I Must Confess

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Carson approached his Jeep in front of Kailey’s mansion and proceeded to get in and park in the garage that had opened for him. The garage door closed, and Carson stepped out of the car to see Diaan (although she would always be Jessica to him), Zac and the twins standing in the garage already. They had decided that it was best that she not be seen getting in the car with them as someone might be watching her. In addition to that, if Zac and she were to be seen entering the car together, people would automatically know it was her. Dealing with the paparazzi was not something she wanted to do.

It was in that moment that Carson was very glad that he had gotten his windows tinted. Now, no one would be able to see Diaan and Zac in the car with them. Kailey whispered something in Diaan’s ear to which the latter just nodded to.

“I’ll see you a bit later, Kailey,” Diaan said before getting in the backseat of the car.

The twins got in on either side of the car so that both were seated next to their mother as she was seated in the middle. Zac proceeded to get in the passenger seat while Carson started the car.

The twins were silent initially but immediately went into tales of their childhood and all the mischief that they caught up to. Carson also joined the conversation by saying what absolute menaces the twins were at only four-years-old and how it got worse as they got older. They all laughed and Diaan listened attentively to everything Jane and Jake were saying. Carson looked at Diaan and the twins in the rear-view mirror and smiled at the sight. He had never seen the twins as excited and enthusiastic as they were in that moment. Then again who could blame them? They finally got to meet they woman they had always yearned for.

Diaan tapped Zac’s shoulder and when he turned around, a mischievous smile greeted him. Zac groaned and hit his head against the headrest.

“I know that look. That’s the ‘let me tell everyone all the embarrassing things Zac did’ look,” Zac then turned to his mother to see her nod her head.

Diaan then went into all the embarrassing things Zac did as a kid and the twins had to take deep breaths from all their laughing.

“Honestly, Zac was a really clingy kid. In fact, he still is,” Diaan said affectionately.

Zac looked at his mother and his cheeks were stained a light pink, “Mom!”

Diaan sighed, “Suppose I’m to blame for that. I coddled him all the time.”

The twins laughed and Jake said, “With us again, we had to wait till dad fell asleep and then we’d sneak into his room and snuggle against him.”

Carson then added, “Yeah, then when I’d wake up, I’d find these huge drool stains all over my cotton t-shirt.”

Diaan laughed and said, “Zac was a drooler too! Didn’t stop till he was like eleven or so.”

“Oh look! We’re here,” Zac exclaimed before his mom could embarrass him further.

Diaan just laughed before her gaze landed on the double-story house. The house was cream-coloured and had a well-maintained garden out front. Carson drove up the driveway and pulled into the garage. They all waited for the door to close before getting out of the car.

Diaan was quiet as she took in her surroundings. The garage had space for three cars and was relatively empty save for the three bicycles lined against the wall.

Zac stepped out of the car and grabbed his mother’s hand, “Mom, are you okay?”

Diaan shifted her gaze to him and said, “Yes. I’m just trying to grasp the fact that all of this was taken away from me.”

Zac nodded in understanding and said, “If it gets too much then we can leave. Don’t push yourself, mom.”

Diaan nodded, “I know, baby. You being here makes it a bit easier on me. It feels like two worlds are colliding. And they are.”

The twins walked over and pointed over their shoulders, showing Diaan the doorway to enter the house. Carson then rounded the car and lead the way into the house.

Diaan stepped in and gasped slightly. Memories started flitting back at such a speed she felt dizzy.

Zac held his mother firmly until she regained her bearings.

Upon noticing the concerned looks of Carson and the twins, Diaan said, “Sorry. I just had a few of my memories return.”

Diaan then walked further in and did a 360° on the spot. Carson then led the group passed the spacious kitchen and into the living room.

As soon as she stepped into the living room, Diaan was overcome with emotion. She started crying and Zac led her to a sofa to sit down.

Once she had calmed herself down somewhat, she said, “Carson, you haven’t changed a thing.”

Carson shrugged and said, “I never saw the point. Wanted to keep the memory of you by not changing anything.”

Diaan’s lip trembled and she turned her head towards the display cabinet. Standing up, she slowly approached the cabinet. Opening the glass barrier, she perused the pictures. The very first picture that caught her eyes was the picture of her parents.

“Otou-san (father)! Okāsan (mother)!” Diaan then took the picture of her parents and grew teary-eyed again. Zac ambled over and Diaan showed him the picture of his late grandparents.

“This is your ojīsan (grandfather) and obaasan (grandmother),” Diaan said with a small smile.

Zac looked at the picture closely and said, “Mom, I’m pretty sure I’m staring at you.”

Diaan laughed and stared at the picture fondly. Carson and the twins approached and stood beside Diaan.

Zac continued, “The only difference between mom and grandma is the eye-colour.”

Carson then said, “Yeah. She inherited those from her father.”

Diaan’s father was quite the handsome man. He had dark brown hair, green eyes and he had quite a defined jaw line. Standing beside his wife, they looked like quite the stunning pair.

Diaan then asked the twins about the rest of the pictures and the eagerly relayed the memory behind the pictures. Carson occasionally stepped in when it came to the baby pictures of the twins as that was something they could not remember.

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable evening. Stories of Diaan and Carson were shared, and Zac and the twins listened with rapt attention.

It was nearing seven in the evening, when the twin’s and Zac’s stomachs rumbled.

Carson laughed and said, “I’ll get supper ready.”

Diaan immediately offered to help when Carson said, “Don’t worry about it, the kids would love to spend more time with you.”

Diaan nodded and Carson found himself leaning against the kitchen counter and breathing heavily. He had not had the chance to come to terms with everything yet.

He literally found out his wife was alive that afternoon and everything was a rush of information after that. Everything she had endured… Carson clenched his fists in anger. What annoyed Carson to no end was the fact that she and Zac had been right in front of him all this time! If only he had paid more attention when the twins kept going on about the Blue models. If only he had bothered to look at who exactly his children were carrying on about. Would he have recognised her, though? From what he has heard, this was the first time she was without her hair dyed and her contacts not in. He knew that models wear makeup so that would have also aided her in concealing her true appearance.

He felt so angry. Their lives had been ruined all because of Diaan’s cousin. Taking a deep, calming breath, Carson slowly exhaled.

“Let’s focus on the now, Darcy!” Carson then turned around and started preparing one of Diaan’s favourite dishes.

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