I Must Confess

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The Reveal III

Everyone was still trying to absorb the bomb that Diaan had just dropped on them. Carson shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and he gave ‘Diaan’ a slow nod.

“Firstly,” Carson said while wiping his hands down on his jean clad thighs, “I honestly had no idea that that was what you went through. It makes me so angry that you had to endure all of this alone.”

Carson sighed, gathered his thoughts, and said, “There was a huge fire in an abandoned house a couple of hours from here. There were people who were kidnapped that were holed up there. The house was doused with gasoline and set alight. The police could barely identify any of the bodies but it was said that you were in that house fire and died.”

Diaan absorbed this information and nodded for Carson to carry on. “That memory of yours was the first time we officially met. I’ve seen you around before that though. We did eventually become friends and soon after that we started dating. After we finished high school we got married. Both of us had been through a lot and knew that when it comes to the people you care about, wasting time was not an option. So we got married young and you fell pregnant soon after. You had inherited all of your parents’ wealth and I had inherited my late grandfather’s money as well.

We bought a house and settled in there after we got married. We were both studying online as you were pregnant at the time and we had enough money to sustain us. The twins were born and we were both really happy. Then on the night that you were supposed to meet up with some friends was the night everything changed. The twins were two at the time when they lost their mother and I lost my wife.” Carson’s voice broke at the end and he hastily cleared his throat.

Diaan let out a loud sob which caused Carson to look up at her. She covered her face and was shaking uncontrollably. Zac immediately moved her so that her head was placed between her knees as she waited for her panic attack to stop. When she finally felt under control again she slowly got up and wiped her face with her sleeves.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. How could I have forgotten? How could I not have remembered that I was married and had two other kids?” Diaan asked in despair and Zac hugged her to him.

It was Jane who spoke up and she shocked everyone by saying, “Mom.”

Diaan stilled and slowly looked at Jane. It was so weird for the word to be passing through her lips but she found that she quite liked it. “Mom, it was not your fault. There was no way you could’ve known. That lady stole your life from you, she stole our mother and our brother from us and she stole a wife from her husband. None of this is your fault.”

Diaan slowly got up and asked, “Can I hug you two? Can I finally meet the two children who grew up into such beautiful teenagers? I missed out on so much...”

Diaan started crying again and Jane and Jake launched themselves at her. They were hugging their mother! A woman who they longed for, a woman they never thought they’d ever get to see.

Meanwhile, Carson got up and went towards Zac, “My son.”

Zac got up and launched himself into his father’s arms. A man he had come to really admire and respect was actually his father. He couldn’t have asked for anyone better. His father tightened his hold and Zac squeezed him back just as tightly.

Kailey watched the entire reunion while silently sobbing. She had been with Diaan and Zac from the start and knew their hardships first-hand. Now, as she was watching the reunion in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel undeniable joy for the woman who had suffered so much.

Once everyone had released the other, the twins went to Zac and gave him a fierce hug, “You’ve been like a brother to us all this time, and I’m glad that you actually are our brother.”

Zac smiled at Jake’s words and squeezed his eyes to stop himself from crying.

Carson and Diaan stared at each other awkwardly. “I feel horrible. All this time I was married and I’ve been dating other men.”

Carson stepped forward, “Jessica.”

Her previous name passing through his lips made her look up at him and caused memories to come back to her all at once. She felt lightheaded for a second before she regained her bearings.

“Although it does hurt, I admit, I don’t blame you. I’m really glad that you’re back, Jessica. And that I have another child, a really amazing child. You did well.”

Diaan crashed into his arms and they held each other as if they were the other’s lifeline. It was as if over fourteen years hadn’t passed at all. All their sadness, their pain and longing, was present as they gripped each other with a bruising force. The twins and Zac looked away with small smiles marring their faces.

Diaan pulled away first and stepped back. Carson wanted her back in his arms but realised that all of this might be too much for her.

“You can say no to what I’m about to ask, Carson.” Diaan looked up at him through her wet eyelashes and sighed, “Can I see our home?”

Carson was shocked but happy at how she referred to it as their ‘home’.

“Of course. It is your home after all,” Carson said with a smile lighting up his handsome face.

“Diaan,” Kailey called, causing Diaan to look at her, “Isn’t this enough for today? You remember how the doctor said forcing memories on yourself or having it all come back to you at once can be really stressful for your body?”

Diaan smiled at the woman she calls a sister, “Don’t worry, Kailey. It’s been fourteen years. I’m more than ready to finally get back all that was taken from me.”

Carson nodded at Diaan’s determined expression and said, “Okay, if you’re sure, then let’s go.”

Diaan took a deep breath and exhaled slowly; she was about to fill in all the missing pieces – finally.

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