I Must Confess

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Aim and fire!

The following morning, Zac found himself in a blacked out SUV with his mother and aunt. The entire car ride was silent which amplified the sound of Zac’s heartbeat. He cast his gaze out the window and kept it there for the rest of the ride. They had all put their mics and bulletproof vests on beneath their clothing. Zac and his mother were also given an earpiece that was strategically hidden.

Zac noticed the car turn onto an empty road and anxiously watched as they approached the abandoned building that would determine their fate. Samantha, Diaan and Zac all got out of the car and watched as the driver drove back the way they came.

“Guess there’s no going back now,” Zac audibly gulped.

“Nope,” Samantha said while turning her glare to the building in front of her.

“Ms. Blanche,” they all heard a voice say through their earpieces, “We’re in position. Stacey is not here yet but we have caught movement on the fifth floor of the building. A few agents are securing the perimeter as we speak.”

“Good,” Samantha said, without really moving her lips. Turning to Zac and Diaan, Samantha said, “Let’s go on in, shall we? Seems our guest will be a bit late.”

Samantha led them to the centre of the building and into the courtyard. Zac squinted up at the sun glaring down at them and immediately drew his gaze to the fifth floor. He vaguely wondered if his aunt’s agents had apprehended or killed whoever was there.

“She’s arrived,” an agent said before going mute again.

“I didn’t think you’d be here before me, Samantha. I must say, you haven’t changed a bit,” a voice echoed from the opposite side of the courtyard.

Squinting into the shadows, Zac saw a figure slowly approaching them. Once the figure stepped out of the shadows, Zac immediately committed the person’s face to memory.

“Stacey, it’s been a while. And I can’t say the same about you because you look like shit,” Samantha drawled.

Stacey glared at Samantha and snarled, “No thanks to you!”

Casting her gaze to Samantha’s left, Stacey smiled sinisterly, “I see you brought your cousin. Long time no see, Jessica. Oh wait – its Diaan now, isn’t it? And Zac, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

Diaan felt her jaw clench but she said nothing. Zac just glared in Stacey’s direction while the latter just focused on Samantha again.

“I’ve come here today to read you your list of sins,” Samantha started, self-righteously.

Stacey rolled her eyes and said, “Spare me. The devil reading my sins is quite ironic, if I do say so myself.”

Samantha, eager to be done with the entire ordeal, said, “We’ve been tracking your movements for the last couple of years and what we’ve found is quite interesting.”

Upon noting Stacey’s confusion, Samantha smirked, “We know all about the drug syndicate that you’re a part of. We know about the human trafficking as well. We also know about your substance abuse. The list goes on. Quite frankly, it’s a pity we didn’t have this information when you were put away for kidnapping my cousin and for being found guilty of the murder of Juliet and Jeffrey Blanche. This, on top of your past crimes, would no doubt get you the death penalty.”

“There will be no death penalty, Sam. This is what’s going to happen: I’m going to kill Zac first, then I’m going to kill your cousin and then I’m going to go after the other two brats that I’ve seen with Zac. I’m going to make you watch the entire thing, Sam, and then I’m going to rip each of your nails off one by one. I’ll then proceed to cut your tongue out and burn the skin on your face. Next I will cut your ear off -”

“As descriptive, and as amusing as it is to listen to you spew crap, I realised how much I actually appreciated not having had to hear your voice all these years. You’re still such an annoying person. One would think people grow out of that…alas,” Samantha rudely interrupted Stacey.

Whipping out a gun, Samantha said, “Now here’s how this is actually going to go. You confess to your sins and I deliver you the death penalty.”

“I must confess,” Stacey said with a wicked grin, “That I really do want to rip your head off.”

“Ms. Blanche, all of her backup has been apprehended. However, one of her snipers are still missing,” one of the agent’s said.

Samantha clenched her jaw and tightened her hold around her gun. ‘Having a sniper on the loose is not good,’ Samantha thought to herself. She watched as Stacey quickly whipped out a handgun and fired a shot.

“Ugh,” Diaan groaned, the impact of the bullet hurting her. As per the plan, she fell down and curled into a foetal position.

“Mom,” Zac called out, rushing to his mother’s side to keep up appearances.

Stacey smirked and said, “It was quite dumb of you to have brought them out here with you, Sam. Huh, and here I thought you were smarter than that.”

Samantha smirked as she spotted the fake blood coating the floor crimson. Zac’s wails sounded so real that had Samantha not known he was acting, she would’ve thought that he was actually really distraught.

“Actually, you’re the one being played here Stacey. You know how you said you’ll kill my family? Well, go on ahead. They were brought with me as diversions. They’re pawns in this entire thing. I knew you wouldn’t kill me here. Your plan has always been to take me with you so that you can torture me at your leisure,” Samantha said aggravatingly slowly.

Sensing the condescension in Samantha’s voice, Stacey saw red and screamed, “You truly are the devil. I spiralled into the darkness because of YOU! I lost what little I had because of YOU! I became dependant on opioids just so that I could feel happy until that too faded.”

Stacey’s voice broke but she refused to cry, “You have no idea how much you’ve ruined my life. Your comment caused people to turn their backs on me and all for what? All for WHAT? For something that should not even have been theirs to have an issue over! I was an outcast because of you. I couldn’t tell anybody about you being bi because they wouldn’t believe me, they would just think that I’m trying to bring you down with me! You rich really make me sick. You have no care for the people you trample on just to save your own skins. I HATE YOU! If the devil ever had a minion it would surely have been you.”

With that, Stacey fired a shot, and aimed it right at Samantha’s chest.

©Crimson B

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