I Must Confess

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Filthy scum!

Stacey wore a huge grin on her face as she entered her hotel room. She had just received their new product and was eager to sample it.

Shaking the bag of small pills in her hand, she tittered, “Drugs kills you, huh? Then how the hell are me and so many other people still alive? Tch, the world would be such a happier place if everyone just took these opioids. It makes you feel so good.”

Stacey’s smile dropped and she said, “I don’t remember ever feeling good before.”

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts from her dark past, Stacey ambled over to her settee. She was just about to sit down when she noticed an envelope perched neatly against the hotel magazines on the glass table in front of her.

Stacey narrowed her eyes and looked around her hotel room in suspicion. She quickly got up and went to her balcony. She noticed nothing out of the ordinary but still pulled her curtains closed. She then did a quick survey of her room to check for a mic or hidden cameras. Once she was satisfied that she was not being watched, she cautiously picked up the envelope.

Ripping the envelope open, she couldn’t help but smile at the contents. Her smile widened and she started laughing. Her laughter turned hysterical and she almost screamed, “FINALLY! Oh finally! Samantha. Samantha. Samantha. I finally drew you out, did I? Yes, I’ll meet you there! I can’t wait to finally get my hands on you, you filthy scum!”

In the room right next door to where Stacey was staying were two agents. They had set up a device that allowed them to hear everything that Stacey was saying. One of the agents picked up their phone and immediately called Samantha.

Once the call connected, the agent said, “She received it.”

“Good,” Samantha drawled, “What was her reaction?”

The agent candidly said, “She was ecstatic. Said she would meet you there. She even went as far as calling you a filthy scum.”

Samantha laughed, unfazed, “Excited is she? Hmm. Keep me posted. She will definitely be making contact with her people. We need to be ten steps ahead at all times.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The call disconnected and Samantha smirked, “Stacey, you degenerate. Your time has come and I’ll be the undertaker.”

Samantha was in her temporary base in Drase and had a whole wall of monitors in front of her. She had cameras on everything. She even linked herself up to the cameras at Zac’s school.

Sitting down in her armchair behind a huge desk, Samantha folded her hands under her chin. She ran the plan through her head and let her mind’s eye play it like a movie to her. The various scenarios ran through her head but one thing remained clear in all of them: Stacey dying.

Samantha was extremely sure that Stacey would play right into her hands. Immobilising the people Stacey brought with would be no problem. Getting Stacey to get so angry that she shoots at Samantha herself would also be no problem.

Opening her eyes, Samantha sighed. Her only concern in this entire plan was that her cousin and nephew also wanted to be there. While she was certain that her plan would work, she was not blind to the prospect of things going out of control. She had promised to get her cousin her life back and that was not something she took lightly.

“If anything happens, getting them to safety is my first concern. The situation will have to come second,” Samantha murmured.

Looking at the documents on her desk, Samantha sifted through them and made sure all the copies of it were also where they needed to be. On the day of her reunion with Stacey, she would have one of her colleagues distribute the documents to the relevant parties. It was a safety tactic. If anything were to happen to Samantha, she had to ensure that all her hard work was not lost. All the evidence she had accumulated was already by the relevant parties. What she had in front of her would just put the nail in the coffin. None of the people who were part of the drug syndicate would live to see another day with all this evidence.

Narrowing her eyes at one of the monitors, Samantha watched as her nephew got into a SUV and left the school grounds. She waited and finally saw another car following the one Zac had just gotten into.

“Good,” Samantha said, “Nothing must happen to any of them.”

Samantha looked up as one of her agents walked into the control room and noted the smirk on the agent’s face.

“What?” Samantha asked, cocking a brow.

The female agent just smiled wider, “Seems like Stacey got so happy that she took two too many pills and knocked herself out.”

Samantha burst out laughing, “If we don’t kill her first, she’ll end up killing herself.”

The agent laughed, “Definitely. Quite frankly, I’m surprised she’s still alive.”

Samantha rolled her eyes, “Me too. I was hoping the drugs would’ve killed her off a long time ago. Hopefully she wakes up without finding herself in the hospital. What a pain that would be.”

The agent said seriously, “I will wake her up myself to ensure that she makes it in time to meet you.”

Samantha smirked, “Going to smack her awake, hey? Or maybe kick her in the ribs and maybe break her nose?”

“Was thinking of maybe just shooting her in the arms or something,” the agent said, looking off into the distance as if imagining the whole thing.

“Well, if it comes to that, you have my consent. I don’t care if she’s missing a few limbs as long as she’s there. There are people who are expecting to watch her die in front of them and I cannot let them down,” Samantha said and once again looked down at her documents.

“Are those…?” the agent trailed off.

Samantha looked up and sighed, “Yes. All our hard work has paid off. These people are going to get what’s coming for them. The lives they’ve ruined, the families they’ve destroyed…the list goes on. How do they even sleep at night?”

“Their conscience died a long time ago. And if it didn’t, the drugs helped ensure that it did,” the agent said distastefully.

Samantha looked in front of her in disbelief, “In a week this will really all be over. This nightmare is going to finally come to an end.”

“Yes, it’s really happening. After all your hard work, you deserve a break after this whole ordeal is over with,” the agent said, giving Samantha a small smile.

Samantha gave the agent a broken smile in return, “I don’t deserve anything. After this I have to make everything up to my cousin. I have to ensure her safety and her smooth transition into her old life considering her status as a celebrity. I know she will never forgive me but I have to try. She lost everything because of me. And that is something I can never forgive myself for.”

The agent said nothing, sensing the seriousness of the moment and they both turned their gazes to the monitors in front of them. How their lives would all change in just a week.

©Crimson B

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