I Must Confess

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I promise you that!

Zac was standing by the window in the office he and his mother were situated in and stuck his face right against the window. He watched as someone on a black motorbike came speeding down the road and turned onto their driveway. The bike was allowed past the security gates and came to a halt right in front of the front door.

The kickstand was kicked up and the person removed their helmet to reveal a woman. The woman was wearing a black leather jacket, dark skinny jeans and leather boots. The woman tossed her hair behind her and started for the mansion.

Zac turned to his mother who was seated behind a huge, oak desk and asked, “Is that Aunt Samantha?”

His mother glanced at him and kept her face blank, “Yes.”

Zac ambled to his mother’s side and hastily pulled out a chair beside her. They heard footsteps stop right in front of the office door and a knock was heard.

“Ms. Blue? A Ms. Samantha is here to see you. Shall I direct her in?” the housekeeper asked through the door.

“Please do,” Diaan called back.

Not even two minutes had passed when they heard the door handle creak and watched as Samantha entered the office. Her gaze first landed on her cousin and then on Zac.

Closing the door behind her, she confidently strode to the leather chair in front of the desk and sat down.

“Jessica,” Samantha said with a small smile, “A new look I see.”

Diaan cast her cousin an unamused look, “I can say the same about you.”

Samantha had her hair dyed blonde and had blue contacts in. Her skin was naturally tanned, she had a slender frame and was of medium height.

“It comes with the job,” Samantha said with a wave of her hand before she cast her gaze to Zac, “Zac, right? It’s nice to officially meet you.”

Zac just nodded at his aunt. He didn’t particularly like the lady and knew it would be apparent in his tone so he resorted to keeping quiet.

Samantha looked back at her cousin and said, “I plan on ending things next week. A summary: Stacey is a key member of the countries’ largest drug syndicate. The evidence I have gathered over the last decade is going to put her and all those involved away for good. In fact, they may even get the death penalty, which is what we’re aiming for. They’ve been doing a lot of illegal work, human trafficking being one of it.”

Diaan cocked a brow, leaned back in her seat, crossed her arms, and said, “That would explain how she got me all the way to Gallo without a trace.”

Samantha leaned back in her seat as well and crossed her legs, “Yes. It took me a while but I managed to track her. That’s when my team found you. We took you to the hospital and kept everything under wraps. Will was one of the agents sent to stay by your side.”

Diaan scoffed, “So much for that. He’s been reporting what we’ve been doing to Stacey all along. The plan of making Stacey believe that I was in another part of the world when I wasn’t failed.”

Samantha blew out a breath, “I’m aware yes. It’s such a shame. I’m curious as to how much he was offered.”

Zac finally spoke up, “You say you plan on ending this in a week, how?”

Samantha regarded her nephew before saying, “I’m going to give her my location, of course. She has been trying to track me all these years so there’s no way she’ll pass this opportunity up. Of course she’ll have an ambush ready.”

Samantha then smirked and said, “I have prepared a task team for this very occasion. Since I will be dictating the where and when, I will have a detailed layout of the building. My team will take her goons out while she screams her head off at me. I’m hoping she pulls out a gun and fires a shot, because that means we are legally allowed to shoot her and hopefully kill her.”

Zac’s fists clenched and he asked, “Why did you do it?”

When he saw the confusion on his aunt’s face, he elaborated, “Why did you do what you did to her? She snapped because of you! She killed my grandparents because of you! She ruined our lives because of YOU!”

Samantha observed Zac for a few minutes before saying, “While I’m a firm believer that people should be held accountable for their own actions, and that they choose how to react in a situation, I do agree that my part in all of this was pivotal. I do not, however, take the blame for what she has done. That was all her.”

Diaan then asked, “How sure are you that this plan of yours will work?”

“I’m one hundred percentage positive it will work.”

“And if she one ups you?” Zac asked sceptically, trying to rein in his anger.

Samantha smirked, “I’m sure she’ll try, but you see, I have experience in this sort of thing. It’s part of my job. If I happen to die…well, then so be it. You see, Stacey is overcome with the need for revenge. And revenge is quite a fickle thing indeed. It blindsides a person and that’s exactly what my aim is: to blindside her. Her desire for revenge makes it easier to manipulate her. She will come, with backup of course, but knowing her tendency to throw caution to the wind, she may even come alone.”

Diaan shocked both Zac and Samantha when she firmly said, “I’m coming with you.”

“What?” Samantha and Zac asked in unison.

“Mom, what? It’s dangerous!” Zac pleaded.

Diaan looked straight at Samantha when she said, “That woman has ruined my life. I want to watch her bleed. I want to be there when the light in her eyes die. I want to witness her last breath.”

The venom in his mother’s voice astounded Zac. He had never heard his mother speak with such malice before. Her jaw was clenched and Zac could only imagine the hatred his mother felt for Stacey.

Zac, firm in his resolve, then said, “Then I’m coming too.”

Diaan was about to argue when he said, “I’m coming with you, mom. I too wish to see her get what’s coming for her.”

Samantha clapped her hands then, “Okay then. That settles that. You will be required to wear a mic on your person as well as a bulletproof vest. A consent form will also have to be signed, for legal purposes, of course.”

“I’ll do whatever. I’ll even provoke Stacey to shoot at us, anything to see her die before my very eyes,” Diaan said darkly. Zac, a bit intimated, agreed with his mother. If anyone deserved retribution, it was his mother.

“You will get your life back by next week, Jess. I promise you that. I will make all of this up to you.”

©Crimson B

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