Her traitorous disguise

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They say we sinners never learn,
That we are blinded by revenge,
But they haven't lost those they love,
They're oblivious to our thirst to avenge.


We reached the nail bar and considering our luck, they were willing to let us get our nails done even though we were half an hour late due to the incident earlier.

Which was a little expected since we were their regular customers, they'd probably run out of business if it were for Sage and me, for after we got our nails done each time, we'd snap them for our Instagram and snapchats story while tagging their page into it, clearly expanding their recognition.

Sage had even written a review once, she has a whole page for reviews, it was shitty idea at first but after she developed somewhat fame; she was offered free meals, free cinema and amusement parks passes, beauty products and even clothing and skincare, just so she would write a review about them once she's revived the or experienced the product or service.

She was nearly at a million followers and I was beyond thrilled for her.

Rushing ur seats we requested for our regular mac matt nail colours, however, I changed my regular peach shade for a dirty maroon while Sage changed her regular black for white, stating that it'd go with her outfit.

As much as we both didn't show it, I was certain of the tension in the atomphere. We both were still bewildered by what had happened.

An hour later our nails looked indescribably gorgeous.

We decided that we'll spend the rest of the time before the party started at Sage's and that we'd get dressed at her house itself and leave for the party from there.

Sage didn't really have to worry about someone disturbing her since her dad worked all the time, I had only seen him five times in counting; he was never around much, and her mother passed away when she was around six years old.

She never talked of her mother much, she said that there's no point of talking of someone who didn't exist anymore, but deep down we both knew that losing her mother carved a scar on her heart, one that wasn't gonna heal throughout her life.

Time went fairly quick since we were too indulged in binge watching the first season of vampire diaries, I was far too shook to enjoy it at all; I found myself lost in a trance throughout the whole 14 episodes, Sage wanted to watch more of them but I insisted we didn't.

It was Sage's idea to make some popcorn while I decided to make myself helpful and grabbed us some soda and a big box of cotton candy ice-cream along with two spoons.

Grabbing all our goodies, we settled on the long purple velvet couch, that sat across the 27 inch television hung on the pearly tinted walls.

On both sides; long vertical shelves; partitioned into six shelves each. Dark purple smooth sides with transparent glass in the middle, in order to make sure the expensive decorations were visible to eye.

The decorations consisted of; decorative vases, weird shapes and other decorations that made no sense but seemed extremely pricey.

Sage didn't come from a high class household but her father worked quite hard to make their house look presentable. And did a pretty good job at that too.

Most of our time was spent listening to loudass music and Sage stalking people on Instagram; there was still this intense tension in the air; and no matter how hard we tried to just ignore and look past today's events; it almost seemed impossible.

We soon left for the party; I tired my best to talk Sage out of it, till the LAST FUCKING MINUTE, but she just wouldn't buy my 'I fEeL SiCk' act, which was surprising because I thought my acting skills were pretty impressive, she even claimed that it would help get our minds off today's incident.

As we neared our destination; the music got louder and louder, so much that the car was literally vibrating due to the amplitude of the horrifically high sound waves.

I was almost surprised on how none of his neighbours had called cops on them; but then again, from what I heard; he paid them a hell lot to keep their mouths shut.

None of that mattered to me nor did it mean anything to Sage, all we wanted was to crash and flash.

Finding a parking spot seemed like a task, it took a good ten minutes to do so; we found plenty actually, but someone or another rushed their cars in as soon as we were gonna claim that spot.

And it would really be an understatement to say that Sage was pissed. Oh, she was flaming.

Slamming the doors of Sage's audi, we made our way into the expensive looking pastel house.

The door was wide open, while men in polo shirts and girls in skirts the size of their underwear's lingered around the front yard; most of them already wasted.

Oh boy!

This was going to be a long night.

Whoever owned the house, had an exclusive taste in both colour and decoration.

The house looked nothing like I had expected by the condition of the crowd lingering around.

The walls were a clean rich peach pastel colour, while all the decorations and sofas were tinted pearl white, with a fluffy white mat covering almost the whole room visible to eye, a ginormous chandelier hung from the middle of the room.

The ceiling was quite high and crafted with all sorts of Mandelas; with inbuilt circular lights every five meters of its borders; on all four sides of the roof, not to mention; the inbuilt central air conditioners every few meters away in the ceiling.

Dare I say it; the room almost seemed..


Although, the conditioning was on it's highest, the enormous crowd of people made the environment humid and suffocating.

There was trash everywhere, and no; I am not referring to the people resembling ants; not that it was a lie, but even then, the scene before me was bizarre.

Beer and coke cans littered the house, packets of chips and chocolate bars, some finished, and others eaten half; were all over the place, some even smudged on the sofa, the once pristine fluffy rug now decorated with patches of different colours due to the several kinds of drinks spilled upon it.

The place was a fucking mess, half the decorations already broken, tripled by drunk assholes who didn't understand hat this wasn't their fucking house.

The once serene and pristine house now resembled a fish market.

I bet this guy had no idea that this party was going to cost him his whole house. I honestly pitied him from the bottom of my heart.

Sage grabbed my arm and pulled me through the ocean of people.

I was about to complain, but I refrained, because we both knew that if I were truly left alone, I would do anything but socialise with these disgustingly sweaty creatures.

After an hour of hearing Sage's friends giggling and gossiping over who wore what and who came with who; I couldn't bare it anymore; passing Sage my regular 'please forgive me but their fucking annoying' smile.

She returned it with an almost just as amusing 'as expected' smile and I considered that as an agreement.

Walking in the opposite direction, I slowly drifted away from the crowd and made my way towards the front yard, craving fresh air.

I wasn't even joking when I claimed to be suffocating, I agree that the house was huge; but the amount of people crowding the house was a little too many.

Inhaling a deep breath, I pushed my feet forwards. Not knowing exactly where to go, I walked towards Sage's Audi and stood beside it, people were still coming in and that annoyed me, how many? How many can possibly fit in?

I considered going back in and grabbing the car keys from Sage; but I couldn't bring myself to put in the effort. Gazing down at my phone, I realised that around two hours had passed, woah; It was already 7 pm; It was really starting to get chilly, I was almost regretting not grabbing a jacket with me.

I couldn't help but smile at the thought of if Sage was here, she would've repeatedly told me that she had told me so, since she kept insisting I kept one in case it got cold.

I suddenly felt a presence behind me, but didn't bother moving because I predicted that I was simply being paranoid due to all that's happened today.

My mind began to pace as my heart drummed against my chest. No matter how hard I tried; everything I would close my eyes, I would see her.

She was everywhere.

And that scared me to my bones.

But moments later, a leather jacket was draped over my shoulders, now this caught me off guard, my heart raced as I swiftly turned around; only to come eye to eye with the devil himself;


The biggest douche known to mankind.

I promise you if satan was man, this would be it. He was awful.


Rumours say that he's in some kinda gang or someshit, no ones ever been able to prove it tho.

He's either found at parties or police stations, I've never seen him elsewhere; not to mention he's suffered 2 years behind bars for god knows what, so he's not exactly the kind of company I'd like to have around.

Brown eyes situated perfectly on his beautifully carved face, his nose small yet angelic and his cheekbones drawn artistically, his skin a summery tan and his dark brown hair only added to his sexyness.

But as they say, "never judge a book by its cover", because this man was a complete asshole.

I knew him for who he was, you know "your typical manwhore", but the smile on his face claimed otherwise.

"You're gonna fall sick", his voice so deep and seductive, it could make any chick wet in only seconds, any chick; but not me.

NOT ME; because I still had some self respect left in me, and not a single cell in my body would approve me jumping on this guy right here, right now.

I pretend as if I didn't hear him; sliding off his jacket with my left hand; letting it fall off my shoulders and into his awaiting hands.

I felt distracted. I felt good, something I've craved to fell for the past couple of hours.

"I'm Aroan", he introduced in a much more amused tone than he should've, I mean didn't I just fucking throw your jacket off, take a fucking hint.

As much as I admired his courage and that totally fuckable face of his; I was not gonna be just another girl he shagged and got rid of as soon as the break of dawn. No thank you.

Without actually bothering to spare him a glance; I quietly nodded, still starring at the view in front.

Desperately waiting for Sage to come rushing out so I could get out of this awkwardness position.

"I know what you're thinking", he accused moments after.

"Is that so?", I questioned, almost amused.

"I'm not gonna hurt you", he declared.

"You couldn't even if you tried", I challenged.

"I wouldn't be so sure if I was you", he threatened.

"You're pathetic", I announced.

"Yeah, pathetically handsome"

An unwanted grin formed onto his lips; and I mirrored one onto mine as well.

"Was that a smile?", this was all a little too amusing for him.

"It was a pity smile"



"That is not a word"

"Yeah it is"

"Since when"

"Since now"


"I've heard that saying 'no' to a women isn't the best way to start a night, love"

"I'd never say 'no' to you LoVe", he mimicked me as he shot me a wink.

"You think you're so classy", I cocked my head, trying to get my shit together.

"Yes ma'am", his eyes twinkled in the dark night, he was so fucking gorgeous that it could almost hurt.

A chuckle escaped my lips as turned my head back to the view, avoiding the conversation.

He moved closer, close enough for me to feel his chest against my back.

I turned around and used my left hand to tug him away, he was sorta caught off guard so he moved around an inch, wrinkling up his eyebrows in confusion of what exactly did he do wrong.


"If you try anything, you'll end up getting hurt"

"I'm not trying anything", his voice filled with pure amusement as his hands moved up in mock surrender.

"You better not, Ive got pepper spray in my bag", I reassured him

"You don't have a bag", he claimed as he stared me up and down, his grin grew wider

"I have keys tho, it'll cut so deep into your flesh, that you'll end up on a hospital bed for a weak", I lied; very well aware that the keys were with Sage.

He stepped closer, automatically my reflexes urged me to step back; my back meeting the car.

His jaw twitched in amusement.


Taking another step closer, he was only inches away from me, when he brought his lips down to my left ear, nibbling onto it with his pearl white teeth, causing sparks to spread into my body like adrenaline.

"Is that a threat", he whispered

"Take it as whatever you want", I looked to the side, avoiding his murderous gaze as my breathing laboured.

Gripping my chin with his rough fingers, he enforced me to look his way; "oh I will take it as I want", he moved back to my earlobe, nibbling onto it, "whenever I want".

His sharp canines dug into my flesh and the pain it influenced was enough to help me break out of my daze.

Pushing him away, I begin to trace my steps back into the house, when I felt footsteps following behind me as he tugged onto my arm and pulled me back.

Almost dragging me to the side of the house, my back hit the wall as he suddenly pressed himself onto me, making me feel every inch of his body, and oh boy, didn't he feel good.

His breaths heavy and his eyes eager, awaiting a yes, daring me to reject him.

I kept my lips sealed, trying my best not to let myself melt into his touch.

His lips came down to my ear and he began to slowly grind his hips into mine, "I want you", his voice so hoarse and breathless.
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