I Must Confess

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Staring at himself in the mirror, the man who was cuffed to the chair he was sitting in, smiled at his reflection. He knew very well there were people stoically watching him on the other side of the mirror. His attention diverted to the door of the interrogation room he found himself in. He watched as a woman in a maroon-pants suit with a matching headscarf walked in.

He felt his smile widen at the Specialist who had just walked in and said, “Ah! They decided to send me the prettiest Specialist, I see. I am very honoured that you took the time out of your busy schedule to fit me in, Iman.”

The woman, Iman, didn’t acknowledge the man at all. She looked extremely bored as she made her way to the seat opposite of the man. She placed the folder she was carrying in her hands on the table in front of her before she sighed and looked at her wristwatch. She gave the bright, fluorescent light on the ceiling an annoyed look before sighing again.

When she finally fixed her dark-blue gaze on the man in front of her, she monotonously said, “Ex-agent, Will.”

Opening the folder in front of her, she scanned the contents and rhetorically asked, “So how does it feel knowing that you ended up ruining the lives of the two people you had spent the better part of almost a decade with?”

Will was about to open his mouth when Iman raised her hand and cast him a bland look, “Don’t answer that. I’m not interested in whatever bullshit comes out of your mouth.”

Will felt his brows raise and he asked, “Then what is the interrogation for if not for that?”

Iman squinted at him and he was immediately made to feel as if he had asked a stupid question. “If it was not obvious…What were you offered that you went dark, ex-agent, Will?”

Reading from the file in front of her, Iman monotonously said, “Diaan Blue, aka Jessica Blanche, died in the car crash that you orchestrated. Her son, Zac, suffered from severe head trauma and is still being closely monitored. What made you decide to want them dead?”

Will looked Iman straight in the eyes when he said, “They were never the target. Samantha Blanche was. They were, unfortunately, collateral damage.”

Throwing the folder on the table, Iman crossed her left leg over her right leg and leaned back in her chair, “Go on. What did Samantha do to you that you went to such lengths?”

Will glared at the wall next to the mirror in front of him and said, “Stacey told me about what Samantha had done to her.”

Iman cocked her brow and folded her arms, “And? What did that have anything to do with you?”

Will ground his teeth together and said, “My sister was in the same shoes as Stacey. The only difference is that my sister killed herself because of all the hate comments that got thrown her way and the constant death threats. Her perpetrator, much like Samantha, didn’t care about the repercussions of their actions. My sister died and all her perpetrator could do was shrug. SHRUG!”

Iman’s face remained blank and she finally said, “So killing Samantha was your way of avenging your sister? You got yourself involved in something that wasn’t yours to get involved in to seek some sort of twisted justice for your sister? Did I get that right?”

Will levelled Iman with a glare and said, “People like Samantha make me sick. So when Stacey’s people came to me -”

Iman narrowed her eyes and interrupted Will, “Wait, so Stacey strategically went after you with the agenda of striking your sympathy with her story? Hmm. She must have known about your past. Or rather, she dug into it since she had Diaan monitored and noticed you around.”

Iman cast Will a sardonic smirk, “While you may feel pleased with yourself, Will, you were nothing but a pawn in Stacey’s eyes. You have served your purpose and now what? Was what you did worth how you’re going to be spending the rest of your life?”

Will didn’t reply and Iman scoffed, “Well, as fun as this has been, my work day is over. You’re someone else’s problem now. It’s too bad you were quick to answer me…I didn’t even get to torture any answers out of you.”

Will gave Iman a strange look, “I’ve witnessed your torture methods before, Iman. Of course I’ll answer everything without putting up a fight.”

Iman just glared at Will before opening the interrogation room’s door and allowing two security guards in to take Will back down to his cell.

Leaning against the wall outside of the interrogation room, Iman watched as Will and the two security guards disappeared down the hallway. She narrowed her eyes as Will cast her a wink before he disappeared out of sight. Heaving an irritated sigh, Iman made her way to her superior to give them an update on Samantha’s case.

“Case closed,” Iman murmured, “Finally.”

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