Her traitorous disguise

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ai ai captain

They called the devil merciless,
While the angels did much worse.


Not a moment to soon; my mind blurred and my body gave in, a silent moan escaped my lips as he latched onto them.

His lips were soft, but hard enough to not lose grip of. His hands gripped my waist; almost too tightly as he bit my lower lip; enforcing me to open them.

His cherry lips devoured mine as his hands travelled from my waist down to my ass, gripping it.

This was one of those moments when you know you're doing something dumb but you still do it because you don't know how to stop it.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying I wasn't enjoying this; hell, it felt good, but even then; I knew that I was being dumb for letting this happen.

No matter what I did; no matter where I went, I couldn't get her face out of my head. I couldn't forget how she shot that man and left as if it was the most normal thing to do.

Even while I had this sexy strangers lips on mine, all I could think about was how she could get away with murder so easily.

Which was totally unfair to the man in front of me; so I did what I've been doing to almost everyone in my life lately; I pushed him off, only difference is, he felt that physically.

He looked taken aback as he tilted his head a little to the left since the streetlights were probably blinding him; poor thing seemed so confused, with his eyebrows knitted together and his swollen lips almost forming a pout.

I think my heart just slipped. Oops.

"What's wrong?", his voice hoarse lacing with uttermost confusion.

Before I could come up with a sensible excuse; my phone began to ring, my heart throbbed loudly against my ribs as I tried to collect my thoughts together. What the fuck is wrong with me.

I mean I get it; my mind was tricking me; my whole god damn body was.

I was scared.

Hell, I had a good enough reason to be scared, anyone who had witnessed what we had earlier would be scared.

But the scary part was, Sage wasn't.

She just wasn't.

And that made me feel like a pussy. I mean yes, Sage has always been quite strong; maybe not physically but emotionally she has; but this was too much, even for her. And her lack of reaction just made me feel paranoid.

But then again, Sage was an open book; expect when it came to how she felt; that I knew; she had bottled up all her thoughts and feelings inside her ever since her mother passed away.

Her dad always told me that she wouldn't even talk to him as she would to me; which meant a lot to me.

But that was the thing; I knew everything about her; from what she eats to when she sleeps, and so did she.

I felt a hand on my cheek, rubbing circles in an extremely soothing manner which made me zone back into reality.

I traced the hand back to its owner, which lead to a very confused looking Aroan, might I say it; he seemed almost annoyed.

"Your phone love", he reminded.

I looked down at my phone as it lit up once more; bold capital letters read MOM; and I knew exactly what was coming to me.

I shook my head in annoyance; she can't let me be for five minutes without wanting to check in, Jesus.

I wish she could check up on me now.

Wish she could cradle my hair and tell me that everything's going to be okay.

Wish she could hold me, not let me go, trap me at home, not give me money, not even give me food; I just wish she was still here; I'd give up anything for it.

I dismissed it and looked back up at Aroan, why hasn't he left yet. Annoyance covered my expressions as his features relaxed.

"I need to go", I explained.

"Your mum?", he questioned.

"Something like that",

"I can drive you home if you want?"

"No it's okay", I reassured him as I placed my index finger onto my iPhone sensor; unlocking it.

He blankly stared at me as I scrolled though my contacts and found Sage's number, pressing onto it aggressively. The sooner we leave, the less scolding I'll get.

She wouldn't pick up.

God damn it.

I gave it another try. And another. Where the hell is this girl.

Aroan's lips pulled up into a smirk as if he was enjoying this.

"The offers still valid",

I seriously would've agreed; I would've, but I genuinely didn't want to get into a car with him.

If I went along, he'd probably think I'm interested and try to make a move, more than he already has; and I am not willing to lose my virginity in a car.

No thank you.

I went back into my recents, ignoring his existence like he isn't there standing right in front of me, as I almost violently pressed down onto her contact once again.

My heart filled with hope as the first bell sounded, but then, the call dropped.


Aroan eyed me weirdly. "Last chance sugarcane, then you've lost me as well, can't keep begging to be your driver now can I?"

I was about to try again. Just one last time, when the screen lit up again, this time it was dad.


I'm so grounded.

Swiping the screen to 'attend', I placed the phone next to my ear.

"Yes dad?"

The noise at the back was chaotic, like someone was slamming the door, really really badly.

Jesus, dad never gets sick of his crappy action movies.

Don't look at me like that; even mom agrees; they're either shooting someone's brains out or racing in cars trying to ShoOt SomEoNes BrAiNs OuT.

Once, I decided to sit with my dad and my dumbass let him pick the movie and guess what happened; I was stuck on the couch with popcorn in my hands for a good 2 hours of nothing but bad guys and police.

Don't get me wrong; I quite enjoy action movies; that's genuinely my favourite genre of movies, books or whatever else. But watching stuff like that 24/7; just gets tiring.

As a kid; I used to run around with my black and yellow water gun; splashing at everyone who came into sight.

I would chase Lucas and Noah though the house, screaming out threats at the top of my lungs and they ran for their lives.

Especially since they hated getting wet. Those assholes barely showered once a week when they were little, so me showering those filthy creatures with my splash-monster-350 was completely valid.

I was doing those douchebags a favour.


Mum got so sick of it once that she almost threw it away, but dad somehow managed to get it back to me.

He always seemed to bring things back to me; things he knew I couldn't live without; he brought back my playstation, my water-gun, my favourite candies.

I wonder if he didn't know how much I needed him.

How I couldn't live without him.

How could he leave knowing he was that one thing he couldn't bring back to me?

One thing, that I was going to lack forever.

One thing, that I wouldn't be able to see anymore; I wouldn't be able to smell anymore?

How could he not know that I wouldn't be able to say "dad" anymore?

How could he leave so easily on a route with no return.

Each night I would lay awake; holding onto my teddy bear as if my life depended on it; I would stare out the window and wish upon the first star my eyes would locate.

I would wish upon every 11:11, and each time an eyelash fell onto my textbooks.

Each wish stated the same thing, "I wanted to become a hero; I would fight the bad guys and save the world with my water gun", guess god really does value repetition.

Guess they're right when they say that you shouldn't wish for things; because some wishes can become a curse.


Fate's a merciless bitch.

Who knew that I'd end fighting the ones I hold so close.

That one day I'd become the 'bad guy' I always wanted to get rid of,

That my gun wouldn't be splashing water no more, but blood instead.

Both of innocents and those who're guilty.

That my justice would be biased.

"Have you seen the time", he teased.

I looked back at Aaron; signalling him to show me the time on his phone, a very confused Aaron pulled out his cellphone from his jeans pocket and handed it to me.

"Dad it's 8:15", I answered dumbfounded, handing his cell back to him.

After a couple of seconds of silence and murmuring; I could literally picture him looking down at his phone to see the time because he had no idea what was even going on.

Poor dad.

ugh mom. ugh.

"Yes it seems so", he continued,

"And will you be dining with us today", I hated when dad did that; his mocks were just hilarious, well I knew it was actually mum talking, just in my dads voice; she manipulated him to get to me; always.


"Daddd", I whined like a child whose lollipops been stolen.

"She's not taking you seriously draven", mum whispered at the back.

I really wanted to let her know that I could hear her but I knew that wouldn't make a difference.

If only I would've known how badly I'd crave her commands, her strictness, her protectiveness, her evil schemes; I wouldn't have ever taken advantage of her.

I wouldn't have ever gotten sick and tired of her.

I wouldn't have tried to get away from her.

"Get home this instance Malaika; we are having a family dinner", he commanded, or atleast tried.

Dad always sounds cute when he tries to be rude or commanding because I know he isn't like that.

"But dad-",

"No buts young lady, I want you home now",

"Ai ai captain", I gave in,

There was a silence as the line grew quiet; so quiet that I could even hear someone's footsteps leave, I was about to cut the call, assuming he didn't cut it by mistake; but than he continued speaking.

"Listen up kiddo; your mom was stirring up the house again so I had to, she gets so anxious when you leave; you know she loves you", he tried to explain

Apparently 'Love' meant suffocation to my mother.

How wonderful.

"I know dad",

"Alright, I really do want you home early tho, your mum tried cooking again today; and she made something that looks like rice and soup; I don't think I can go through this alone", his voice desperate,

I couldn't help but laugh, knowing that my mum can not cook; at all, her food always turns out to be the opposite of what she thinks she's made.

Once, she tired making sushi, and I promise you; it was literally a slap of fish rolled into a leaf, she didn't even put the rice in.

And if that wasn't worse as it already was; she forced all of us of finish our food; and dare I say it; everyone in the house, including her felt constipated for a whole damn week.

She however, was not ready to take any part of the blame. Mum simply blamed it on the desert the cook had made, claiming it had a little too much gluten in it; and that was the reason behind our lack of stool and awful stomach aches.

If I knew this was the last time I would get to eat her meals;

If I knew that this is the last time I would be able to hug her and tell her how her terrible food tastes so good,

I could lie to her a hundred million times; I could've.

I wouldn't have missed it.

I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

"What's in it for me?", now being a William; it was sort of in our blood to seek our advantage in every single scenario.

Dad always says; everything is life is somewhat similar to a business; if you can't invest your time, energy and money in the right people; then you are to blame for your loss.

Don't blame me. It's in the genes.

"I'll let you eat my share of desert, Hassan's making your favourite; raspberry pudding",

My stomach grumbled as water started filing my mouth, threatening to leak out any moment.

Hassan has been our chef since I was brought into this world; he's more like a part of the family rather than a chef.

He's around 47, with his trimmed beard and white locks. And let me just tell you; he cooks the most delicious meals known to man. Especially his raspberry puddings.


I held the phone close to my ear, afraid if I don't seal the deal quick enough, it might not be valid no more.

But then again, being a William, I've learnt to never seal a deal too quick. Keep your opponent in curiosity, make them fear your refusal, and await your acceptance.

After a couple moment go by, I couldn't hold myself back no more as I did what I knew I was gonna do from the moment I heard 'raspberry pudding'


"Alright dad, I'll be back soon; bare it for a couple more minutes",

"I'll try; get here fast",

I chuckled as he told me to stop laughing; clearly annoyed at my reaction to his whining.

"Why can't you just come here", anything to avoid mom's masterpiece of a dinner.

He laughed as stated, "I'm right there; right next to you", his voice grew serious as he finished his sentence; making me wonder if he was actually here.

My dumbass actually tilted my head and looked around only to realise he was kidding.

"Alright, I get the message; I'm coming, but I really don't want to deal with mom tho", I surrender.

"Just know something Malaika, don't ever run away from your problems, run towards them, don't let them scare you; make them fear you. Otherwise, you're always gonna lose."

"You've been spending a little too much time with mum; see, you've even started talking like her; don't worry dad, I'm coming to your rescue. Can't have another mother lurking around when I can't even deal with the one who already exists", I mock

"Funny. I'm hanging up now", dad mocked back,

A chuckle escaped my lips, "I love you dad",

"I love you malaika, get home safe", before I could say anything, he continued.

"And quick" he mocked. Again.

God he's getting good at this.

"Yessir", I mocked back. I could do this forever.

"I love you", if only I knew how badly I'd crave to hear these words from him again,

If I knew that this was the last time I'd hear him say my name,

I'd hear him laugh,

Him complain,

I swear upon the lord above; I would've never ended the call.

I hung up and spared Aaron a glance; he stood there like overhearing a teenage girls conversation with her dad over her mother's awful cooking was the most interesting thing there was.

He then began walking towards his car; which was parked only two blocks away from us; he reached for his door as he looked back at me questionably.

"You're really going to let him suffer alone?" His voice filled with amusement.

I shook my head laughing as I began to walk towards his car; giving Sage one last call to see if she responds.

She didn't.

She's probably fucking the host right now.

Good for her.

Thanks to her; I was getting to ride with the sexist guy alive.

Thing was; I wasn't like this, I didn't care about guys; nor did I care about anything much, not cars, not money, nothing. But Aaron just let off vibes I couldn't ignore.

I was aware that I was totally exaggerating the whole scenario, but just let me be.

The ride was nothing like I expected. He asked for the location before we drove off so I typed it down in his google maps and that's it; we didn't talk at all.

Aaron's didn't once try to start a conversation or even bring up the kiss.


Which was reliving but at the same time; I felt disappointed.

Aaron pulled the windows down as he turned up the music; and dare I say it; Aaron was an amazing driver, I mean I'm the best, but I give credit to those who deserve it. And this guy was a sexy ass driver.

The car was going so fast, that if I had my eyes closed; I could've thought I was flying.

Aaron slowed the car a little; the wind no longer gushing at my face; signalling our arrival, but when I looked up; we were still a street away.

A couple of jet black cars caught my sight; they were coming right towards us; all four cars in a single line, their number plates missing and their mirrors tinted.

This kinda things were quite common in this town; and everyone knew it.

Therefore, it didn't come off as a surprise, nor was it my first time hearing someone yell at me to get down because the mafia or some business man was passing or someshit, thing was, they wouldn't say anything to you; if you didn't do anything to them first. So, that wouldn't normally trouble me, but I wasn't so sure now.

"Get down", Aaron ordered, almost panicked,

"What's going on, wait why", I was genuinely confused, what the fuck was going on,

"Get the fuck down!", Aaron yelled and I quickly scooted down in the feet space of the passenger seat; as much as I could anyways.

I wanted to ask what was happening but I was smarter than to do that. Aaron seemed mad, and I wasn't going to make it worse.

Memories of what happened earlier today rushed back to me as I tried my best to push back the tears threatening to escape my eyes.

Is she here.

She's here to end me for good.

The windows of Aaron's car were tinted; however, the from mirror wasn't; and that's probably the view he wanted me out of.

The cars quietly drove by us; serenely. And I felt like an idiot as I sat back onto my seat.

I was being so fucking paranoid; I needed a fucking aspirin and some goodnight sleep. I was genuinely getting mad at myself now.

How pathetic can one be.

I kept pretending like the whole world was out to get me because of an incident that happened earlier.

The tension in the atmosphere stayed put; and neither I nor Aaron did anything to demolish it.

Matter of fact, Aaron didn't even try to explain his outburst, and I didn't ask; knowing better than to bring it up.

I never understood why Aaron told me to hide.
He didn't know what had happened earlier, how could he have known; why did he act the way he did.

Little did I know I was swimming in an ocean of liars.

As Aaron drove to my front gate; I was so zoned out that I didn't even realise that we've reached.

He didn't drive though the gates; instead he reversed the car and stopped in front of our neighbours.

Sirens helped me shift back into reality; involuntarily making me glance at the origin of the loud disturbing sound but instead; a very unpleasant view welcomed me.

The air stuffy, with smoke and the smell of blood crowding the atmosphere, making it almost impossible to breathe.

Police cars and ambulances crowded the front of our house. Some drove through the gates and others parked right outside.

Officers and nurses littered the place; rushing in and out, while a huge crowd of people stood as they watched the scene unfold.

Both the guards at the front gate, now decorated the floor like puppets, laying in their own pools of blood.

My eyes wouldn't move.

They wouldn't.

No matter how hard I tried.

I felt immobile.

I looked up at Aaron as I found him staring back at me.

Both shock and pity present in his eyes.

It took me more than a couple moments to process exactly what was going on.

And when I did.

My heart stopped.

My eyes widened like a deer in front of headlights.

The world around me blurred as my breaths started labouring, an excruciating pain electrified my body, hurting so terribly, and yet numbing me at the same time.

The air around me thickened as I kept blinking my tears away; pressing my eyelids shut and open over and over again; hoping, just hoping for all of this to disappear.

Like a bad dream.

But when I opened my eyes once more, the same view laid in front of my eyes.


No. no. no.

No. It can't be.

My heart raced for the last time and before I could register what I was doing; I clutched the door handle, pushing open the door with all my might; and let my feet guide me towards the crime scene.
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