I Must Confess

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Everything happened so fast after the car spiralled out of control. Diaan, who was seated right behind the passenger seat, reached over and hugged Zac. Zac, petrified as he was, gripped his mother back with a bruising force. It felt like minutes, but was in fact mere seconds, when the car hit one of the reinforced concrete pillars of a bridge that went horizontally across the highway.

The passenger side of the car took the entire impact of the crash. Zac felt his head knock into something hard and felt his eyes grow heavy. He looked to the side and saw his mother’s motionless figure and noticed the blood running down her face. He groggily registered a few people screaming from the outside of the car. Sirens were also heard but by then, Zac had lost consciousness.

~ ~ ~

“Today on the news, there was an accident on the Drase highway a few days ago where three were found dead on the scene and one other had sustained severe head and body injuries. The police had identified two of the passengers as the renowned Blue models, Diaan and Zac Blue. It seemed like the car had experienced a tyre burst which caused it to spiral out of control. Authorities say it might have been an attempt on their lives…”

Kailey turned the news on the television off and ran to the bathroom. She emptied the contents of her stomach and started dry heaving. Moving away from the toilet seat, she leaned against the tiled bathroom wall and brought her knees up to her chest and started crying. Her mournful sobs lasted for a good half an hour. Hiccupping, she lethargically picked herself up from the floor and brushed her teeth before she made her way to her bedroom.

Kailey passed the vanity table in her room and noticed how dull her normally vibrant eyes looked. She chocked back another sob and made her way to her walk in closet. She went straight to her black dresses and chose a plain, sleeveless dress.

Kailey quickly slipped into the dress and grabbed a clutch where she stuffed a few pocket-sized tissue packs in. Kailey left her face make-up free and made her way down to the garage. Getting into her black Jeep, she robotically made her way to the Drase graveyard.

Kailey parked her car, switched it off and stared off into the distance. Diaan and Zac were her life. Kailey had no one that she was really close to as most people just pretended to befriend her for her money and contacts. Diaan came as a beacon of light and hope to her. Diaan was the sister and best-friend that she never had.

Kailey started trembling for the loss of her sister. For that was what Diaan had become – her sister. Throwing her head back, she tried to calm herself down.

“Deep breaths, Kailey. Come on, you can do it, deep breaths. In and out,” Kailey said to herself.

Once she felt collected, she heard a knock on her window. She looked out of the window and was met with Jane’s sombre expression. A short distance behind Jane was Jake and Carson.

Getting out of her car, Kailey grabbed Jane and gave her a tight hug. Jane hugged her back just as tightly before they let go of each other.

They walked over to Jake and Carson and they greeted one another. The group walked silently into the graveyard, each of them entertaining their own morbid thoughts. It was a beautiful, sunny day which was quite a contrast to the overall dark mood of the group.

They finally came to two tombstones and halted. The graves had been dug out and they were just awaiting the body of Diaan and Samantha.

A few of Samantha’s colleagues and agents were already there and were gathered in groups. They nodded in the direction of Kailey, Carson and the twins and offered their condolences.

The media was not informed of the date of the funeral procession as the public and paparazzi would have swarmed to the graveyard. Kailey had managed to keep everything under wraps and ensured that only those closest to the Blanche cousins would be there.

Looking at Diaan’s name on the tombstone made everything that much more real to her. Kailey’s face scrunched up and she had to force herself not to cry again.

“Zac,” Kailey felt herself sob, “Zac can’t even be here today.”

Jake and Jane started silently sobbing as soon as they heard Kailey. If they thought that the death of their mother was devastating for them, how would it have been for Zac?

Carson kept his gaze on his wife’s tombstone. It was all surreal to him. Her name prior to her kidnapping and the name she had adopted afterwards were both written on the tombstone. This was the second time that Carson found himself standing before her grave. Although this time it was actually really her that was going to be put in the ground, and not some other person that was speculated to have been her.

Carson felt his lips trembling and he clenched his fists. He had told Diaan that he could not go through losing her again - he had emphatically said it. Yet, he found himself in the exact scenario that had haunted his thoughts. How unfair had life been towards them? It was even more unfair towards his wife. They had only been married for two years when life forced them apart. Now, they had barely seen each other really in the past week and a half and life had, once again, forced them apart. Only this time it was indefinitely.

Carson looked away from the haunting sight in front of him and saw his wife and Samantha’s bodies being brought over. A few people stepped up and gave a eulogy. Kailey was also meant to give one but her sobs had rendered her incapable of speaking. Carson himself decided not to say anything. He had given his wife a eulogy over fourteen years ago, now he just felt overwhelming grief take over his body.

Seeing Diaan’s body being lowered into the ground just made everything more real to the group. The twins cried for the loss of the mother they had briefly known, Kailey cried for the loss of her closest confidant – her sister, and Carson cried for the loss of his wife for the second time.

Turning to his children, Carson gave them both a hug and said, “Come on, let’s go and visit your brother.”

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