I Must Confess

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Meeting the twins

For the first time in quite a while, Zac was feeling nervous. Even though today was the day he was starting high school, he felt nervous because it was his first day of school. He was always home-schooled since his mother and he travelled around most of the time.

“Zac Blue,” the uninterested receptionist called, chewing on her bubblegum like a cow, “Mr. Gawain is ready to see you now. Just go straight down the hall and turn left. You won’t miss his office, trust me.”

“Thank you,” Zac said politely.

As he walked past the fairly young, blonde receptionist, he couldn’t help but notice what a bad job she did at covering the two huge pimples on her chin. Her makeup looked like a two-year-old applied it. Having been surrounded by professional make-up artists most of his life, Zac was naturally an expert in noticing these things. “In fact,” Zac mused to himself, “I suspect anyone with eyes can see what a bad job she did.”

After he followed the receptionist’s instructions, Zac found himself face to face with a hot pink door filled with glitter and flowers. The name ‘Mr. Gawain’ written on the door was the only normal looking thing that Zac could see.

“Is this guy for real?” Zac murmured to himself, a look of horror etched onto his face. He knocked on the door before slowly opening it, anticipating the sight of a bright pink room with maybe a clown as principal sitting behind a pink desk.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Mr. Gawain was your average principal. He looked to be in his late thirties with wavy brown hair, hazel eyes and copper skin. His cheekbones were quite defined and he had a strong but lean frame from what Zac could see.

Zac’s eyebrows rose when he took in the white office with three filing cabinets and a normal wooden desk.

A husky laugh brought Zac out of his reverie. “I suppose you expected to see my office filled with pink things?” Mr. Gawain asked in his surprisingly deep voice.

“Actually yes. I was expecting at least something pink after having walked through that highly conspicuous door.” Zac replied suavely, trying his best to conceal his nervousness.

“Oh yes. You see I have a six-year-old daughter who insisted I paint the door that colour. She just wouldn’t leave until I had it painted,” Mr. Gawain said with a shudder. “Anyway, have a seat Zac.”

After speaking to Mr. Gawain, Zac and the principal both walked to the reception area.

“Charlotte will give you your schedule and locker number,” Mr. Gawain said, pointing to the blonde woman who pretended to be busy on the computer as soon as they entered.

Seeing something move at the corner of his eye, Zac diverted his attention to the left where he saw two students trying to sneak past the principal unnoticed. Unfortunately for them, they were caught.

“Jane and Jake Darcy! You’re late, again.” Mr. Gawain said bluntly. “Your father said you’d start this year differently.”

As they approached Mr. Gawain, Jane nudged Jake and whispered accusingly, “This is all your fault, you idiot!”

Jake glared at her and retorted, “My fault? You’re the one who decided to watch ′one last episode of Attack on Titan’!”

Jane scoffed, “Oh please! I caught you watching it with me...”

With a sigh Mr. Gawain interrupted their banter, “That’s quite enough you two. Frankly, I don’t care whose fault it is. And as your punishment for being late on the first day of school, you’ll help Zac settle in. He’s not from here so you’ll need to show him the ropes. And no, you will not just tell him what to do and then ditch him. I expect you to help him for at least a week.”

Once Mr. Gawain finished his little monologue, the Darcy siblings began to protest.

“But we were late only once and you’re already putting us on babysitting duty,” Jake said angrily.

Just as Jane was about to open her mouth Mr. Gawain glared at them and said, “I’m sure Mr. Darcy wouldn’t want to hear any complaints about his children on the first day of school, now would he?”

When they both shook their heads, he beamed, “Good, now off you go. And I don’t want to see either of you in my office!”

Once Mr. Gawain was gone, Zac turned completely towards the Darcy siblings and only then noticed how alike they really looked. Both of them had black hair, dark-brown eyes, light brown skin and they were both quite tall. Jane was about 175cm while Jake was about 180cm. Zac immediately noticed that Jane was the same height as him.

“So what’s your name kid?” Jane asked with a hint of curiosity, looking as if she was trying to place where she saw Zac before.

“Zac. Zac Blue.” The siblings’ eyes widened before they composed themselves.

“I’m Jake Darcy and this is my twin, Jane.” Jake said casually.

“Say, kid-” Jane started before Zac interrupted her, “It’s Zac.”

Jane just rolled her eyes and continued, “Are you somehow related to Diaan Blue?”

“Yeah, she’s my mother.” Zac said proudly.

“No way,” the twins said in unison.

“Yes way. I model with her sometimes. Surely you’ve seen me with her.”

“Of course! For a second there I guess my brain didn’t want to believe that you’re at the same school as us. ” Jane exclaimed abruptly.

Jake just rolled his eyes and said to a confused looking Zac, “What she means to say is that she stalks your mother and you on the internet.”

“I do not! And besides, you stalk them with me,” Jane said, contradicting what she just said in one sentence.

Turning to Zac she lamely said, “Well Zac, welcome to Yeats High.”

“This is your class. Your teacher’s name is Mr. Marquez.” Jake said, shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

“Wait, so whose class are the two of you in?” Zac asked, starting to panic.

“We’re in Ms. Garcia’s class two grades above you. Hey, don’t worry. We’ll see you at lunch.” Jane said comfortingly before turning around with Jake and walking towards the east side of the white building.

Taking a deep breath, Zac whispered to himself, “Come on Zac, you can do this. If you can model in front of a huge crowd you can do this.” With that, he opened the door to his classroom.

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