I Must Confess

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Diaan and Zac arrived at an abandoned building and saw a few other cars there as well. They had taken so many detours and side turns to ensure that they were not being followed. The vehicle they were in drove further onto a gravel road and disappeared under a covered parking area.

The driver motioned for Diaan and Zac to get out of the vehicle and directed them to a mouldy door. Ripping the door open, they came across a lift. The driver pressed a passcode into a hidden keypad and the lift doors opened. Gesturing for Diaan and Zac to get in, the driver pressed another passcode in and the lift doors closed. Diaan and Zac felt the lift descending and warily looked at one another.

The lift finally came to a stop and the sight that met the mother-son duo left them gaping. They were in what looked like a control room. It was filled with modern technology and not a spec of mould could be found anywhere.

“Guess this is why it’s called a hideout, no-one would think something like this is situated right beneath a depilated building,” Zac murmured to his mother. Diaan managed to nod at Zac’s statement but her gaze was drawn to the monitors.

She noticed Kailey’s mansion and Zac’s school on two of the monitors and quirked her brow, “We were being watched, I see.”

“Not watched,” a voice from the side said, “protected.”

Diaan looked in the direction of the voice and saw Samantha striding in. She was wearing a black pants-suit and briefly spoke into her earpiece. A few steps behind Samantha was Carson, the twins and a few agents. The twins were looking at their surroundings in awe and beamed when they saw their mother and brother.

After the Blue’s and Darcy’s greeted one another, Samantha called them all to a square table. She pressed a button on the side of the table and a 4D model of an abandoned building appeared. Turning her hand, Samantha got the 4D model to turn as well.

“This is where we will be meeting Stacey,” Samantha started, “According to a few of my agents, Stacey plans on bringing five snipers and ten gunmen. That is all her boss is allowing her to bring, at least. Her loyalty has earned her to get that many people to back her up for non-related work issues. We’re lucky that she is only allowed to get that few. As you know, we’ll have drone’s circulating the area, discreetly of course. We’ll be able to see where all the gunmen and snipers will be hiding. That is where our agents come in. They will all have silencers on their semi-automatics and so on so as not to alert Stacey. Once they have taken all her backup out, we will start provoking Stacey and pushing her to shoot at us.”

Carson and the twins looked appalled. Samantha ignored their looks and continued, “Diaan and Zac, you already know about wearing a bulletproof vest. When she does shoot, she will most probably aim for Zac first, therefore Zac will be standing directly next to me. You, cousin, will be on my other side. That way I’ll be able to jump in front of either of you. A few of our agents will be standing close-by as well so as soon as Stacey shoots, they will shoot.”

Looking up, Samantha directed her gaze to Carson and the twins and said, “While it’s not ideal, you will be situated in a van a few blocks away from where we will be. The van will be protected so you don’t have to worry about that. Since we will be wearing mics on our person, you will be able to hear everything that is being said while having a visual on all that is going on. The agents will also be linked to the same line of communication so that we are all informed of what is happening at the same time.”

Samantha walked around the table and approached her desk in the middle of the room. Opening the draw, she pulled out two documents and two pens. She walked back over to the group situated around the 4D model and handed the documents over to Zac and Diaan.

“These are the consent forms,” Samantha said sombrely, “While we will ensure your safety, our organisation will not be held liable if anything happens to you as it was upon your insistence that you come with. That being said, I will make sure that nothing happens to you both. You are my number one priority.”

Diaan and Zac took the documents and felt the gravity of the situation weigh down on them. Diaan didn’t even look at the documents when she signed and handed it back to Samantha.

Samantha pointed to a section in Zac’s document and said, “Since he’s a minor still, you will have to sign for him as well, Diaan.”

Zac saw his mother’s hesitance and knew that if anything were to happen to him, she would blame herself. Zac held his mother’s arm and gently said, “Mom, this was my decision. I chose to come with you. Please, just sign.”

Diaan’s jaw clenched but she nodded her head and slowly lifted her pen to sign. Carson and the twins were watching the entire situation silently. They felt overwhelmed and thoroughly paranoid. They would possibly lose Diaan and Zac in this whole ordeal, or they would all manage to come out unscathed and get their lives back on track. There was no in-between in this situation.

Samantha nodded once she received the signed documents and nodded to one of her agents who then brought over two bulletproof vests and two mics.

“All of you will be sleeping over here for the night – as a safety precaution. Tomorrow morning we will convene here again before we leave,” Samantha said gravely.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Jane murmured. Carson sighed before he looked at his wife and son. He gave them a sad smile when he said, “Please come back to us safely.”

“Yeah. Like you said, mom, we have a lot we need to do – together,” Jake added morosely.

Zac then said, “If everything goes well, we will definitely be coming back to you all safely.”

Carson grabbed Zac and pulled him in for a hug, “You better, son.”

Zac hugged his father and said nothing. They pulled apart and Samantha then said, “I’ll have you all shown to your rooms. Get an early night’s rest because we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

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