I Must Confess

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This story follows thirteen year old, Zac Blue. He spends his life modelling alongside his famous mother and lives a care-free life. Zac is suddenly sent away to live with his aunt when the truth about his mother gets revealed to him by an unknown source. Only when the pieces are finally put together does Zac realize that not everything is as it seems. One action can cause the ruin of a person's entire life, and Zac finds out that his mother was on the receiving end of that action.

Mystery / Thriller
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“In the 20th century the government released a new law. The law stated that anyone who was lesbian and gay be killed. Obviously no one let it slip if they were. Homosexuals, according to the government, were no longer a problem. After years of murder, gunfire and protests; the government finally lifted the law. Slowly, but eventually, people opened up about their sexuality.

My grandmother was one of those people but instead of accepting her, her family rejected her. They were ashamed of her. They hurt her so badly that she started bleeding heavily. Even her husband divorced her, but that fact was kind of obvious. Eventually she left with her two-year-old daughter and started her life over with another woman. When her child was old enough, her child rejected her as well. Yes, that child was my mother and she rejected her own mother. Unable to deal with her child’s rejection on top of her families’ rejection, my grandmother committed suicide.

My mother and I were extremely close during my teenage years, so naturally I told her that I was lesbian. She didn’t take it too well and rejected me as her child. That’s when she told, more like screamed, the story of my grandmother to me. Right after that was when I met your cousin, Sam. I thought she was different. I thought I could trust her with my secret, but I was horribly wrong.

Nothing can describe the utter mortification I felt when she blurted it out loud enough that everyone heard her! She was supposed to be my best friend and support me, isn’t that what best friends are for? Instead she made a mockery of me; she caused the entire university population to look down on me just because she couldn’t keep her disgusting, little trap shut! To make matters worse, people still didn’t accept the law that allowed homosexuals to live freely!” A tanned woman in her early thirties screeched, breathing heavily from her little monologue with her green eyes ablaze.

The woman was actually really beautiful when she wasn’t angry. She had light brown hair cut into a bob, making her slightly round face stand out. She was staring at the twenty-year-old she kidnapped with pure malevolence.

“So if you’re looking for my cousin, what am I doing all the way in Gallo? We’re oceans away from Drase,” the twenty-year-old, Jessica demanded.

“Since you used to live with her, I assumed the two of you are close. You also have twins which means that she’ll easily comply with my request that she come here in exchange for you considering I couldn’t find her. So all you need to do is answer one simple question: Where is Sam?” The brunette kidnapper, Stacey, asked dangerously.

“I don’t know, you crazy bit-” Jessica started before her black hair went flying to the right as Stacey slapped her in the face.

“I really don’t want to hurt you; it’s your cousin that I want after all. So be a good girl and tell me where she is. If you co-operate I’ll even let you go back to your babies.”

“I told you! I don’t know where she...” Another slap.

Stacey gripped Jessica’s chin firmly and green eyes met green eyes. “Wrong answer! Maybe when I come back tomorrow you’ll remember,” Stacey said before sauntering out of the room and shutting the door firmly behind her. As soon as Jessica heard the click indicating that the door was locked, she immediately tugged on the chains that were keeping her hands and feet bind together.

Thinking back on her life, Jessica tried focusing on all the memories that made her happy. Sadly, all that she could think about was that Stacey never answered her question as to why they were oceans away from where her cousin lived.

‘Surely she knows that Sam is staying in Drase, so why go through all the trouble of kidnapping me and then bringing me to Gallo?’ Jessica wondered before exhaustion caught up and darkness consumed her.

The next few days were absolute torture for Jessica. Stacey came back daily, asking the same question, and when she didn’t get the answer that she wanted, she’d torture Jessica. Her torture methods differed every day, though she didn’t do anything that could potentially kill the girl, she didn’t go light on her either. After all, Jessica was a mother of two and Stacey would never want any child to be deprived of having motherly affection like she had.

When Stacey finally left, Jessica was left bloody, bruised, bald and starving. Her bones were starting to show and her skin was pale.

‘This is such a V for Vendetta moment,’ Jessica thought, trying to make light of her situation.

Just as Jessica was about to fall unconscious she heard shouting and the sounds of a struggle outside of the room she was in. Too weak to move or even make a noise, she sat completely still trying to hear what was going on. She vaguely registered the door to the room opening before her eyes started drooping.

“We need to get this woman to the hospital, ASAP!” was all she heard before losing consciousness.


“Beep! Beep!” the steady sound resonated all around Jessica. She tried opening her eyes but they remained firmly shut. Desperate to know where she was, she started feeling all around her. Her hands brushed across something cold and she held onto it. Realising that she was holding onto steel bars, she started to panic. She tried opening her mouth to scream but her throat was dry and her voice hoarse.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!”

The sound grew louder and hurried footsteps were heard. Something was suddenly lifted from around her head. Her eyes felt lighter and she finally pried them open.

“Ma’am, are you alright?” a nurse asked Jessica softly, “I’m going to need you to calm down. You’re in the hospital and in safe hands. I’m just going to go and call the doctor quickly.”

Finally, able to survey her surroundings, Jessica began to calm down but her heart rate spiked up almost immediately when she realised that she had no clue as to why she was in the hospital. Before she could think of all the possibilities of how she landed up there, the doctor arrived.

“Good afternoon miss! I’m Dr. Drew,” he said cheerfully, his hazel eyes shining. “Before I tell you anything, I need to assess you.”

When Jessica gave her consent, Dr. Drew asked, “What is your name?”

Jessica thought that his question so far was stupid, but when she opened her mouth to respond, she found that she couldn’t even remember her name. Besides her age she could remember nothing else about herself.

By the end of the questioning and brain and nervous system checks, Jessica found out that she has hysterical amnesia.

“It is quite rare for someone to have this type of amnesia but it means that the person forgot both their past and their identity. It is possible to regain one’s memory which usually occurs with triggers. It may even come back by itself slowly or suddenly. The traumatic experience which caused it may never come back or be completely remembered.” Dr. Drew informed Jessica.

Jessica just stared ahead, trying to wrap her mind around the strange circumstances she found herself in.

“So, since you can’t remember anyone or even your name, what are you going to do?” Dr. Drew inquired, genuinely curious.

“I’ll give myself the name Diaan Blue, as for what I’m going to do, I have no idea,” Jessica, now Diaan, replied.

A nurse came in and after handing Dr. Drew a report, left again. “Ah! Miss Blue, it seems that I was correct. You’re two months pregnant. Your injuries didn’t affect the growth of the baby. Unfortunately, we don’t know who the father is. The police have tried to find your family but with no success.”

Diaan’s mind was whirring from this new information. She was pregnant, the father was unknown and she had injuries... “Wait! What do you mean injuries? You never did tell me how I ended up here,” she said, narrowing her green eyes at the young doctor.

Dr. Drew just sighed and that was how the next hour was spent; him explaining the entire police report to her.

“But, what happened to my kidnapper?” Diaan asked nervously.

“Don’t worry; you won’t be seeing her for a very long time, Miss Blue.”

The door to Diaan’s hospital room was banged open and a nurse came in panting, “Dr. Drew, we have an emergency!”

“What is the problem?” Dr. Drew asked, getting up after realising that he left his pager on the counter right outside of Diaan’s room.

“Ms. Anderson, owner of the Fuschiqua modelling company, was in a hit and run and got stabbed. She’s losing blood rapidly!”


10 months later

If someone had told Diaan 10 months earlier that she would be living with the generous owner of a modelling company, she would’ve looked at them like they lost the plot. Now, she’s just plain grateful. Who would’ve guessed that the same lady that was wheeled into the hospital with severe injuries was the same one looking after Diaan and her three-month baby boy, Zac.

“Really, you and Zac are no burden at all. And it doesn’t matter that you’re living here for free because I genuinely enjoy having you here.” Ms. Anderson or Kailey said, reassuring Diaan yet again that she was no trouble at all.

Kailey Anderson was a successful young woman. She was only 24 years old and had already made a success of the business that was passed down to her. With her curly, black hair, brown eyes and dark skin, you would’ve never thought that this beautiful lady lived all alone in a twenty-bedroom mansion. That is, until Diaan came into the picture.

“I can’t live off of you forever, especially with a baby. I need to find myself a job,” Diaan said firmly.

“Fine. Since you’re so determined and considering your situation, I’m offering you a job as a model in my company,” Kailey said and lifted up her hand to stop Diaan from interrupting, “Just think about it, it makes sense. You’re suffering from amnesia and can’t remember anything aside from your age. Meaning you don’t know what you’re good at and you don’t know what your qualifications are.” She finished off matter-of-factly.

Diaan just sighed and reluctantly agreed. After all, models do get paid extremely well. And with Kailey’s connections, it shouldn’t be too hard for Diaan to make a name out there.

© Crimson B

Anything related to real life is purely coincidental. Everything in this story is made up.

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