Her traitorous disguise

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until we meet again

I wonder if there was no crime,
If there was no threat to humans lives,
I wonder if we knew no hate,
How many people would've lived to this date,
I wonder if things weren't this bad,
I cry for the world, we never truly had.

I swiftly gazed in the direction and caught sight of a young girl, roughly aged nineteen with iron straight black hair and full cheeks, sparkling hazel eyes and glossy lips, she was clothed in a pair of black denims, a grey vest, and a black leather jacket to finish the look, with a similar shade of shoes.

Both her ears were pierced, multiple piercings in each and she wore a tiny diamond in all of them, to ensure each one was visible.

A golden locket hung from her neck and the exposed skin of her wrist was inked in gorgeous calligraphy, I couldn't read what was written throughly since the man kept tugging at the same wrist.

But I could've sworn it read something with the letters 'F' and ended with 'A', adding up her appearance, she didn't seem like someone who would want to be messed with and I could only pity the man dragging her.

Maybe it was her father, but manhandling someone, even his daughter in this case was unacceptable and anyways her fear towards him claimed otherwise.

She looked much too scared to be called beautiful at that moment since her colour turned slightly pale and her chest heaved violently while her features were distorted, but I was completely sure she was stunning otherwise.

She was being barbarically dragged by a middle aged man in a suit, he looked far too angry and irritated at her as his grip on her hand tightened while he pulled her along with him as she yelped for help.

Yet no one moved a muscle, some claiming it's their personal business, while others too busy recording the scene before them in their phones as to later on put it up and hashtag it as 'childabuse' or 'harassment', just to gain views and likes rather than to actually help out in real life and that made me sick.

I don't know what I was thinking but in under a micro-second I was across them.

It all happened so fast, I pushed him back and she ripped her wrist out of his lethal hold, quickly steeping back to create some distance as she reached for her boots and pulled out a shiny pistol, aiming it at the man and before I or anyone else could've stopped her, a shot sounded the area as it pierced the man right between his eyes.

I watched helplessly as he fell limp on the concrete.

Screams and cries congested the atmosphere as inhabitants rushed around to seek shelter.

I could hear Sage yelling at me to get the fuck out of here, as she tugged at my hand, pleading for me to move aside, but I couldn’t.

She killed him.

She just fucking killed him.

Just like that.

Like it was the easiest thing to do in the world.

Not a hint of remorse visible on her features. Instead I could’ve sworn her lips curled for the slightest moment as she gazed at the now dead man, before she composed herself once again.

She buckled her gun back in the safety of her boots and glanced around as if in search of local authorities or any sort of a threat.

When she was unable to locate any, her gaze shifted back to me, her face held no emotion as she kicked the lifeless body like it was a wooden block, not once breaking eye contact while she neared me.

Her face so serene, so peaceful yet deadly and cruel, thousands of emotions stapled onto her face, and yet, I was yet to identify even a single one, it was as if she had them blurred, hidden; for no one to see, no one to understand, her poker face still and composed; and that's exactly what frightened me.

I unintentionally took a step back, not knowing what to do, I stood there absentmindedly as my conscious was too busy figuring out what her next move might be.

"Thanks to you, I finished faster than planed", a victorious smile tugged at her lips.

My breath hitched in my throat and my lungs forgot how to do their job; my hands shook as I matched my gaze with her.

My mind screamed at me, begging me to pled for my life, to leave before anything unexpected happens; but I couldn't.

No matter how much I wanted to; I just couldn't move, it was as if I had been immobilised, as if I was in some sort of a paralysis; every muscle in my body ached for me to walk away, to escape.

But I couldn't.

"You- y- yo- you killed him", I stuttered, not sure if I was hallucinating, as I switched glances between the corpse and her, over and over again; refusing to believe my eyes.

"That isn't really the best way to put it, but yes I-", her voice calm, so calm and ordinary; that if I hadn't witnessed the crime with my own two eyes, I wouldn't ever have even suspected such a composed person to commit such a crime.

The air around me stilled. The atmosphere reeked of blood and dirt, suffocating me.

"You fucking killed him", I shouted as tears uncontrollably streamed down my cheeks and my breathing laboured, I felt vulnerable; I didn't understand how it happened. What had happened even, my mind refused to believe the events I had witnessed. It refused to believe that I was the reason that he was dead.

But no matter how hard I tried to deny it.

No matter how badly I wished it was otherwise.

No matter how many times I blamed everyone else present there.

No matter how many times I blamed her alone.

I knew one thing.

And one thing alone.

I was the cause of his death.

And my conscience couldn't accept that.




"You said that", she informed seeming quite amused.

I stared back at her blankly, too frightened that if I look away for even an instant, she might disappear.

"This is ridiculous. I don't have time for this", she took a step back,"until we meet again stutter-mouth", she confessed as if she hadn't just murdered a man. Her smile never varied as she sarcastically waved, walking towards a jet black jeep, parked just a couple blocks away.

Everyone present there has their eyes trained onto her; yet no one dared move a muscle in an attempt to stop her, that is the counter number of people remaining, which might I tell you; weren't so many.

My palms began to sweat as I was brought back to reality by the thick and loud sirens that alerted the area, screaming for justice and the lives they were meant to save.


So much for protecting a corpse.
The whispers that once sounded the atmosphere now grew loud and disturbing; too many people had something to say; yet no one said anything when it was needed.

The officer claimed that I was indulging into a conversation with the culprit and therefore they're going to have to investigate me further. I was too shocked to realise they saw me as a suspect.

I couldn't help cringe only thinking of my visits to the police station. I pleaded for them to understand the situation, explaining that I thought he was manhandling her, and therefore I went to help, but he didn't seem to be buying it.

Gratefully, After hours of standing there telling the police that I was almost innocent, I was about to give in. I genuinely didn't have the power to talk, nor argue; when an angel disguised in an over aged silver haired women, with lose yellow trousers and a satin jacket came at my rescue; showing the officer the clip she had filmed as the scenario had played out; through her cracked Nokia cellphone.

Relief took over my body, allowing me to finally breathe. My mind wouldn't let me put my guard down; but my body relaxed as I silently panted, as if I had been running for my life for years on end.

At first his features were calm but suddenly his expression turned anxious and than finally,


What the fuck?

Though many inhabitants had videos as proofs of the scenario that just played out moments ago, the officers clearly claimed that the victim was a well known criminal and that the women too was a criminal, also one of the most feared people in the whole of Italy so they couldn't really do much.

They even had the audacity to ask me to keep my lips sealed about this whole scenario, which made my blood boil but I knew that I wasn't going to do otherwise anyway.

I knew for a fact that I wasn't naive enough to talk about this, nor ever mention it, at least not willingly; for I knew the consequences quite well and I couldn't put myself, nor my family in such danger.

I couldn't.

I wouldn't.

Only if I knew it was my own family,

The family I vowed to protect till my last breath,

The family I loved and held so dear to me,

The family I could never let be harmed.

We're the ones that would throw me into flames of hatred that they had once ignited.

The fact that, since they're wealthy and powerful; they suddenly were granted the right to theft others dreams and ambitions, their families and their lives; just didn't sit well with me.

They claimed that If I spoke up about this, even as much as on social media, then this so called 'Darlene Russo' won't take it lightly, filling me in on her past, I couldn't help but notice that the officer was constantly supporting her; yes, I give credit where it's valid; he did try to do it in the most indirect way, but he clearly couldn't pull it off; for you could see the clear frustration that lied onto his face as his eyes wrinkled and his lips parted, hoping I would be frightened into not saying a word.

Stupid him.

I for once didn't need convincing for that.

Jeez what had this girl not gone through?

Drugs, bullets, injures, gangs, alcohol.

This girl had literally done everything, she's a fucking legend and in all honesty I found this rather amusing, but my amusement wasn't enough to withhold the chill that creeped up my spine.

The spine chilling shiver shook my body violently as the officer told me about her recent targets and how exactly they found her victims corpses.

Claiming that this man 'Steve Robertson' had a far less painless death and should be grateful for that.

That he was already wanted for selling illegal drugs for years now and they have no idea what exactly was the connection between the both or why Darlene did what she did but even if she hadn't gotten rid of him than the authorities would have put him behind the bars for years but we both knew that the only place he'd be now; is buried six feet under the ground for the next million decades to come.

This women had skinned, burnt, stabbed, drowned her victims to their deaths. Jesus this women was a fucking sadist.

Moments before I felt the need to barf, the officers took their leave, but not before telling me to be careful and take precautions and a whole bunch of other bullshit that I paid no attention to whatsoever, my attention was solely based on the now pale corpse, as they picked it up and threw it inside a body bag; as if it were a piece of rotten meat.

I was genuinely scared.

Almost immobile.

The scene replaying in my head over and over again like a broken record.

If she's gonna come back for a fight, than let it be but I will not let myself be pulled down because she was an immature physco-path with a killing fetish.

I was very well aware of the fact that I was being too pathetic for my own good.

This was the type of trouble, I didn't want to get in.

Not now.

Not ever.

I couldn't have ever fandom of myself getting into such scenarios.

Who knew that scenarios similar to these would become a part of my daily struggles.

That I would feed on them, I would crave them.

Fate is one twisted bitch.

It has control over you; and it leave no chance to prove that to you.

Each time you believe something isn't going to go a certain way; it does.

It tries to train you, tries to tame you.

But what it doesn't understand is, some just can't be tamed.

Sure, the ambition to take her down was bubbling inside me but that didn't stop fear to crawl in my veins like adrenaline.

Sage was told to leave during the whole conversation but I felt her eyes on me the entire time. Pleading with her eyes for me to not say something nonsensical. I had known sage for the longest time; and she for one knew that I couldn't handle situations similar to these.

As soon as the officers departed, she was by my side in only moments, she begged for me to tell her what happend but instead of filling her in on all the crap that came out of that officer's mouth,

I told her that they told me that I had nothing to worry about and that they're going to do their best to find the culprit as soon as possible and that incidents similar to these take place quite often in this area.

She didn't question me further but I could read the uncertainty and disbelief in her eyes. She knew me far too well to know when I was lying.

After hesitating for a couple minutes she decided not to push the topic anymore as we seated ourselves in the car and drove off to the nail bar.

My heart was pacing, far too fast for my liking. I could help but stare out of the window in fear, scared she would pop out of nowhere and shoot me.


Death scared me so much at the time.

It all seems far too hilarious now.

The girl who was frightened at so much as the thought of dying laughed at deaths face now.

The nail bar was quite far off from the shopping outlet we were recently at, at least a twenty minute drive but it went awfully faster than I had imagined it would with Sage's driving skills.

The ride was too quiet for my liking, nothing but music and our soft breaths sounded the car but it held some sort of a peace, as if the world was calm and evil just didn't exist.

A part of me knew that Sage too was just as shocked and frightened to speak of anything. And I respected that.

Anyone would be.

The streets were crowded with vehicles and the side paths were flooded with bicycle riders and runners, while inhabitants rushed towards their destinations.

Engine smoke clouded the atmosphere as it invaded the environment, and dispersed into the air.

Not many moments later; you'd notice that sure the atmosphere has thickened but the grey smoke isn't visible no more, the dirt, the pollution; all gone, at least to a naked eye.

Similarly, you were born so pure and yet you're a whole another person when death greets you.

Your body, your heart and your mind all change or rather develop significantly to their surroundings.

And we don't take the fact that evil around us deforms us into consideration.

Not all at once, the change is so minor that it's almost unnoticeable.

But little by little,

It tears through flesh and blood and manipulates you into doing things you never would have if only you kept your walls high and your heart sealed.

But that's what makes it so amusing; you never acknowledge it until it's too late.

Until the damage is done.
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