I Must Confess

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~ A few hours earlier ~

Carson and the twins found themselves in a huge, black panel van. The left side of the van was lined with monitors. These monitors were connected to the drones that were circling the building where the reunion was taking place. There were two agents inside the van as well who gave Carson and the twins a silent nod.

Situated in front of the monitors was a lady with cropped, black hair, wire-framed glasses and a head-piece. The lady was dark of complexion and was a lot shorter than the twins. She greeted them with a kind smile and showed them to the three empty seats beside her.

“I’m Ivy,” the lady introduced herself. Carson shook her hand and introduced himself and the twins.

They all took a seat and kept an eye on the monitors. They saw a few of Samantha’s agents enter the building and had to only wait a few minutes before they saw Stacey’s backup pull up and warily look around.

Ivy squinted at the one camera and said into her earpiece, “Looks like a few of them are headed to the fifth floor. One of the snipers are going to the building in front of where you all are now.”

“Got it,” one of the agents said through the speaker where Carson and the twins could also hear. “We’re heading there now.”

Ivy gave the positions of a few of the other gunmen while she kept searching for the rest of Stacey’s backup. The group watched as a black SUV pulled up and watched as Zac, Diaan and Samantha got out. They watched as the driver drove off and heard Zac say, “Guess there’s no going back now.”

Carson and the twins anxiously watched as the trio on the monitor went inside the abandoned building. They saw another drone strategically place itself on the second floor where they had a perfect view of the courtyard where Diaan, Zac and Samantha were standing.

Another monitor showed a blacked out vehicle appear before Stacey came into view. It was the first time the twins and Carson saw her and they immediately glared at the screen. They watched as she walked inside the building and announced her presence.

They heard the entire exchange with Stacey and Carson clenched his fists when he saw Stacey fire a shot at Diaan. While he and the twins knew she was acting, it didn’t help the anxiety they were all feeling.

Samantha was provoking Stacey and it seemed to have worked as she was shouting at Samantha. They heard and saw Stacey fire a shot at Samantha before her gleeful expression dropped. It was as if the prospect of Samantha wearing a bulletproof vest never even crossed her mind at all.

Shots resounded and they watched in silence as Stacey’s sweater was being stained with her blood. What really shocked Carson and the twins was when they saw Diaan get up and shoot both of Stacey’s arms. While they understood her anger and resentment, the fact that she was willingly shooting Stacey and that she had no expression while doing so, made the twins and Carson feel a bit uneasy.

“Where could that sniper be?” they heard Zac ask and watched as he was frantically looking around.

“The driver is here,” an agent said and the group watched as the trio made a run for the SUV.

Carson and the twins felt themselves relax a bit when they saw the vehicle safely leave the abandoned building.

They heard as Samantha spoke to Ivy and watched as Ivy controlled the drowns and scoured the area. Another drone was hovering high in the air which allowed the group to see the SUV with Samantha, Diaan and Zac. They watched as the vehicle went onto the highway and heard the entire ensuing argument.

“We found the sniper!” Ivy suddenly shouted, “They are in one of the buildings not too far off from the highway. I’m sending the co-ordinates now.”

Carson and the twins watched in horror as the sniper lowered himself into a crouched position and pointed the gun in the direction of the SUV.

“Oh no!” Jane cried as she covered her mouth and watched the sniper fire a shot and miss.

“Mom,” they heard Zac ask, “Did you hear that sound just now?”

Jake felt like vomiting. They watched as the agents finally got to the building where the sniper was situated. They ran up the stairs as quickly as they could but by then the sniper had already fired a few more shots.

It was as if everything happened in slow motion. They watched as the one tyre burst and heard Samantha demand, “What was that?”

“The sniper took a shot,” Ivy said from beside the twins, “It looks like they are aiming for the tyres!”

It was utter chaos after that. The sniper took aim and fired another shot at the back tyre on the right. They heard as Samantha was shouting orders to the driver to slow down, but the car was already going at such a speed prior to the shooting. The group in the van watched in angst as the car started swerving.

“The steering wheel feels like it’s pulling!” they heard the driver half-shout.

Carson put his hands behind his head and felt himself falling apart, “No, please, no.”

“The tyres are busted that’s why! They’re no longer aligned because of the sniper shooting at them!” they heard Samantha shout.

“This cannot be happening,” Jake murmured, “Please, we just got them, please!”

Jane looked at her brother and saw a few tears falling out of his eyes. Seeing her brother cry automatically caused her tear ducts to well over with tears as well. She put her hand over her mouth to stop her sob. Carson felt his eyes misting over but he refused to take his eyes off the screen. As masochistic as it may have seemed, he needed to see the events unfold before his very eyes.

They heard Ivy gasp and watched as she pointed to a pothole in the road.

“No!” Carson shouted. They all watched in horror as the car drove into the pothole and spiralled out of control.

©Crimson B

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