I Must Confess

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Quality time

Kailey dropped Zac off at school - as per usual. He stepped out of the car and made his way inside the building with a heavy heart. School was the last place that he wanted to be. He wanted to be with his mother and his aunt. Considering the discussion they had the day before, Zac would definitely not be able to focus in class.

He had explained how useless it was that he go to school if he could not even concentrate and his mother had just passed him an unamused look. He knew that his mother would not change her mind and he just frowned when his mother happily wished him a lovely day at school. She knew he didn’t want to go to school and was purposefully over-enthusiastic, thoroughly enjoying his unenthusiastic mood.

Zac trudged to the white building while grumbling under his breath. He was deep in thought when he was suddenly pushed forward. He immediately turned around and came face-to-face with two smirking individuals.

“Why the long face, brother?” Jane asked, hanging her arm around Zac’s neck.

Zac just sighed and gave his siblings a small smile, “You’ll find out why later this evening.”

Jake and Jane immediately straightened out and Jake said, “That doesn’t sound good at all.”

Sighing, Zac said, “Well it’s good news and bad news.”

The twins cast each other wary glances and the trio made their way into the building in silence.

The twins got a lift with Zac home and eagerly ran into the mansion. Their mother had just walked out of the kitchen when she saw them running into the foyer.

She beamed at them and they hastily walked over to her and hugged her. Zac came in soon after and just pulled his face at his mother. Laughing, Diaan let the twins go and pouted at Zac, “And how was school, Zac? I know how much you were looking forward to it.”

Zac just jokingly turned his nose up at his mother and walked to the staircase that lead to his room. Diaan laughed and told the twins that she was on her way to the garden and asked if they would like to join her. The twins eagerly agreed and followed Diaan out to the garden.

They walked up to a small table surrounded by chairs and proceeded to sit down. There was some fruit and juice on the table as well and Diaan told them to help themselves.

Diaan watched as her children took a few fruit pieces and asked, “So…burn any more labs lately?”

The twins immediately groaned and Jake said, “Out of all the things that dad could’ve said about us.”

“I mean, he could’ve told mom about some of our redeeming qualities. But no, he goes and says that,” Jane added with a huff.

Diaan just laughed in amusement and said, “He has said plenty of good stuff about you two.”

The twins looked at their mother sceptically and Jake asked, “Oh yeah? Like what?”

Diaan tapped her chin thoughtfully and snapped her fingers, “He said how you both used to throw your vegetables at each other when you were toddlers. He also mentioned that you both used to scare the other children during day-care. Oh! And how he could never go grocery shopping with you both because you would both try and run off in different directions.”

“None of those are good things,” Jane grumbled while shoving a grape in her mouth.

“It is stories that I enjoy hearing about. I imagine the entire thing in my head and laugh when I imagine how your father must’ve wanted to pull his hair out,” Diaan said with a light chuckle.

The twins laughed as well. Jake then said, “I’m actually surprised that he’s not grey yet.”

Jane burst out laughing and conspiratorially whispered, “I’m actually convinced that he is, and that he just dye’s his hair his natural colour to deceive us.”

Diaan snorted and said, “I’d love to see his reaction to that particular remark.”

They heard footsteps approaching them and they all turned around to see Zac walking towards them. He had changed out of his school uniform and was dressed casually in a pair of shorts and a short-sleeved t-shirt.

Once he had reached them, Jane said to their mother, “Zac mentioned that we’ll be told some good and bad news?”

Diaan sighed as she leaned her chin into her palm, “We’ll wait till your father gets here before saying anything.”

The twins nodded and eagerly asked Diaan about her time as a model.

Diaan looked thoughtfully out at the various trees and plants scattered around the massive garden.

“It was not bad, I suppose. Since Zac came with me to almost every photoshoot, I was offered many mother-son deals. He would be standing next to me, wearing the same thing as me. That was how we became so famous. People loved the mother-son concept and wanted to see more. We had various photoshoots across the world and all of them had a different theme. We did occasionally have separate photoshoot’s but those were few and far in between,” Diaan said, reminiscing.

“We’ve seen a few of those pictures, yes,” Jake said and then went on, “The themes were really eye-catching and I could definitely see why it was such a hit.”

Diaan looked at the twins curiously and asked, “Zac told me that you two were huge fans of ours. How did you even become our fans? We weren’t that interesting.”

Jane scrunched her face in thought, “Now that I know you’re our mother, I guess that was what kind of drew us to you two. However, we only found out who you two were when you were on that one celebrity variety show. I think it was a show where celebrities came with their kids and everyone partook in various challenges until one group came out as the victor. It was a really fun show and, if I recall properly, you two came in third place.”

Zac smiled at the memory, “Oh yes, I remember that! And yes, we did place third.”

“All because Zac went and tripped over nothing while we were racing the other contestants,” Diaan teased.

Zac sank in his seat in defeat, “I’m never going to live that down.”

“Nope!” Diaan said while beaming at him.

“Ms. Blue?” the housemaid called from the garden entrance, “Mr. Darcy is here for the twins.”

Diaan nodded and said, “Okay. Thank you. We’ll be right there.”

The twins sighed and Zac said, “He’s definitely not going to like the conversation we’re about to have.”

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