I Must Confess

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Change of scenery

“Wasn’t that awesome?” thirteen-year-old Zac asked his mother, eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Maybe if I can go back and fetch my organs,” Diaan said, pretending to puke.

“Whatever, I’m hungry,” Zac said, rolling his eyes at his mother’s antics.

“There’s a hot dog place down there, want some?” Diaan asked Zac, pointing in the direction of the hotdog stand.

“Hell yeah!” Zac whooped before he realised that his mother was already running towards the stand.

“Race you there!” Diaan shouted belatedly, laughing at Zac’s angry face as he tried to catch up with his fit mother.

“You’re such a sweet boy, offering to buy your sister a hotdog. Most siblings don’t do that for each other anymore,” the lady behind the hotdog stand said to Zac, pointing in Diaan’s direction where she was seated at a table.

“Actually, that’s my mom,” Zac said, taking his food and leaving the lady speechless behind him.

This wasn’t anything new to Zac; people often mistook Diaan as his older sister. But who could blame them? Diaan was a world renowned supermodel. Since she had the looks and the body, anybody would assume that she was way younger than what she really was.

Over the past few years Diaan had changed her appearance by always wearing colour contacts and having her hair dyed all the time. Zac couldn’t remember how his mother looked with her normal hair at times.

Zac himself took after his mother’s good looks. He had her dark hair, olive skin and even her green eyes. His body was also very built and lean for a thirteen-year-old. He was a part time model and would often go from country to country with his mother for their photo shoots together which is why he had to work out. The Blues had a huge fan base and often had to wear disguises when in public.

When he reached his mother at the corner table at the carnival he immediately relayed the story to her. Diaan just laughed and dug into her food.

Zac watched his mother in awe, wondering how in the world she stayed so strong even though she raised him all by herself. He knew about his mothers’ condition and is still upset about it. Over the past few years he watched as his mother dated men but it never lasted for long. Her current boyfriend, Will, is her longest boyfriend thus far and they seem very happy.

Diaan’s phone started ringing, bringing Zac out of his thoughts. He watched as she answered her phone and when the call ended he immediately pounced on her.

“Who was that?”

Diaan sighed and said, “It was Kailey. She wants to discuss something with me.”

1 hour later

“And? What did aunt Kailey say?” Zac asked his mother as soon as he saw her leave Kailey’s office.

“Well, some TV show wants me to co-host the show with another celebrity,” Diaan said sheepishly.

“That’s great news!” Zac said, “So why do you look so guilty?”

“It means I’ll have to leave you with Kailey, Zac,” Diaan told him slowly.

“And since you’re starting high school next month, you can’t travel everywhere with me anymore. Kailey is settling down in Drase and running her business from there. She said you can stay with her over there and attend school there. You already missed out on going to primary school because of our hectic schedules, I won’t let you miss out on high school as well. It will be different but this is for the best.”

Zac just stared at her, the gears in his head working way too slowly, “Wait, if I’m staying with aunt Kailey in Drase then where are you going to be?”

Diaan smiled at him fondly before replying, “I’m going to be busy with the TV show for about a year and a half because I’m hosting it for more than one season. I should be able to visit you in Drase every now and then in the next year and a half though.”

Zac was appalled, “I will barely be seeing you for a year and a half?!”

Diaan kissed his forehead and said, “I’m sorry baby. I’m coming with you to Drase though. I’ll be staying for two weeks to help you settle in and then I’ll be on my way. And don’t worry; Will is coming with me.”

Zac sighed in relief, knowing that his mother is in safe hands. “Okay, a change of scenery is never a bad thing,” he said optimistically.

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