes left.

Rinsing my mouth, I took a face towel and patted it upon my face, while I grabbed another towel and wrapped it around my head, making sure not to leave wet trails of water droplets slipping down the edges of my hair.

I made my way towards my closet room, walking around while trying to find something appropriate to wear, I decided over a red laced crop top with my light blue denims and black sneakers.

Washed and changed and I still had four minutes to spare for a hint of makeup. Swiftly walking up to the makeup dresser, it had twelve drawers, six on one side and six on the other.

Above the drawers were holding cups with all kinds of brushes in them. All the holding cups were blue with crafted artificial diamonds all over their surfaces.

The first one had smaller brushes, the second heId bigger brushes and the last one held the biggest ones.

Stooping lower, the first drawer which had all different brands of mascara.

The second one had eyeliners (both liquid and pencil).

The third; matt lipsticks.

Fourth; lipsticks.

Fifth; lipgloss.

Sixth; partitioned with lash extensions occupying one half and the other half crowded with blending sponges.

The other side first drawer contained, contours (stick, liquid, powders).

The second one was loaded with baking powders and blushes; these two were also partitioned.

Third; with primers.

Fourth; with eyebrow equipment, (both gel, pencil).

Fifth; highlighters (powder, gel, and liquid),

And the last one was filled with concealers (gel, stick, liquid).

Sometimes I'd think that I had so much while others didn't even have enough; Not that it was my fault, but even since I was younger, I've developed the habit of blaming myself of for everything that goes wrong around me, I had no control over it, it just seemed to happen.

Sure remorse is a pious characteristic; to feel guilty about something you have done wrong or could've done differently, but the outcome of remorse can be dangerous, deadly even.

I had all sorts of brands laying carelessly: Mac, channel, Kylie cosmetics, Huda beauty cosmetics, rivolie, scandals; you name it.

It was funny I had so much makeup when i barely ever applied any.

I quickly grabbed a stick of concealer, applying it under my eyes, chin, nose and forehead and blending it out with one of the violet sponge.

Than I selected a cherry blush and stroked it onto my cheeks. Pulling open the first drawer, I swiftly applied mascara and than finished the look with a tint-less glossy lipgloss.

Oblivious to the strikes that sounded through my rose gold rolex; I stood there, rotted to the ground as I stared back at my reflection.

I resembled one of your basic pinterest girls.

Thick chocolate locks ran down my back and rested at my waist, my skin pale with a hint of a light tan went spectacularly with my heart shaped face, full cheeks and defined cheekbones, a straight nose and a killer jawline.

My big brown eyes reflected hints of caramel, while my eyelashes were exclusively thick, above that laid my eyebrows which were perfectly arched and than last but not least my plump rosy lips.

Gazing downwards, I had one of those figures which women couldn't achieve even by their daily visits to their local gyms and delusional diet plans, which complimented my height as I was a good 5'8.

My breasts were full and my waist small carved with tight light abs, my thighs weren't my favourite but they influenced my shaped ass to match my breasts, making my figure historically curvy.

Don't get me wrong. I worked on my figure. It took blood and sweat, along with five hours a day spent in a four wall torture with 56 different types of machines to endure, and a terribly committed personal trainer.

With the right clothes and my fleeky makeup skills, I looked indescribably beautiful.

My phone buzzed again and a text flashed upon the screen, 'get your ass down NOW'.

A goofy smile made its way to my lips as I spared my reflection one last glance, grabbing my valet which held plenty of both credit and debit cards under dad's and mom's name.

I was turning eighteen in a several months and dad has already promised me a black card under my name along with my very own ride.

Sure the parking lot was loaded with cars, atleast twenty eight cars were present at the moment excluding the Ferrari Noah had crashed last week; all different models from different years, including my favourites which were Lucas's shiny red Ferrari, both Noah's and Lucas got their cars at eighteen so it would only be fair if I did too.

Than there was the pearl white Porsche, an olive tesla and the Matt black lamberginie, the rest didn't really appeal to me.

To say I was rich would be an understatement, but honestly, I was never one to flaunt my money around. I was happy for what I had been blessed with but never took it for granted if that makes any sense.

I walked down the stairs and made my way to the front door when I heard mum and dad arguing, this barely ever happened nowadays which is why I got startled.

I quietly tiptoed towards the living room where both of them could be heard screaming on top of their lungs.

"You are not going and that's final"

"Try to understand Valerie-"

"No, I will not try to do any such thing! You are not going. Not now. Not ever. Get that into your head", mum screeched.

I didn't know I what I should be more concerned about; them arguing or dads departure.

"I have to, I can't risk them coming for neither you nor my children, just trust me, I have a plan", dad reasoned.

"No it won't work, he's too dangerous. You don't understand-"

"I have made up my mind", dad replied, clearly leaving no place for argument.

After a moment of silence, he continued, "I'll be leaving at noon tomorrow".

With that he turned towards the door and began to take hasty steps while I desperately searched for a place to hide before he spotted me.

What the fuck is going on.

Who's coming to get us.

There better be a good ass explanation for this.

My feet found a brain of their own as I swiftly yet careful not to make much of a hurdle, made my way into the room.

Pretending to set my entire focus on my cellphone, I purposely brushed dads shoulder, as if to show that I was oblivious to my whereabouts.

I watched as his once tiresome features transformed into concern and worry, he was frightened that I had overheard their conversation.

Well damn hell I had, and I wasn't just going to let it go. Than catching up to my act I spoke, "Oh dad? Sorry I didn't see you there. Have you by any chance seen mum around?"

I worked to apply an innocent expression to my features, wide eyes and smooth mouth, but suspected it came out looking more like a rapid deer in headlights.

He simply nodded and tilted his head towards mums direction.

I spared her a glance as to see her expression and I had to admit I wasn't disappointed, for her features held the same amount of distress and fear.

I turned back to dad and lifted my left arm which was resting by my side moments earlier as if to check the time, "I really have to go, sage is waiting for me outside. You know how she is".

I met sage several months back before we had graduated.

I didn't really give a shit about anyone around me and mostly just kept to myself during highschool, unbothered by the petty cliché drama that took place almost every other day.

It wasn't that I was unsocial, I was a party animal, hell I went to every party that took place, invited or not. However, I did keep a safe distance from people.

I knew them all, and they all knew me, the only difference was that they knew me well when I didn't even know half their names, I always kept it till greetings and small talks, you see;

Malaika minds her own business.

Malaika doesn't cause drama.

Malaika doesn't get involved in drama.

Be like Malaika.

I was a role model, god damn it.

It was just another windy day of November, I had two continuous math classes, so claiming that I was irritated would be an understatement.

I usually rode my sports bike that dad gifted me last year in January after acknowledging the 90% scholarship I was given.

He refused to let me keep it tho, reasoning that if I withdrew it than it could be given to someone who was actually in need of it. I argued otherwise, claiming that I had earned it.

After a whole bunch of arguing, we concluded that I was to withdraw it and request the authority to give it to someone else who couldn't afford the tuition fee.

The school unsurprisingly obliged happily to my request while I internally cursed myself for letting it go to waste but I knew it was the right thing to do.

So I did it anyways.

If only I could've kept my morals straight.

I wouldn't be here today.

I wonder if dad saw me now; would he be proud or disappointed.

I exited the main door and made my way towards the parking lot where my bike was resting on the dusty grey concrete ground.

The sun reflecting in the side mirrors of my 1997 Matt black beast. Excitement bubbled in the pit of my stomach as I neared it.

I was more than relived to go back to the comforts of my bed. Just as i grabbed my helmet to buckle it onto my head as a precaution, it was another one of my parents incredible idea, not really an idea since they practically threatened to take away my bike if I did otherwise but I like to believe it was.

They cared a little too much for my life.

Then why did they ever think it was fair to die on me.

Why did they think that I didn't need them.

I didn't really mind it tho so I didn't bother arguing over it, also because there was no point arguing when we all knew they would end up winning.

I noticed a commotion a couple blocks away from me.

Drama didn't really suit my lifestyle so I decided against joining the individuals which were now resembling bundles of bees as people rushed from blocks away to witness it.

Most of the times it was either a misunderstanding or a misconception yet that didn't stop the men in the school to exhibit their barbaric behaviour and toned bodies.

Once this guy, ferhat aaslan stripped completely, claiming that it was a dare. It was a blessing that the principal showed up before he could have flashed and scarred our eyes with things we can't quite unsee.

He got expelled so that was bummer, I actually had a liking towards the guy since he gave me his lunch once but I recovered fairly quick nevertheless.

What I found odd was that no one was chanting "Fight. Fight. Fight.", like maniacs that have been recently released from rehab, instead, in about moments the commotion died down and whispers crowded the atmosphere.

Now that was surprisingly new.

A sudden urge to figure out what was happening sprinted through my veins but I nevertheless climbed my bike.

"You can't possibly serious right now Yusuf", a girl yelled angrily. She sounded like she was on the verge of losing her voice.

Maybe she hadn't yelled but her voice cut right through the tension that had built in the atmosphere.

This seemed to have caught my attention as I found myself sliding off the bike and rushing towards the crime scene.

A lot of people had crowded the area leaving barely any space for me to slide through. I pushed past many, unbothered by the pain I was inflicting as I was stepped onto several of their feet shoe clamped feet.

Finally after what felt like hours, I reached the front, getting a clear view of the scenario in front of me where stood a stunning brunette, with shoulder length wavy caramel hair and big brown eyes fuming with anger.

Her eyeliner so fleeky; it could probably slit his throat if she willed. With a hint of cherry blush and a similar shade of lip tint, a red blouse and black skinny jeans, this girl looked beyond beautiful.

I shifted my eyes in search for the other individual which was involved in this massacre and my orbs landed on another gorgeous brunette, only this one was a man, Jesus no doubt it that, his razor jawline and defined cheekbones only added to his firm shoulders and built body.

I mean he wasn't shirtless, not that I would've minded it if he was but his black v-line shirt clung to his body like another layer of skin and his navy blue jeans were working wonders.

Anyone unfamiliar to him could easily mistake him for a model. Beside him stood yet another ravishing brunette, she had dyed the bottom half of her hair a dirty blonde and wore a deep neck black shirt with a matching pair of jeans.

Her eyelashes coated with mascara and her lips painted crimson. The fact that this girl probably went through several surgeries to achieve her perky breasts which were triple the size of Kylie Jenner's if I must add, was extremely obvious.

Beads of sweat lingered on the base of her neck, probably from the tension that was surrounding her.

If I didn't know any better, the expression her features held screamed that she was clearly oblivious to what was happening around her as she looked back and forth towards the other brunette and than back at this so called hamza for answers.

Reality rushed back to me as another voice sounded the air, echoing in my ears. "I never promised you anything", he snarled.

To say that I was surprised would be a lie, I found it rather amusing. I hadn't seen neither one of them around, but than again when have I ever paid attention to the people around me.

"You didn't have to; I thought what we had meant something to you", her voice dripping with pain and regret.

"You thought wrong, and I don't recall ever confiding your thoughts but you clearly have a silly habit of jumping to conclusions Sage, don't you?", he responded.

"Look at me Yusuf, look me in the eyes and tell me that I meant nothing to you", she crossed the distance and was now standing inches away from him.

"Tell me that I meant absolutely nothing to so therefore you decided to pull this stunt. Therefore, you decided to cheat on me with this silicon looking bitch", The first thing that swung into my head was; woah, this girl had some guts.

He looked her dead into her eyes as the words rolled off his tongue, "you meant nothing. Never did Sage. Never will".

That was all it took for the tears that she caged at the back of her eyes to release and stream down her pale cheeks.

She was not the only one who surfaced a reaction by his words, the other girl's once confused features relaxed for about a moment before her lips pulled tightly on each edge, resulting into a wicked grin to lace on her lips.

"You're lying", Sage stuttered, unable to shift her gaze anywhere but from him, desperately hoping this was all a nightmare. "Why are you lying?", she yelled louder this time. As if she was trying to make herself believe what she was saying more than him.

His face remained emotionless while he watched her intensely as if daring her to go on. She unintentionally took a couple steps back, trying to register it all.

"Was I not enough? What does she have that I lack? Why her and not me?", her voice now tired and restless as tears continued to slide down her face, yet she made no attempt to wipe them off.

He took several steps forward in order to reach her. When he was successful, he lifted his hand and stroked the tips of his fingers onto her right cheek, tracing her tears and then eventually wiping them away.

Even a blind man could notice the intense bliss her tear blurred eyes were consumed by, but not only bliss, there was a hint of something else, something unique, 'hope'.

"Try to understand Mahnoor, you're just not pretty enough, I'm not comfortable around you, I can't make public appearances with you because you're embarrassing-",

He was cut short with Sage's whimpers, "And you don't really have much to offer", he reasoned while shamelessly running his eyes down her body.

And for some reason, just as that phrase left his lips; a fire I hadn't felt yet ignited inside me, burning and bruising my flesh to the core.

His so called friends roared in agreement which caused his lips to curve into an immediate smile.

Mahnoor stood there absentminded, her bottom lip trembling, as if registering the events that just took place and than urgently searched for a place to escape from, there was only a limit of humiliation one can take, especially after realising that she's going to have to push past people and get out.

She quickly rushed towards me but before I could speak I found her brushing past me, I swiftly held her shoulder and pulled her back, making my way towards that sorry excuse of a human.

She hesitated and tried to pull herself away, into the opposite direction but I shot her a death glare enforcing her to oblige.

It wasn't really a good day for me either, irritation bubbled inside me. I was clothed in a mustard v-line shirt that hugged my curves and a pair of grey sweatpants, black ankle socks and white sneakers.

Not a hint of makeup was present on my face, instead beads of sweat laced over my forehead and around my neck due to the heat.

But I stood there, in all my glory; unbothered by my appearance since that was the least of my concerns right now.

His eyes traced my every move like a predator as I made my way towards him with Mahnoor beside me, clinging to my arm as if she was about to collapse.

I held out eye contact with him until I was only inches away from him, after a couple more moments of playing 'who blinks first', I broke the tension.

"I don't see what you saw in him Sage", I scoffed at Sage; very disappointed in her taste in men.

"Excuse me?", he questioned surprised as if he hadn't heard that one before,


Because from the attitude he was exhibiting, I assumed he was quite familiar that phrase.

Oh well.

"I'm sure you're a great guy, somewhere deep deep deep down there", I snarled as I pushed my pointer finger towards him, my manicured nail digging into his chest as if to make my point.

He glanced at my finger that rested on his shirt and than back at me amused. I swiftly withdrew my finger and rested my arm beside me once more as he crossed his arms around his chest, as I realised that this guy was definitely a pervert and wouldn't think twice before getting any wrong ideas, I mean, I really didn't find it appropriate breaking his nose while someone else's drama was on-going,

"But I'm just confused on how you became so insecure?", I innocently questioned.

He lifted an eyebrow at me in question, clearly not interested in our little talk.

"I wonder what caused that great guy to become so fucking insecure that he felt the need to make others feel like shit just so he could feel better about himself?"

I was going to continue when sounds of laughter erupted from the back of his throat cutting me off,

"You don't know me", he muttered staring me dead in the eyes.

"Let me take a wild guess", I announced as he stood there dumbfolded.

"Mommy never hung your painting on the fridge?"

He scoffed.

Literally scoffed.


"Daddy never showed up to any of your games?"

I had tried to hit a nerve and from the expression on his face, I could tell I had succeeded, that and of course along with the 'OooOo' chants that sounded from the crowd.

I neared him, my minty breath brushing his ear as I wishpered,

"You didn't grow enough hair on your dick and were bullied for it throughout middle school?"

He chuckled as I moved back to my previous position.

"I pity you", he wiped the smile off his lips and replaced it with a frown, the plastic trash walked up beside him and clung onto his left arm, like a six year old in a grocery store.

"I hope someday you'll be able to look past your insecurities and quit being an ass to cover up your petty act in an attempt to please your ego", I said and without another word nor glance walked away.

I literally dragged Sage to my bike along with me as I finally gazed back at the crowd which seemed to have completely disappear.

Sage's jaw was brushing the ground when I looked at her and stifled a laugh. "You kicked ass", she yelped and I couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

From that day on, me and Sage have been inseparable. Both of us were mere opposites, I preferred dressing casual while you'd never find Sage in sweats.

Makeup wasn't my best friend exactly while she was never found without painting her face nor punishing her poor feet into the bruising grip of six-inches heels, because god forbid she was ever caught wearing sandals, flip flops, or worse, sneakers.

She was quite a drama queen but I had learnt to put up with her.

What scared me was how similar she was to me even with our differences.
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