I Must Confess

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Missing sniper

Samantha clenched her jaw from the impact of the bullet that hit her and gave a slight nod to the agent waiting for her signal.

“Thank you for that touching monologue, you may die now,” Samantha said with a smirk and watched as Stacey’s eyes widened.

Shots resounded from the second floor and Stacey looked down to see her white sweater get stained a dark shade of crimson. She looked up at the second floor and saw one of Samantha’s agents.

Seeing Stacey frown, Samantha said, “Your backup got taken out a long time ago. I was always one step ahead of you.”

“How?” Stacey gasped, and felt herself swaying.

“Like I said,” Samantha said, “We’ve been watching you for years. I knew exactly how many people you were bringing with today. I even knew where you were placing them.”

At that moment, one of Samantha’s agents said, “We still haven’t found the last sniper.”

“Fvck,” Samantha said under her breath, “Call Ivy, where are the drones?”

“They’re flying around but the sniper has somehow evaded it,” another agent said, out of breath.

“Keep searching,” Samantha hissed, “We’re open targets over here!”

Diaan finally got up, all pretences over, and took out a gun that was handed to her earlier that morning. Aiming for Stacey’s arm that held a gun, she rapidly fired. After rendering the one arm useless, Diaan shot Stacey’s other arm as well.

Samantha felt her brows raise and said, “Nice aim.”

Stacey’s arms were now rendered useless and she fell to her knees. With blood spurting out of her mouth, she ominously said, “You will get what’s coming for you, Samantha. Mark my words: this isn’t over.”

Stacey fell onto her side and struggled to breathe. The trio watched her gasp for breath and felt satisfaction flow through their veins as soon as she took her last breath. Blood was rapidly pouring out of her body, but the trio didn’t bother sticking around to witness the show.

“Where could that sniper be?” Zac asked while looking in every direction.

Samantha grunted, held her torso and said, “That’s going to leave such a nasty bruise.”

“The driver is here,” another agent said through their earpieces.

Samantha looked back at the way they came and grabbed Diaan and Zac, “Let’s go! We’re sitting ducks over here with that sniper still on the loose!”

The trio made a mad dash to the vehicle in front of the building. Samantha got into the passenger seat and Diaan and Zac threw themselves into the back seat. The driver immediately put the car into gear and sped off.

“Ivy,” Samantha called while holding her hand over her earpiece.

“Yes, Ms. Blanche?” a lady said through the earpiece.

Samantha looked at all the building tops that they were rapidly passing and said, “How do we not have eyes on that sniper still?”

“Either they were a sniper short or that sniper must have noticed the drones earlier and kept an eye out for it,” Ivy explained, “I’m searching the perimeter and all nearby buildings as we speak.”

The driver of the vehicle stepped on the gas as soon as they hit the highway.

Zac found himself anxiously looking around. There were still quite a few buildings surrounding them and he knew that the sniper could have a clear view of them from the many vantage points offered.

“Still nothing,” Samantha gritted out while looking on her phone, “You shouldn’t have taken this turn off!”

The driver cast Samantha a glance and said, “This was the route I was told to follow.”

“Who gave you those orders?” Samantha practically shouted, “We’re an open target here! There’s no place for us to safely pull over either!”

“One of your agents gave me the route right before I came here,” the driver explained nervously.

“One of my agents?” Samantha murmured, “Did they say their name?”

“Yes,” the driver said, “He said his name is Will.”

Diaan felt all the air leave her lungs. Zac himself paled when he realised that the man who he had looked up to all these years was in on trying to have them killed.

“How could he just…?” Zac trailed off in utter despair.

Diaan clenched her jaw and stared out of the window with a piercing glare, “You think you know somebody…”

“We found the sniper!” Ivy shouted through their earpieces, “They are in one of the buildings not too far off from the highway. I’m sending the co-ordinates now.”

“Shit,” they heard a few agents say before the sounds of car doors slamming was heard.

“It’s going to be too late,” Samantha said as she stared into the distance, “So this is what Stacey meant when she said it’s not over yet.”

Scoffing to herself, Samantha murmured, “Somehow Will must have foreseen us one upping them and decided to place the last sniper elsewhere.”

“I want an all-round search for ex-agent, Will, when this is all over. I know we were already looking for him but make it a top priority!” Samantha barked, “He will be charged with subversion!”

A chorus of, “Yes, ma’am,” was heard and Samantha nodded.

“Now what?” the driver anxiously asked.

Samantha cast the man beside her a deadpanned look and said, “We have no choice but to keep on driving now. We’re on the highway, for crying out loud!”

“Mom,” Zac said nervously as he glanced out of the back window.

Diaan looked at her son and asked, “What’s wrong, Zac?”

Zac looked at his mother and nervously asked, “Did you hear that sound just now?”

Just as Zac asked that question they all heard a loud popping sound and Samantha whipped around in her seat.

“What was that?” Samantha demanded.

“The sniper took a shot,” Ivy said anxiously through their earpieces, “It looks like they are aiming for the tyres!”

“Shit,” Diaan and Samantha said in unison.

The car was already breaking the speed limits when they heard another loud popping sound. Whipping her head in the driver’s direction, Samantha screamed, “Off the accelerator and start breaking! Slowly! We don’t want the car to spiral out of control!”

They heard a scuffle through their earpieces when one of the agents said, “We got the sniper!”

“A little too late to celebrate that now,” Samantha said as exactly what she had said a few minutes prior came true.

“The steering wheel feels like it’s pulling!” the driver said with widened eyes as he struggled to gain control over it.

“The tyres are busted that’s why! They’re no longer aligned because of the sniper shooting at them!” Samantha said as she whipped her head to look at the tyres in the side mirror.

The group in the SUV watched in horror as the vehicle went over a pothole and spiralled out of control.

©Crimson B

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