Her traitorous disguise

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"I'm afraid of not being afraid", my voice sounding foreign to me as my fingers constantly played with the trigger, uncertain of my decision. "I'm afraid that the longer I stay here, The longer I wound others, The longer I destroy lives, The less human I feel. I'm so close to what might be the end of your life, and possibly mine but that seems to have no bearing on my emotions. Any normal person would be cowering in their own skin at the thought of what is to come and I can't bring myself to be so distraught" _____________________________________________ This story isn't your typical fairytale. Thing is; not all fairytales end up with the frog transforming into a prince or the beauty falling heads over heels for the beast, the reality is far different. Far more dangerous. Far more deadly. Far more cruel. Sometimes in the process of healing the beast; the beauty becomes a beast herself. _____________________________________________ After her father, mother and one of her brothers are brutally murdered, while the other is framed for their deaths by Luca; leader of the leading mafia in all of Italy. Malaika makes it her aim to demolish anyone and everyone that gets in her way of destroying Luca himself. But what happens when Malaika's interest in the beast becomes more than just a part of her plan? Will her desire of revenge take control over

Mystery / Action
Malaika Malik
Age Rating:

Hold on a second.

Let's not make this too long; I don't want to deprive you of time that you could better spend reading the aCtUaL book.

This book is by far my first one, I'm working on another one too at the moment, but its merely started, therefore, it seems unfair to speak of it.

I do try my best to make sure I don't spell anything wrong but then again I'm no scholar, therefore, don't judge my terrible spelling and grammar mistakes.

I am in no way trying to criticise any gender nor religion in this book. It's just a book, please do not make any wrong assumptions in your heads.

The story and the poems are originally mine. I take no help whatsoever from the internet, nor are they stolen from elsewhere.

I will not provide you guys with any character pictures because I find that extremely annoying when people do that, I want you guys to take my descriptions into consideration and work on every detail of the characters appearance in that creative head of yours. It's much more interesting that way.

I will update as much as I can; there are no specific dates for updating as yet. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Copyright 2021
I acknowledge that this is my original work. Copyright infringement might lead into your story deletion or closure of your account.

With love,
Malaika Malik.
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